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Me and my friend

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This is a true story. I was about 10 years old when one day I got curious. I’m a skinny Mexican boy and no girls really liked me, besides some girl. I was barely ten but already started feeling an addiction towards sex, after fucking this girl, and by fucking I mean putting my duck in her and immediately cumming. I loved the sensation and wanted to feel it more. I didn’t know what jerking off was then so sex was the only way, I hit puberty at around 9 years old. So I basically go to school and live out my day, once the school day ended I went to my best friends house. We were hanging out when the thought of sex came to me. I started asking him about it and we started talking about stuff like that, I then asked him if he wanted to have sex. We were both pretty naive then and he didn’t know about sex at all, so he immediately agreed. We got out of his room and went to the back of the house into the small shed. We got in and we closed and locked the door. He began taking off his shorts and already had a boner, his dick was about 3 inches long and circumcised. I got on my knees and began to put his cock in my mouth. My tongue wrapped around his cock and began to suck his dick didn’t have a taste really. His skinny cock was going back and forth in my mouth. I didn’t know how to suck cock but he seemed to enjoy it. After about 2 minutes of my sucking he starts shaking and a little squirt of cum launches to the back of my throat. I slow my sucking down and remove my mouth from his cock. I then say it’s my turn but he looks kinda skeptical, I knew he was gonna try to back out so I started to tell him how I sucked him and now he needs to suck me. He complied and I pulled down my pants. My cock was slightly bigger than his, it was about 3.5 to inches or maybe 4, i just know my cock has always been bigger by a bit. I lay down on the cold hard ground and my cock is up in the air. He puts his mouth on my cock and it was terrible, his teeth kept getting in the way and he wasnt really sucking his mouth was just covering my cock and my cock was just standing in his mouth, unsatisfied i told him to stop and bend over over. I didn’t know there was a such thing as anal or anything like that but I basically concluded that I could stick my cock in there like it’s a pussy. He bends over and I put my cock head on his hole. There was no lube cause I didn’t know it existed and I wasn’t circumcised. I pushed and he began to groan. He said it felt weird. I make my way into his ass and begin to go back and forth. He was visibly uncomfortable so I went faster to be a dick. His ass was super tight and I kept pushing in and out. His little ass hole engulfed my cock. I was about to cum and started to go even faster, my cock was going in and out and I reached my climax. I began to cum for about 3 seconds and he was very surprised. I slowly got my cock out and he let out a sigh of relief. He touched his butthole and felt the cum dripping out. He was still hard and obviously wanted to try the new thing I tried. He wanted to keep laying down though. I got over him and began to sit on his cock. He went inside me and the feeling was so weird. It felt so weird and uncomfortable. It felt weird in my guts, my asshole knew nothing was supposed to go inside. I mostly did all the work, I went up and down and his cock felt somewhat good in my ass. He was in awe and breathing heavy, my ass gripped his cock as I went up and down. He then suddenly shot his cum up into my ass and it felt weird. I could feel it kinda oozing in my ass. We were both exhausted and we both took a shower his parents weren’t home thankfully. We had more sex in the shower but after that we were tired. Thanks guys for reading my story, everything you read was true, when it happened it wasn’t as hot as reading it though. I am now 14 years old and he is still my best friend. We do occasionally send buses to each other so I have a few pictures.

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  • Reply Andy

    That was cute and got good job

  • Reply Scott

    Hot story. I had similar experiences when I was a boy.

  • Reply f

    you knew what sex was, but not was jerking off meant…??

    • Me

      Yes, I watched movies and so I kinda learned what it was.

  • Reply ur next gf

    yo i can do u have twitter i am a 15year old girl btw

    • Me

      My Twitter is wetamaral2

  • Reply Gabe

    Love to hear more about your sex life and maybe trade stories or something.

  • Reply Joanna nick

    I like your story so much. Add on Facebook and we’ll chat ( Jœæn Nick) I’m 14 girl btw.

    • ur next bf

      well i dont have snapchat but i am a bi guy so u got Twitter

    • Unknown

      Have you read the stories from Mimi?