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How my Older brothers raped me and turned me into the perverted, dirty, nasty lady I am now (True)

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Hey! My name is Maria, and I’m a 37 year old single mother. I have 3 children, 2 beautiful daughters and one son. My son is the oldest, and he’s 19. My oldest daughter is 16, and my youngest daughter is 11. Let me tell you the story of how my brothers used and raped me as a kid and how I turned out to be the perverted, dirty, sick fuck I am now. 😉

The story starts around the time I was 10. I was raised by my two older brothers in Europe because my parents had been divorced since I was around 4 and my father was in jail at that time for marijuana possession. I had been ever since I was around 9. My oldest brother was 17 and my youngest brother was 15 at that time. My brother’s were always nice to me and they always helped me with anything as a kid, but I had no idea how fucked up, perverted and sick they were. The first year they had custody, there was nothing unusual about them. They would pick me up from school, cook for me, help me with my homework, etc. I celebrated my 10th birthday with them, and my oldest brother bought a nice cake for me and we celebrated at home with just us 3.
It was after my 10th birthday that I started noticing weird things. First off, my brother’s would be walking around the house in just their underwear and sometimes even naked. I didn’t know a penis was at that time, but it looked weird and funny to me. I would walk in their room sometimes for help, and catch them playing with their “things” and rubbing it hard. They never tried to hide it from me, and I didn’t think of it too weirdly at the time. They would also make me wear leggings and tight jeans around the house all the time. But a couple of months after my 10th birthday, I woke up one night to find my oldest brother rubbing his thing all over my face. I awoke with a start and was confused and asked him what he was doing, but he just shushed me and told me to open my mouth. I loved my brother’s and trusted my oldest brother, so I opened my mouth. He ended up putting his cock roughly inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth very hard. I was so surprised and shocked, and I gagged and ended up crying as he fucked my face for what felt like eternity. Finally, I felt him spaz and I felt a warm weird salty liquid go down my throat. It tasted horrible and I almost choked on it. I hated it. I cried afterwards as my brother kissed me and told me that it’s alright. He said he loved me and that since I was growing up, this was what he had to do.
The next morning, I thought it was all a bad dream, but my whole mouth and jaw hurt and my throat was really dry, so I knew I didn’t dream. I went into the kitchen and saw my brothers making breakfast for me. My older brother just smiled and said good morning. He acted as if nothing had happened. I tried to forget the incident from last night and ate breakfast with them. It was a Saturday, so I didn’t have school. After breakfast, I went to the bathroom and I had stripped down to my underwear and was going to shower, when all of a sudden, my younger brother barges in and starts peeing in the toilet. I watched his thing as he peed and he caught me looking. He winked at me and asked if I liked it. I laughed nervously and said no. He seemed to turn mad after I said that, and after he finished peeing, he said “Well, you’ll need to like it because you’re going to be seeing a lot of this more.” He grabbed my hand and put it on his thing. It felt so warm and weird. I looked away as he jerked himself with my hands basically. He saw me look away and that’s when he got even more mad. He picked me up from the bathtub and carried me to his room.
I was really nervous and asked him what was going on. He looked down at me with anger and said “It’s time to make you into a real woman.”. I had no idea what he meant and that just made me more scared. He threw me down on the bed and called my older brother over. My older brother came over and looked at my brother and said “Is it time?”. My younger brother said “Yea, this bitch got me mad already. Let’s just do it.” They pushed me down on the bed and my older brother took my underwear off. I started crying then and told them to stop. I felt violated as I felt my younger brother spread my legs and used his fingers to rub my private part. It felt weird and tickled and hurt a lot. I started screaming and begged them to stop. My older brother took off his pants and pulled out his thing. He slapped me once on the face and told me to shut up. He forced open my mouth and did the same thing he did to me last night. I gagged a lot and almost threw up as he kept on pounding my face. I could not believe this was happening. My younger brother told me “You don’t know how long we’ve been waiting to do this to you ever since Dad went to jail.” My older brother laughed and said “This is what girls are meant to do. You are only supposed to be objects for men and used for sex.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. All of a sudden, my older brother pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me that if I shouted or screamed one more time, they would not feed me and kick me out of the house. They told me to listen to what they said and do what they told me to do, otherwise, they would kick me out and throw me in the woods. I got scared and begged them not to hurt me.


That was part 1 of the story of how my older brother’s raped me and turned me into the sick perverted freak slut I am now. I am currently single with 3 beautiful kids and I am looking for a man who is just as perverted, sick, and nasty as I am. I have long dreamed of starting an incestous family and I would like to do that. 😉 If you would like to be my future husband and want to have lots of nasty sex with me, email me at [email protected] I would love to chat with you and who knows, you just might become my future husband. 😉

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    do not do it, seek help because you do not want truly for your kids to go trough the same hell as you did.

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    Hi Maria do you got email i would love to chat and know more about your story

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    I emailed You but no answer

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    He dear writer ,. I want to say I enjoyed your story, but that seems weird. I did like the discretion of the situation. Please try and write more.

    From Patrick L.J. [email protected]

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    Dose any one want to talk about incest and Jack off to photos of teens if so DM me on kik wasd157 or email @ [email protected] see you there 😉


    María Jenkins doesn’t even answer the hangout or emails that’s fucked up

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      That’s because officer Jenkins is busy collecting up the email addresses of the people who sent her messages.

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    Slut message me and tell me how last night went

  • Reply Charles

    Slut message me and tell me how last night went

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    Just messaged you I would love to chat a little

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    Sorry that happened to you but I want to here the rest of the story

    • Maria Jenkins

      email me at [email protected] and i’ll tell you


      You love to get butt fucked hard don’t say no

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    Where do u live now ? Me and the boys want to come over and butt fuck your daughters

    • Kimberly

      What the hell is wrong with you people! I was anal raped,- god that was painful , how could one talk like this .

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      bruh this is kinda fucked up and @kimberly i am sorry to hear that

    • Maria Jenkins

      hey! email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat. we can exchange pics and maybe fuck.

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    Am from Kenya 0743752814

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    What are you and your daughters bra and panty sizes and do you all shave your nether region,s?

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    So hot!! Do you have wickr?

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      i only use google hangouts to chat. email me and we can chat!

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    I could give you a 4th Child if you want i could also get your daughters pregnant

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      Send me an email then and we can chat and I’ll see if you could be my perverted husband 😉

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      Sent you an email i would like to get you pregnant and your daughters

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      You can fill my pussy up with your cum instead 😉

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