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If you Think About it…

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I don’t know how I could be so forgetful, but finally mom looked in and asked me “You finish your homework?”

“Oh my god.”  I put down my phone, and looked for my bookbag, but I hadn’t even brought it in.  Then, I checked my phone, and my friend sent [Kim, you there?]

[GTG, TTYL.]  I checked in the living room, and the kitchen, then I asked dad.  “You seen my bookbag?”

“You threw it in the trunk.”  He thought, “did you bring it up when we got home?”

“Uh!”  I was on my phone, so I guess I just kept gossiping all the way up the elevator.  So, on the way back down, I sent:  [You’re not going to believe this, but I totally spaced on my homework.]

[Oh shit!  Me too.]  I’m not surprised, because we had been sharing stuff all afternoon.  Once we got started, we just kept surfing Wikipedia mostly, and I know it’s nerdy, but it’s getting really bad when that nerdiness interferes with your grades.

Ironic, doncha think?  So then I kicked myself for forgetting my jacket, but there wasn’t much traffic at all, so I looked both ways, and the doorman reminded me to “Be careful.”

I hadn’t even stepped off the curb, but I was so upset with myself, I guess I snapped at him.
“What?  There’s barely one car on the street.”  And it had already driven past.

“Yes, but it’s late, and where are you going this late at night?”

“I forgot something in the car.”

“Well, I can walk you to the car…”

“No, I’m fine, it’ll just be a minute.”  I wasn’t even thinking about anything sexual.  It was right down the street, and up the ramp to the parking garage, but as soon as I got there, I realized it wasn’t that far off of a Darkened Alley.

I know it’s cliche’, but there’s a reason why so many stories start that way.  When he said dressed like that, I thought he ment in my school clothes, because I hadn’t taken them off.  They’re not very revealing, because they’re school clothes, but more specifically a School Uniform.

It’s not a Catholic school, I go to Mid-town Polytechnic.  So, I’m literally a Prep, but I can’t help thinking that in this light, I might look like a Catholic Schoolgirl.  Which also means a Virgin that isn’t even true, I have a boyfriend.  We met in Chemistry class, and joked about that.  Having Chemistry together?

Never mind that, I’m even on Birth Control, but that doesn’t mean that I relish the thought of getting grabbed, dragged off to some guy’s van.  Kidnapped, tied up, raped, and possibly murdered to get rid of the body.  So, I scared myself, but it was literally just across the street, and I was actually relieved when I saw a bunch of guys standing in the corner.  

Gathered around a car, and not saying anything, nor even smoking cigarettes.  They had their backs turned to me, but if anybody jumped out, at least I could scream, and hope that somebody did something before they could do anything too bad to me.  

Then, I got the keys out, and hit the button for the door locks.  Which made the Alarm chirp, and the guys scattered like cockroaches.

I giggled, and just jumped in the back.  They zipped up their pants, some of them got in cars, and drove off, while others ran for the stairwell, but the couple in the car.  

Well, before the driver turned off the light, the woman sat up, and wiped her mouth.  Pulled down the visor, and got out a lipstick while he started up the car, and backed out.

I was really giggling now, because I broke up a dogging, party?  Gang?  I don’t even know, but obviously a lot of guys gathering around to circle jerk watching the couple giving head, and getting head in the front seat with an audience.

I realized that I was still holding my phone when I reached for the armrest.   [I don’t mean like #MeToo, but I stoned out on my Homework, also.  So, I better knock it out real quick.]
[OMG, you won’t believe what just happened!]   I pulled it out, and the little sliding door down to reach back to the trunk.

[Now what?Kim?  Come on, if you’re going to say something like that.  Oh wait, you’re probably typing.  I’ll wait…]

“Uh!”  I pulled my bookbag in, and put the armrest back up.  Then, I got out, and texted [Hang on a sec.]  Slipping one strap on my shoulder, I switched hands to put the other one.  [Not safe for the moment.]

[RU in danger?Should I call the cops 4U?]

[No, nothing like that.  I’m just sketched out, so let me text you back.]  I put it away, and looked around, trying to remember everything I just kinda nodded my head, and “Uh huh?”ed to from my Self Defense classes.  

I mean other than not leaving your pepper spary, stun gun, and rape whistle safely at home when you go out underdressed to the dark alley across the street.  Something about Awareness, of your surroundings, pretty much the exact opposite of walking and texting, alone after dark, and underdressed.  

Unarmed, but once I got to the bottom of the ramp unmolested, I sighed in relief at the sight of the doorman.  Just standing there bored, and not even watching the parking garage, after so many people left.  Without me, tied up and gagged in the trunk.  Maybe even chloroformed if they came that prepared?

