My best friend’s Uncle discovers I am better than a wife

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I just turned 16 and my father was in the army. He was going to be sent to Iraq for the next two years. My father did not want me to stay home alone

I just turned 16 and my father was sent to Iraq for the next two years . I didn’t want to go to a boarding school so my best friend’s Uncle just got his third DWI and lost his driver’s license . His wife was not happy and it was the last straw for her and filed for divorce . That’s when I realized I could get him to come live with me and I won’t have to go to boarding school . My father agreed and Mark moved in with me . I cooked , cleaned , did the laundry and drove him every where he needed to go .I have a king size bed and I offered to let him sleep in my bed . He said that as long as I am okay with him sleeping in the nude he is fine with it . Of course I was okay with that , I made sure that he got drunk the first night . He passed out early and I got into bed with my bare ass towards him . He doesn’t realize that it was not his wife and he rolled over and he put his arm around me and pulled me against him . I felt his rock hard cock pressing against my ass and I was already lubed up so when he thrusted his cock it went really easy .He was moaning and called out his wife’s name as he was cumin in my ass

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    I want you more then I want my wife

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    You don’t have to trick me to get your ass fucked;;;; [email protected]

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    Hot but you need more details if you want guys to cum to your stories.

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    that ended up quickly

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    Wow you liked it don’t you?