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I wanna fuck my daughter

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My daughter is 14 and she’s alrdy hyper sexual and its hot she has a bald small cunt and a cups and she’s adorable when we took a bath together because she wanted to she gave me a hand job and dry hummed me till she came

She didn’t know any better but now I addicted she recently made me checker her and seeing her laid kn the bed spreading her legs with her wet young cunt she told me that I own her and If I want I can touch her

I want to stuff my cook in her little pussy so bad before somebody else does but I’m afraid to lose my little girl

Seeing her in her little cotton panties and a shirt makes me so hard and she always gives me her panties to wash and I can tell put to jerk off while sniffing her panties knowing she grinding on the arm of the couch and came

She insists that she serves my friends naked and she does and I get so angry watching her suck and grind on my friends taking a load of cum all over her cute little face

But I will take her little cunt and I’ll make sure whenever 18 I put baby’s in her

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  • Reply bigtits13

    my daddy started fucking me at 8 years old. i can’t wait until he puts a baby in me

    • vive-la-baise

      mayby i am wrong but at that age its way too early and from my point of view you got raped.

  • Reply Daniel

    You don’t have to wait so long. I started having sex with my daughter and (grand)daughter when they were 10

  • Reply Make life easier

    You should have fucked her long before, but with lots of love, affection and gently. With very less pain. Every dad should love their daughters with their heart and soul. It is said that, “daughter’s virginity belongs to her dad”. I want to be born as millions of girl child in my next birth with hyper sexuality and present our virginity to our dads. We will be the mothers of our dads children

    • M. Lovdahl

      Got any daughter’s i can take their virginity

  • Reply anonymously

    What is your daughters bra and panty sizes and dose she shave her nether region?

  • Reply Woody

    Can I be one of your friends???? [email protected]

  • Reply Lilli

    I have sex with my daddy since I was 5, 14 is very old already, she is ready to bear some of your children! Breed her good & make her your sex slave, it’s what girl are born to do. Don’t use condoms ever and don’t cum outside, fill her to the brim with your cockmilk.

    • Hey there lilli

      Mmm… that sounds hot..got snap ? Mine is varunsodh2..I am 16

    • blueeyes

      did you like fucking your daddy when u were younger

    • Ol easy

      Lilli my daughter gets jelous oh me cause like fuck young girls could it be she wants sex

    • Woody

      Do have sex with anyone else??

    • Make life easier

      Lilli, you are very good girl. Keep loving your dad with your body, heart and soul in your whole life. If you marry other guy, don’t forget your dad. Continue sex with your dad even after marriage and be pregnant with both of them (your dad and husband). Your husband will also fuck his biological daughter. You can also fuck your son, then all of you can fuck together. It is said that, the family that fuck together, stays together

    • Not alone

      you dad raped you.

    • M. Lovdahl

      Need a taboo man to breed you and the same with our daughter’s. You can still get fucked by your Daddy and play with his granddaughters

    • M. Lovdahl

      Why wait til 10. And start them sooner

    • Daniel

      What age would you recommend?

  • Reply AP

    Hypersexuality is not uncommon in teens, boys and girls, that have been raped.
    Are you sure someone hasn’t already used her?

    • Glen

      Look good enough to eat