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My girlfriend’s daughter was a bitch

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When I was 28 I meant this 30-year-old girl we hooked up went out I ended up moving in with her and her 10-year-old daughter we had good sex and got along pretty good for the first 3 years things started too kind of dying out we moved to a different place now her daughter was 13 and started to develop she wasn’t really a attractive teen girl white are in my neighborhood but she was kind of good looking never thought of her sexual when she turned 14 she started growing taller and grew into her body more she was looking hotter and hotter as she got older brown eyes short brown hair small tits in a pretty nice ass.

me and my girlfriend weren’t having sex that much maybe once a month I lost them for somehow her daughter thought she was a know-it-all smart ass wise ass always had to get the last word in me and her didn’t get along too good but we tolerated each other there was an apartment right next to ours with the lady she had three younger girls and I was having sexual relationship with her once a week or so I would dump my load in her her vagina or she would suck me off and I would eat her out until we both had orgasms my girlfriend worked late on Wednesdays and Thursdays she didn’t get out till midnight so I would sneak over to my neighbors once a week when her girls in my girlfriend’s daughter would go to bed and I would have sucked with my neighbor Dawn and it was good sex other than that I would just watch x-rated videos and jerk off after my girlfriend daughter would go to bed in the living room one night when I was watching a pornoI would turn the volume down and would jerk off I happen to notice when I started watching the video her daughters door was opened a little bit and I seen it kind of move she was wondering what I was doing I thought .I would just get rid of the remote control and turn the VCR off and put it back on TV this happened like three or four times every time I would put a adult movie on and hit the play button her door opened a crack I guess he was wondering what I was going to do or will this night I was going to show her I pulled down my shorts and took my seven inch cock put some lotion on it and started jerking off watching the p**** looking over at my girlfriend’s daughter’s door as it was open slightly when I shot my load I stood up more closer to the TV like I was trying to get a better view of the movie the sex movie I was watching now I was about 8 ft from her daughter’s door and blew my load on some paper towels and I knew if she was watching she surely could see me ejaculating my sperm on the towels morning when I was coming it felt good knowing somebody was watching me especially at 14-year-old girl I wiped myself off went back sit on the couch and turned the TV back on looked up and her door was shut she did watch me I thought I did this at least six or seven more times every time saying routine I would wonder I wonder if Sam is masturbating watching me jerk my load out of my balls was it turning her on we didn’t get along that good but maybe just seeing the hard cock made her horny she didn’t have no boyfriends or anything one weekend we went to amusement park and had a real good time in Sam actually got along really well.
I think it was because I was turned on that she was watching me every night I would jerk off and watch me shoot my load out of my cock and assuming she was fingering her vagina while she watched it was a real turn on for me better in having sex with my girlfriend knowing a team was watching me shoot made me excited and horny I couldn’t wait for night to come to do it I was doing this three or four times a week and every time she would open the door a little bit and when I was done the door would silently close not knowing that I knew what she was doing but it turned .One night I got an idea of taking a pair of Psalms dirty panties out of the hamper using them for my masturbation session while she watch me eat and sniff her vagina juice out of them I did this and she watched the door was slightly open and when I was done shooting my cum after licking and sucking her discharge and swallowing her vagina juice she watch the whole thing and I knew she knew it was her panties now this went on for several months and never spoke a word about it we got along just fine now one night her mom was working late in my neighbor thought I was coming over to have her little sex lesson but I had something up my sleeve me and Sam are watching TV she was laying on her back on the floor and I kind of went up meltdown beside her and ask her how she was doing cuz she hurt her back playing volleyball she said her back was sore do you want me to rub your back and shoulders she said yes please that would be nice .
I started rubbing her shoulders in the tops of her arms and her back through her shirt I told her I have to get in a better position as I swung my leg over and set on her teen butt rubbing her shoulders and back she was telling me how good it felt and kind of little moaning a little bit well that feels so good you can pay good massage now my cock was starting to get hard with my crotch area on her butt even though we had both pants on I then stuck my hands under her shirt and started rubbing her bareback she kind of hesitated at first but I said this will make you feel better rubbing her whole entire back started to go down her sides a little bit and she tucked her arms in and flex every time I would try going down her side I said just relax I’m not going to hurt you she relax a little bit every time letting me go a little further to her front now within 10 minutes I was actually rubbing the sides of her breast a little bit when I got too close she would tighten her arms so I moved down a little bit and started rubbing her lower part of her back every time getting more daring going closer to her bottom top of her ass now I was rock hard and she surely could feel my cock on her lower ass then I started doing something that she really liked I told her you want to feel something good and she said what was it that I wanted to do and I said I’m just going to lightly tickle your side of your ribs and I know my sister and me used to do this to each other it kind of made you tingle and you had it’s the sides after I did this to her six or seven times she said all that gives me a funny feeling in my stomach and then I confronted her do you like watching me masturbate Sam huh she said I know of you watch me the door always cracked open when I masturbate oh she said that must be a coincidence I said no it’s no coincidence do you want to watch me masturbate now and then she given and said yes I do I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help it I’m curious quarantine I guess I said there’s no problem I enjoy having somebody watch me. As I told her to roll over on her back and I stood up and took my shorts off and said can you show me your tits has it in at first but I talked her into it she had small tits but they were nice she said no touching though that wouldn’t be right and as I stared at her boobs spit on my cock it started jerking off if she watched and I asked her what does she do do you play with yourself saying when I jerk off for you she was embarrassed and said sometimes I got up got on my knees and said show me what you do she stuck her hands in her pants and started rubbing herself I could see your hand moving up and down in her crotch that turn me on I move closer to her breast with my cock hitting her tit once in awhile as I was furiously joking off now I told her I was going to come I’ll come on your tits and wipe it off and she started to moan head and orgasm at the same time as I shot my load all over her teen tits wiped her off got dressed and I told her can’t mention this to your mother or anybody it’s our little secret and she went to bed now I had no urges to have sex with my neighbor anymore this was my new toy Sam part 2 coming soon

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    Nice, ok. But try using some punctuation and check your spelling.

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    Nice part 2 i cant want