“Huh!  I should have grabbed my coat.”  I picked up the straps on my shoulders, and went in so he wasn’t left holding the door.  Safe inside, I got my phone out, and texted her back.
[You know the parking garage across from my building?]

[Yeah, what happened there?]

[Well, I think it’s a dogging spot, or at least I almost walked in on a scene.]

[What kind of scene, and you’re safe now?]

DING!  I jumped when the elevator stopped, and the doors opened.
I’m still a little sketched out, but I made it back home all right.] 

“Huh!”  I just leaned back in the corner, and held my hand over my chest, to feel my heart beat, and tried to breathe deeper.  Of course, I meditate too, but that’s always in the studio, with a little water fountain that looks like a water fall, with banzais, and a little rock garden for the water to flow through.  

‘Huh!”  I checked my messages.  

[So what did you see that’s got you so sketched out?]

So, I typed in pretty much everything, or at least the most important details.  Namely, in the corner of the garage, a bunch of guys standing around with their zippers down, and the woman sitting up to check her lipstick while the man backed out, and drove off.

[How many men?]

[I don’t know, I didn’t think to count, and I’m starting to think that I smoke too much.  I’m getting forgetful.]

[I’ll smoke to that!  LOL XD  It’s 420 somewhere.]

I checked the corner of my screen, and sure enough, it was 11:38 here.

“Well, maybe I can quit tomorrow.  I could use a puff right now.”  So, when I got back to my room, I threw my books on the bed, and got my Vaper out.  “Sip!”  I held it in, and checked the time.  Until it turned to 420 in Alaska, and Hawaii, I guessed.  

“Huhgh Khooh!  K’hoo!”  I almost sneezed, but that definitely made me feel better.

[Definitely sounds like dogging, so what did you do?]

[Nothing,] I tapped back, [The ran off, and drove off respectively, but.] No wait, maybe that’s Europe?  No, they’d be 4 hours ahead.  [I just got in the car, and grabbed my books.]

[You left them in the car again?]

[Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, too?]

[Never mind homework, we can do it in the morning, but it was pretty scary, huh?]

[Yeah?  I felt practically naked out there, and it was a whole lot of guys.  I wish I’d taken a picture though.]

[Y, they cute?]

[No, I don’t know, they all had their backs to me, and then they ran off.  Like Cockroaches.]

[LOL, big cock.  Roaches?]

[I don’t know, I didn’t get to see those either, but I can imagine.]

[If you think about it doesn’t really matter if there’s enough of them, and that just makes it more likely to get a good catch.]

“Yearh huh!”  I yawned, and sent back.  [Well, it’s late, and I’m too stoned to even think about it.]  Let alone homework, [So if I’m gonna do my homework in the morning I better get some sleep.Oh yeah, and I got this great Grandaddy Cush.]

[Nug, or Vape?]

[Vape, but it’s straight from Colorado, and it’s some seriously powerful stuff.]

[Well, maybe I can cum over and try it tomorrow after school.]

[The Kush, or the Dogging spot?]

[Well, if you think about it, they’re that busy on a Thursday night.  So, it’s probably going to be a smorgasborg tomorrow night.]

[Yeah,] now I’m thinking about it, [GN.]

[Gn.]  I just turned off my phone, before she sucked me into sexting again.  She’s that kind of friend, that we can share our sexual experiences with, and fantasies.  Mostly fantasies on her part, I think.  Maybe she embellishes a bit, and maybe I’d rather not think of her as that promiscuous.  I mean, I don’t want to slut shame, and she never really came out and said whether she was joking or not, but she sure jokes about it a lot.

Gangbangs, and orgies when we get to college.  Of course, we go to a prep school, so we’re kind of looking forward to college, but while I’m mostly thinking about which STEM field I want to get into, and what jobs I might qualify for interning.  Maybe in a lab, I’m doing great in Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry can’t be that hard.  I know it’s not going to be a breeze, and mom warned me more than enough, but I don’t have to worry about that, yet.

But then I got undressed, and under the covers.  I forgot about the Grandaddy Kush, and that helped me forget how big a hit I took, so my mind started to wander, and like she said.
If you think about it…  Honestly, I didn’t miss a whole lot.  I got to see more than enough to fill in the blanks, and if I was in that situation.  

Arty would probably never go for it, but I’m just dreaming at that point.  Lucidly dreaming, as I fell asleep thinking, I didn’t stop thinking about it, and Brielle.

She wasn’t just thinking about it, she was talking about cumming over, tomorrow night.  To try it, and all those guys.  I bet she’s in for a big surprise, because I didn’t say anything, when she asked if any of them were cute?

No, of course not.  It was a bunch of guys beating off watching a couple in a parking garage.  I didn’t want to be rude, but try to imagine the kinds of guys that are desperate enough to do that on a thursday night, instead of going out to a singles bar, and getting laid.  Or maybe a callgirl on Snapchat, or a camwhore on Bongacams.

