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Helping daughter

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Helping the daughter after fixing a water leak. Having a swim and sex after

About 2 months ago my step daughter asked me to come over and fix a water leak as she could not get a plumber. I asked my wife if she wanted to go and she said no. Bec is 29, married but no kids yet. I packed some tools and off I went. When I got there I rand the door bell and a short time later Bec answered the door, in a towel. She told me she had been having a swim. I went in and she told me it was in the bathroom. I found the leak and told her I had to go and get some parts. I went and when I returned Bec was still in her towel. I repaired the leak and went into the back yard to find Bec and she was in the pool. As I got close to the pool I saw she had nothing on. Bec asked if I wanted a swim and I told her I had no swimmers. She then told me she had nothing on either. After a bit of pleading I decided to go for a swim. I asked her to turn around which she did so I stripped off and got in. We swam for a while cooling off and she asked if I wanted to get out and I told her I would if she turned around again. Bec swam over to the stairs and got out and I saw she had nothing on. Big tits and a shaven pussy, and me a raging horn. She dried herself off, dropped the towel and walked into the back yard. I got out and dried off and walked into the back yard to see where she was. I found her taking the washing off and she asked me to help. As I was getting the washing off Bec pulled my towel off and I was naked, just like her. This was the first time I had seen her naked. When we were just about finished we heard the neighbor’s next door so we went over to the fence and Bec told me there was a hole she looks threw so we found it and she told me to have a look. As I looked I saw two people fucking on the back patio and she was facing us. I watched for a bit and Bec pushed me out of the way .She watched for bit and I noticed her hand playing with her pussy. She moved back from the fence a bit and all of a sudden the guys cock came threw the fence. Bec came forward and started to suck the cock. It was not long before the guy cum. A voice over the fence said what about his cock so Bec took my hand and pulled me over to the hole. She took my cock and fed it into the hole. I t did not take long and someone was sucking my cock, it felt so good. When they stopped Bec took my hand and took me to the back patio where she gave me a chair and she went inside leaving me naked on the back patio. She returned in a couple of minutes and asked me if I liked what had happened. I told her I did and she smiled at me. She said Dan her husband did not like it or wanted to watch. Bec was standing in front of me while she was talking and I was looking straight at her pussy. My cock was hard and I was trying to hide it and all of a sudden Bec moved forward and sat on my lap facing me. She reached forward and started playing with my nipples and that turned me on. She dropped one hand and took hold of my cock, moved forward and put in her pussy. It slid in and felt so good. I just sat there and Bec did all the work sliding up and down my cock. She was moaning and having a good time. All of a sudden she stopped, stood up and turned around. she sat back down and sat on my cock again. As she was fucking me I heard her say the neighbor’s are watching and I love it. She lent back so I could play with her nipples and she then told me she loves people watching her either by herself or with someone else. Bec cum twice and I told her I was about to cum so she stood up, got to her knees and swollowed my cock. when I was about to cum I told her and she swollowed all of my cock, when I cum she swollowed all of it. As I cum we heard the neighbor’s comment on what they saw. After a while we got up and dressed, I thanked her and left. I told her not to tell Dan or her mother. Bec said if i only come back and fix something. I have been back twice since and Bec asked if she could get the neighbors over.

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