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How my family made me a cumslut pt3

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Getting filled with dog cummy

One night while my whole fam was gone for the night i was browsing the wev for porn and came upon zoo porn, i got wet, so wet my little pussy started twitching while i watched

I had a dirty idea, to fuck my great dane bax, i called him to my room and he came running in, i got 9n my knees and started to rub his sheath he started panting i was touching my self while he got hard withing about a min he got fully erect

He was massive he was about 10 inches, i started drooling as i licked the tip i licked and licked before starting to suck, it tasted amazing better then any human dick, i started deepthoating it while playing with his balls, i started playing with myself and came almost immediatley i pulled his cock out and gasped for air

i bent over my bed and pulled down my panties and called him over he put his paws on my shouldee and mounted me, teasing my little ass with his cock he pushed it in, it hurt as first bet then felt amazing! He kept slaing his knot to my ass trying to get it in but i was too tight, i bit my bedsheets and he forced it in came deep into my ass

I sat there with him for 10 mins before he could get his dick out, while i was laying there i had an idea, to help my dogs fuck 2 of them at least i have three bax the great dane bella a germen sheperd and bolt a brown lab

I called bella up to breed with bax she came up as i was getting bax hard again, when she came in i lined her up and pushed tail aside to reveal her pussy i gave it s few licks before guiding bax into her, a few yelps but i could tell she loved it they were fucking like rabbits as i got infromt of bellas and started sucking on her tongue and finguring myself, he knotted and came inside of her as i came while made out with her and came aswell, we laid there for a while before they got up and left as i sat there still horny i started to masturbate to more zoo porn before i fell asleep

Many more of these stories to cum i have quite the erotic past and am exiced to share it with you all 🙂

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