I’ll tell you what:  Fat losers, that’s what.  I didn’t get to see their faces, because they turned away, pulling up hoodies, and down ball-caps, but I’d be willing to bet there was at least 1 Neckbeard in their midst.  So, what kind of woman takes her date out there to blow him while a bunch of hard-up losers watch?

Well, if you put your head down, then I guess you can’t see them.  Just close your eyes, and enjoy the rubbery sensation of him hard in your mouth.  The smell of his sweat rising from his pubes every time your nose brushes them, and the big fat glob shooting into the reservoir tip when he blows his wad.

“Snh, huh?”  My fingers had a mind of their own, and I woke up.  Scared for a moment, when somebody touched me.  I guess a little residual fear from my little adventure, and the thoughts of it turning bad.  “Nh!”  I squeezed my eyes in the dark, and lowered my voice.  ‘no, don’t.  stop, please.  Don’t stop, uh!”

Help me, somebody please, do something!
Of course they wouldn’t be gentle.  “Fuck, MHN!”  They’d cover my mouth so I can’t scream, “MREIIII!  SnhHh!  MREIIII!”

Stabbing into me so hard, and fast, their fat disgusting bellies slapping me, faster than any man can possibly move his hips, even in the best of shape, but my palm is fapping so hard it hurts, and so fast, my clit can barely pop back out from getting slapped, and what would he do?

“SNHuh!  Huh uh!”  What a bad time to think about, “Art, Arthur, hH!  Help.  Help me.  UH!  AHN!  NAUGH!  NO, STOP!”

“Kim, Kimberly!”

“Ah fuck, mom?”  I turned over, and hugged my pillow.  “Hhuh!  HhuhHhuh!”  Still hunched over, and breathless from the second most powerful orgasm of my life.  “NG!  Ngh!”

“I’m sorry, honey.  I thought.  Sorry.”  She just shut the door.  

“Hhuh fuck.  Ah fuck, how embarassing.”  I just shook my head.  “Huh, mom.  MOM?”

“What is it, are.” This was awkward for her too. “You?”

“Just shut the door, can we talk?  Huh, in a minute, let me catch my breath.”

She reached out, and I turned over to scoot back when she found the bed.  So she could sit down, with my legs pulled up out of the way.  

“Huh, you ever have any.  Rough fantasies?”

“How rough, Arthur’s not pressuring you into.”

“No, mom.  It’s not Arty, it’s me.  I just had this.”  I took a deep breath, and tried to listen to the trickle of the tiny waterfall.  “Ommmmmm,”


“No, mom.  It was just a wet dream, or nightmare, or.  I don’t know, I was half asleep, but then when I woke up, and got started.”

“Masturbating.”  Okay, cool mom.  She helped me pick out something from the toy catalogue, when I was old enough.  I was 16, but it’s not a parent’s permission before you’re 18 kind of thing.  She had to order my first dilator, when I was 16, and got on birth control. So I could loosen up, and get my Hymen out of the way, before my first time, because it’s just going to be better for everyone involved that way.

“Then it turned violent.  In my head, I don’t know if it’s that new Vape I started.”  That was one of those parent’s permission before you’re 18, and I’m on a prescription.  Like my birth control.  “It was just me, and Arthur in the car.  I had my head down in his lap, and I was giving him head, but then when he got off.  I guess he closed his eyes, so he couldn’t see them men coming, and surrounding the car.  Breaking the windows, and pulling me out.  Throwing me in the back of a van, and driving off.  Ripping off my school uniform, and.”

“So this was after school?”

“No, I don’t know, it was just a dream.  So I don’t remember back that far.  It just started in the car.”

“His car?”

“I don’t know.  No, the Jag.  Dad’s Jag, do you think that’s significant?”  Of course, I just jumped into dad’s Jag to hide from the gang of fat losers gathered around another car to jack off watching some lady give another guy head.

“I don’t know, but in answer to your question, yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I have had a few.” She paused to remember what I asked. “Rougher fantasies, I’m sure everyone does once or twice, throughout their adult life.”

“So, it’s normal?”

“I told you not to worry too much about being normal.  I know, it’s scary, and fucked up, but it happens.  All the time.”

“Well, it’s never happened to me before.”

“Well, that’s okay.  It’s not great, but I suppose it’s better than it happening for real.  Honestly, the only people I know of that don’t have them are survivors of incest, and other sexual abuse.”
“I guess they don’t have to imagine what it must feel right.”

“No, they have flashbacks instead.  You feel any better?”

“Not really, but I don’t have to keep you up any longer.  Huh!”  I straightened out when she got up.

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