First time with my mother and it was amazing

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The story took place when I was 15 my mother was 30 she had me when she was 15 I don’t know who my father is we don’t talk about it much. Never thought of my mother sexual until I was in my 14s I was horny teenager with a lot of cum in my balls. We had a swimming pool my mother had a couple of boyfriends here and there never spent the night with them at our house she always went to theirs I used to stare at my mom sunbathing and her skimpy bikini I would run inside your upstairs to her bedroom and stare at her out the window in jerk off and when I came I thought of coming all over her ass and tits. When I was started to be a rose by my mom her body her beautiful face I used to take her dirty knickers and lick and sniff them and shoot my ball juice into them never ever teared asking her for sex she was close to me but I couldn’t not have mustard the nerve I used to catch glimpse of her getting out of the shower she would just wrap a towel around her head and around her breast and butt sometimes the towel rolled up where I could almost see her naked butt I used to get turned on so much I would search for adult videos Stars that reminded me of my mom I found this one lady that did porno movies that looked a lot like my mom and watchmen bang her creampie her lesbian sex she was in all kinds of videos and I would masturbate and shoot big loads all over one night when she went out with a neighbor lady and a girl from work drinking they come home dropped her off she was pretty tipsy she come in we talked we laughed she grabbed a bottle of around and made a room and Coke and was drinking we were watching a movie she had two or three drinks next thing I know she was holding a drink and she was kind of stuttering some thing and she just fell asleep I grabbed the drink out of her hand and shook her and said I must have to help my mom too her bed. My sugar and said mom wake up you have to go to bed she just kept kind of snoring then she kind of half opened her eyes I helped her up and stumbled into her bedroom and she plopped on the bed I took her shirt and bra off and just stared at her tits they were beautiful I thought about grabbing and fondling her but I didn’t at that point I then pulled her slacks and underwear came off with her slacks I didn’t know until I looked and seen her vagina was spraying full of you I started to tremble I was getting hard as a rock I didn’t know what to do .

I just stared at her as I was rubbing both her thighs with my hands I shook her a little bit she did now wake up evil thoughts for running through my mind but I had to calm down it’s my mother I can’t be doing this I covered her with a sheet went back into the living room and thought about what I just seen she was the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen I have a girlfriend I never seen my girlfriend naked but in pictures and videos I mean she was hot and she was my mom it was just turning me on I have to jerk off I thought then I thought what would it hurt to jerk off on maybe her ass and then clean it up she would never know I went and got a towel went back into her room rolls her over sat on her thighs and started masturbating with the other hand I sped her ass cheeks and there was her bung hole it was beautiful sexy and I could see her vagina lips too as I started to come it didn’t take me long to shoot my load it sprayed all over her ass her back I got up and cleaned her up..

Went back to the living room and thought what would it hurt to sniff and maybe lick her vagina a little bit I was getting horny again I couldn’t believe it but just lusting over my mom I wanted to smell the real thing not in her panties but the real thing went back in she had a trim bush separated her legs so I could get my head in between her and started eating her out and she did taste good and her smell was intoxicating. My cock was throbbing I could figure a little freak on losing out of my penis enjoying eating my mom’s vagina hole I just said I have to do this I have to make love to my mother I have to put my cock in the hole while I was born from my mind was racing I was trembling what nervousness I mounted my mother and stuck my penis in her warm wet vagina it felt so damn good she let out a little moan I stopped for a minute making sure she did not get up I did not want to get caught she started to snore a little bit and I started moving in and out of her vagina a little faster a little faster each time than a little more faster I tried going in slow because I knew I would shoot my load I was so horny then my mother surprised me she was moaning a little bit maybe she thought I was her boyfriend I was kissing her neck reached my way up to her ear starting sucking on her ears and then went to her lips started sucking on her lips and that made me go over the edge I knew I was going to blow my load and I started going in and out of her faster my orgasm took over and I shot my load teeth in her vagina when I was coming my mother’s hips were rocking with mine a little bit which made it feel intense and she was moaning pretty loudly now and kind of kissing me back sticking her tongue in my mouth sucking on my tongue she must be enjoying it even though she don’t know it.

When my orgasm was over I just kept it balls deep inside her as her vagina contracted on my cock sucking my balls out of my dick that was amazing felt so Good I started to go a little soft still kissing her on the neck shoulders and then pulled out of her I went back down and sucked on her clit into my amazement she was moaning even more calling me Rick and that is not my name Yes Rick Yes Rick and she had a orgasm I do believe what’s made me horny as hell again I already came twicebut I was not over this was the chance of a lifetime I may never not get a chance again to do this. So I rolled around her stomach and was going to take her from behind her ass was beautiful fondling her ass rubbing her sides of her hips was more than I could handle I almost came right then I read her ass cheeks apart and she had the most beautiful butthole I’ve seen I have never seen a real one but in videos I’m not that kind of turned me on when guys would let girls assholes out.
I ate your ass outfor a while when I knew I couldn’t take anymore and shove my cock back into my mother’s pussy and shot another load of cum deep inside her womb then I was spent at least this time I took my time and lasted around 10 minutes or so her vagina was very messy with two loads of my c** probably 18 shots of semen and all or so I grabbed the towel and weight her down covered her up and give her a kiss on the forehead and told her good night that I love her and she was kind of snoring. One of the best nights I’ve ever had in my life definitely the best sex I’ve ever had I went to bed thinking of the things I did and was definitely not ashamed of it I couldn’t believe I actually had full blown sex with my mom I got hurt again I couldn’t believe it but I couldn’t take no more chances as I jacked another real small load out of my balls and went to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday I slept into around 10:30 or so got up got a drink of water took a test my mom was gone went back into my room started playing some video games thinking of the things that happened last night was like a dream but I knew it wasn’t it was real looking at my cell phone I seen the little green light blinking it was a text message from my mom she was out shopping with her friend wanted to know if I needed anything from the clothing store I text her back and said no I’m all set a little bit later she text me back and said she would be home around noon and bring Chinese home for lunch if that’s what you want Tim I text her back and said yes sure that would be great. And she text me back and said okay then I’ll get Chinese unless you want something else Tim she said like pizza or maybe me and then she LOL I thought to myself what did she just say or me what did she mean that’ll be part two

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    So u mean u fuck yur mum

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    Nice story Tim c

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    Nice story tim

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