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Lost my V early to my helper (M 21)

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Hi there and it’s my first time writing a sex story so bate with me and as I try to remember what I did when I was you g.

I was in grade school, grade 4, 11 or 12 years old and had a circumcised dick at the age of 2 because I had a UTI when I was young so.. my dad had to *cut cut* 😅.

Anyway, I lost my V at 11-12 years old. How it all started when I would peek at my parents, from their bedroom door to their room and saw them having sex while watching porn on the TV.
At first, I got confused but turned on and wanted to try it too but as a good boy, knew it was bad but changed when we moved in a small apartment, a condo if you will. So just me and my parents (mom and dad) and a helper in a small condo. My helper was around 16-17 years old at the time. She had b-c cup and was horny when we started going at it.
At the end of the day after class, I would make attempts and actually convinced my helper to have sex with me.

We would be on a couch that can stretch into a bed too. My helper was just laying down, missionary with her legs wide open. Her pussy had hair and looked very hot, her tits were bare and was perky too and hard. I as a 11-12 year old was scared (as a virgin) and knew it was wrong but I wanted to do it so badly.

After some time to give myself the courage to fuck my helper. I just jammed my dick into her pussy all the way (my dick before was like 4-5 inches). And just started fucking her. From there on, something came out of me, a beast who was sexually hungry. There, I fucked her like an animal as I would suck and bite on her tits while she would moan like slut, begging me to fuck her more and more. She even would cross her legs around my hip as I would fuck her and told me to fill her up. Sometimes I just kept on fucking my helper on and on even when I already cummed inside her.

This went on for 3-4 months straight. I would always come home from school and fuck her immediately, mostly twice in a row and rarely up to 4 times in a single day where my parents would be out the entire day and come back around 1am in the morning (due to my mom’s job as a sales manager). We did it all. Doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl and etc and I would always finish inside her.

In among those months of us fucking, my dick would get bigger and longer as I kept on fucking my helper, to the point my dick would be as long as 6 inches and would feel her cervix as I would thrust my dick all the way in and cum right inside her womb.

There was this one time where my helper was so horny, that instead of me, coming home from the schooler, she would pick me up herself and as soon we came home, she pushed me down to the couch and just slid my dick right in her pussy all the way in. She would bounce on my dick so good that my dick kept on hitting her cervix and we would fuck in cowgirl positions the whole afternoon until my parents came back.

In the aftermath, she got pregnant with my child and I was like 13 years old and I didn’t know what to tell my parents and I was dumb AF alright. So my helper covered me and lied for me and said that she was seeing someone else in the condo we live in that got her pregnant. My mom supported my helper because it’s normal and these things happen but my dad on the other got pissed for her to leave me alone and made out with this unknown random guy. I didn’t understand at the time and was pretty dumb really. So my helper had to go back to her family which was really far like.. was in the provinces (where the farmers are and etc). To give you readers a better idea where I and the helper lived, was that I was in the mainland of the Philippines and she was in the lower islands of the Philippines, so that far.
Long story short, she protected me, gave birth to my child, passed off our good time as a fake memory, went back to her parents home and married another guy.
For myself, kept it to myself for.. almost 10 years or so until now. And as I write this down, I feel like an ass and a coward for not owning up to it 😓😞. Please don’t judge me too harshly please 😅😣.
Yes this is real and sorry if I was messy in sharing my story, I have ADHD and I get distracted by the many details in what happened to make it neat and in order. 😅

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    I loved my time at Angeles City and Tarloc in the 80s.