I just have a fetish with girls panties since I was 13

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It all started when I was around 14 and started producing semen was very horny all the time looking at dirty magazines my older brother had looking at girls vaginas and jerking off I was reading some forms in Playboy and come across girls use panties oh men sniffing with the crotch I never thought of it before I had a younger sister 13 older sister 16 I am starting to notice myself checking my older sisters ass out any chance I got inserted using her panties as jack off sessions. Smelling my sisters pussy 😼 and sucking the vagina discharge out of them when I was ready to orgasm and swallowing it made me come real hard I was doing this for over a year and a half I would steal my friends sister’s panties when I went visiting his house and do the same I was addicted to it. Any chance I got I took advantage of my cousin’s my aunt’s my friends probably about 15 pair of used panties different peoples different sense different taste but they were all good. When my younger sister was older she started develop very nicely and I started using her panties my younger sister had the best tasting pussy I’ve ever ate in my life out of her panties he was around 15 my older sister moved out and got married early in life so I started using my younger sister Mary’s panties most intoxicating son and taste I’ve ever tasted out of panties before now I’ve never ate a vagina in my life I had a girlfriend but she would not let me do that that it was nasty I could not talk her into it. But little did she know I was sniffing and licking her pussy when I left her house we’d make out in her garage and I would finger her when I left I would go to the woods jerk off and lick my fingers and sniff my fingers that had been in my girlfriend not the same but turned me the fuck on and when I was there I would also take her panties from her room and use the bathroom and steal her little sister’s panties she had an older sister that was like 18 I took her panties too I was obsessed with them. And they have been obsessed with using any kid woman or ladies dirty panties every chance I got to grab them in 25 years I probably use over probably in a high hundreds or low thousand pairs of panties I work doing construction for 20 years I worked in a lot of people’s houses and many of many of pairs of dirty panties from women and kids anywhere from 11 12 mid teens twenties thirties and forties it was a turn on and I still love dirty panties today does anyone want to sell their dirty panties I would love to buy them tell me about your dirty panties I want to hear if other people have this fetish and do women have this fetish too I don’t know I would like to hear your comments though please let me know

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  • Reply Luv2rim

    My ex wife would get just as horny as I would when visiting friends or family feeling for those sweet little knickers that were stuffed in my pocket Christmas at aunt’s house had me heading to her bathroom on arrival Still warm and sticky a pair of aunty’s white satin knickers and my favourite tan pantyhose she must have just stepped out of them my cock throbbing as I entered the kitchen and greated everyone Aunt pulling me in tight for her Christmas kiss her eyes told me that she felt my cock Making eye contact with my wife we made our way outside for a smoke
    My hand sliding up under dress feeling for her smooth pussy that was covered with the shearest of pantyhose Her face burried in aunts knickers realesd a torrent of her tasty juice that made her thighs wet and sticky
    Dropped to my knees my mouth covered her beautiful cunt she told me how tasty my aunt would be if her knickers were this good
    Both found out just how much the 3 if us had in common 👅👅

  • Reply Boner

    I love to compare sisters knicker scent,
    Did it with all my long term girlfriends sisters, and some of their mum’s too
    Best was 2 younger blonde sisters still in school, and the mum too.
    I sniffed and wanked with all 4 including my girlfriend’s
    Smelling them all separately, was amazing , younger 2 had lovely smelling virgin pussys

  • Reply Judy69

    Loved it nice story i no my brothers used my dirty ones to but it turned me on that my pussy small. Was turning them on

    • Mike4

      It was a nice story could use punctuation, always like smelling panties , instant hard on

  • Reply AP

    This would be a lot better, and more understandable, story if you used some punctuation. I’d really like to read it so maybe you could go through and edited then contact the Admin and ask him to replace your non punctuation post with one that has punctuation?