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Identity Theft Part Two

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A continuation of Bre’s ordeal, you should probably read part one first, but do whatever you want.

*Disclaimer this story is entirely fictitious and I am in no way advocating the events that occurred in it.*
This is part two, you should probably read part one first or you will be very confused.

This announcement shocked Bre to her core and reinvigorated her fight. She lashed out pulling against the restraints but it was useless she thrashed her head back and forth, sobbing

“Please you have to let me go, this is a mistake I shouldn’t be here. My sister was supposed to come instead it’s all a big misunderstan………”

She was abruptly cut off as something was shoved in her mouth. It was hard and penetrated deep into her mouth. The rubber cock was massive and uncomfortable in her mouth. She found it hard to breathe and it tasted disgusting. The object was then strapped to her head so it couldn’t be removed.

“Much better” the voice from behind her said “now the bitch is finally muzzled.”

Bre tried to scream but all that came out where muffled cries. It was useless, she would just have to try to endure it, there would be no escape. She was about to be fucked by lord knows what. Her life would never be the same. She cried at the thought. Then she was shocked back to reality as she felt a cold nose against her bruised pussy. It must be the dogs she thought she craned her head back and saw with that it was a medium sized German shepherd. With horror she looked down underneath it and saw it’s enormous hard red cock sticking out. The dog’s tongue moved exuberantly, licking the cum out of her pussy. Bre’s face flashed red with embarrassment, but despite herself she felt the warm raise in her stomach. How could this feel good she thought to herself. The dog continued and the heat kept building the electricity moving through her body became unbearable and she found herself wriggling against her bindings a small soft moan making its way out of her gagged mouth. This caused a laugh from the man behind her.

“She seems to like it” he said with amusement “ I guess that means she is ready to be mounted”

He pulled the dog’s collar and the beast obediently mounted her. She could feel the dogs paws up by her shoulders. The dog licked her cheek and she could smell its breath. It had a strange musky scent. The beast then began to hump her. Bre could feel its hot red penis probing sloppy trying to find a hole to put it in. Bre tried to move her hips to avoid the dogs cock but she felt a pair of hands grab her hips and press them against the mount she was bound to. Eventually the dog landed a lucky shot and bre gasped as the dogs penis penetrated her hard in one rough shove. The insertion was a little easier because of the extra fluid and sperm lubricating her pussy, but she was still bruised and it hurt. Tears built up in her eyes and she lowered her head as best as she could. The dog continued to pump away at her, driving its cock in and out with extraordinary speed. After a few minutes Bre felt the now familiar feeling of cum entering her pussy. The hot liquid filled her up. However the dog didn’t pull out as the man had but instead it pushed further in. She felt her pussy expanding even further then it had before as something large and round at the end of the dog’s penis entered her. She let out a muffled scream as it entered. More and more cum kept steaming out but nothing could escape she felt plugged. She felt like she was going to burst. The dog dismounted her but its cock remained in place and the cum stayed built up in her stomach. Eventually the bulb was pulled out and cum came flowing out of her stinging pussy. Bre breathed a sigh of relief, but her rest was short lived before she could think again another dog mounted her. She screamed, not again please not again she thought to herself. She looked around scared at the people filming. None of them seemed worried, few even seemed that interested. This was just another day for them, but how could they not know she was in trouble. Surly they couldn’t all just be evil people who were delighting in her misery. Then a thought struck her something about a safe word, but before the thought could fully form it was chased away by the feeling of another cock slamming into her pussy. The new dog had found its mark. The new dog fucked her much the same way the last one did. The fast in and out, the quick ejaculation followed by the large insertion blocking in the cum. in total Bre counted she was fucked by 5 dogs, all different sizes but much in the same way. After the first too she found that it hurt a lot less. The pain had subsided but something even worse she felt had taken its place. Pleasure she had twice moaned and shaken like she had earlier. She cried how could her body think this was ok, how could this possibly feel good. She thought to herself what have I become Just a play thing, a hole to be used, and I like the feeling.

“What a good little bitch you have been.” the voice behind her called. “ and I think you actually liked that last one, not much of a punishment I suppose. ” He laughed and then smacked her butt causing her to let out a muffled cry.

“ Alright your punishment is almost over, just one more animal to service, but first we will have to raise you up a bit”

Bre felt the mount she was tied to being raised into the air. Then she saw in front of her two men place two wooden blocks on either side of her.

“These are so the horse doesn’t crush you, don’t worry” one of the men said with a wink.

This had to be a joke. There was no way they could seriously expect her to have sex with a horse. They were huge and she had never seen a horse cock before but Bre was pretty sure there was no way that it would fit inside her. She looked around panicky and struggled as hard as she could; she had to get out she had to escape. Then she heard the animal behind her whining loudly. Her head whipped back, she saw the beast. It was a huge black stallion, she was pretty sure if she stood next to it her head wouldn’t even reach the top of its back.
She also looked in horror between its legs. It’s Cock was enormous, easily the size of her entire arm. That was going to tear her in half. She was sure of it. She was in full panic mode now thrashing around with all of her might, screaming as loud as she could against the large rubber cock in her mouth. The beast drew level and mounted her placing its legs on the blocks in front of her. She felt its cock press against her soft small ass.

“Now let’s make it easy for him, you do have quite a small target to hit, and he isn’t the most graceful animal” the voice behind he said jokingly.

She then felt her hips being pinned down and a hand guiding the horse’s enormous cock into her pussy. She felt the head being pressed into her with great pressure. Slowly her pussy spread to an unbelievable amount as the flared head pushed itself inside. Bre cried in agony. The pain was so great she felt like she was about to pass out. She somehow managed to stay conscious and she felt the horse cock slowly work its way deep inside, her deeper than she could ever imagine. It felt as if it were stabbing her organs. Eventually the cock slammed into a solid wall somewhere deep inside of her. She cried and squirmed with all her might against the bindings but just as before it was no use. The horse then took over and began to pound her without mercy. The cock slammed in and out of her, she screamed and cried but the horse didn’t slow down. After what seemed like forever she felt the cock slam in hard and then from the tip she felt the horses cum steaming out. It filled her to the brim and then some pushing the horses cock out of her with the force. Her cum streamed out of her, she could feel it running down her legs and pooling below her. Mixing with all the cum from the dogs and men.

“Well hopefully you have learned your lesson about going places you don’t belong,” said the voice from behind.

As he said this the man came around the side of her and Bre was finally able to get a look at him. He came around and bent down face to face with her. It was Desmond. He gave her a malicious smile. He leaned close to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t worry we will make sure Kelsey gets paid for her work today,”

He then gave her a small slap across the face and Bre passed out.

That is the end of this story, thank you for reading. If you like my writing style I have many other ideas for stories and would love to write more if you all are interested in reading them.
*Disclaimer this story is entirely fictitious and I am in no way advocating the events that occurred in it.*

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  • Reply stan

    fantastic story hope its real

  • Reply Anonymous

    Nice plot.

  • Reply Sweet-tarts

    If you guys have any comments, feedback or ideas I would love to hear them

    • JD

      Love the story baby very sexy

  • Reply AP

    Agreed, if more authors would put a disclaimer making clear its a FICTIONAL STORY, even ones told as first person fantasies, the might be be fewer stupid, “send me pictures”, “lets chat”, “I wanna meet” comments.
    Thanks for the story Sweet-Tarts.

  • Reply Notr34lname

    Just like I did in the comments of my story, thanks for putting the disclaimer.