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College rape

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Studying late got me into more trouble than I could imagine.

With exams only a week away, I was busy studying hard at the college library. It was my second year there and the workload had increased substantially. I was nineteen and wanting to complete my degree in Commerce.

I still had one more essay to complete and then I would be ready for the exams. I sat at the desk as the evening deepened and turned into night. I usually would head to my accommodation as it got dark but tonight I was hopeful of getting the essay nearly finished so all I had left to do was some editing.

A bit later on I was well on track to get my work complete, but my head was getting hazy and the library seemed somewhat stuffy. I just need a few minutes break to clear my head

I headed outside to find the night air cool, the wind very breezy as it tugged and tried to lift my skirt. Looking up at clouds and a crescent moon playing peek-a-boo as the clouds raced by. It was a bit too fresh for me just to stand there, so I sought out the little courtyard I liked to visit during my daytime breaks. It was a nice sheltered spot.

While the wind whipped and roared about, the courtyard was fairly sheltered, but it was also quite dark as there were no nearby lights, nor did the moon shine into the area. In the center there was a raised grass area where sometimes I was able to stretch out.

My head began to slowly clear and after a couple of minutes, I was beginning to feel much better. The wind still whipped about but it was no longer quite so chilly. I sat on the edge of the raised grass area, and stretched up and out to ease my taut muscles.

Another minute or so passed when suddenly a hand clamped tightly over my mouth and I was pulled backwards onto the grass. My instinctive reaction was to try to pull the hand away from my mouth but that proved to be very difficult. I was pulled right on top of the raised area, and forced down onto my back.

I tried to yell, but with his hand firmly over my mouth, a faint “mmmm” was all I could muster. I tried hard to get his hand away, but he had effectively pinned my hands against his arm, and I had no strength to break free. I was beginning to panic, this was not a good position for me to be in.

A moment later his free hand brushed firmly over my left breast, I again tried to yell, but still my voice was very muted. He began to rub and squeeze my breast, making me squirm. I was helpless to prevent him from fondling and groping me. I whimpered, I was beginning to realize that I was in deep trouble.

His hand shifted to my belly, and he began to rub me, his hand angling down to be over my crutch. I tried hard again to squirm away, but it was too difficult for me to get anything to push against to get free. He began to pull at my skirt, I felt the hem slip up over my knees, and up across my thighs. A deep fear began to grip me, he intended to rape me, and I had no hope of stopping him.

His hand slipped under my skirt and onto my upper thigh, rubbing over my panties, making me squirm hard, but to no avail, his hand was pressing against my mound. I cringed and writhed as his hand pressed and twisted against me. I desperately wished to escape.

For a brief moment, he eased up and shifted position, partly rolling away from me, I took the chance and tried to roll away from him. My left leg leading the way, but he reacted very fast and caught me with my legs slightly apart. He rolled right over to be on top of me, his knee wedged between my thighs. I gasped as his weight came full upon me.

To my horror, he worked his other knee in between my thighs, forcing them to part and spread. Panic flared inside me, I was not in a good position with my legs apart and only my panties now between his cock and my pussy.

He shifted his hand on my mouth, going tighter again, I struggled to breathe. His other hand snaked down over my body and in between my legs. I felt his hand and fingers tug at my panties and rub against my pussy, it was very uncomfortable for me. Another couple of tugs at my panties made me cringe more, then I felt the horrid sensation and heard my panties begin to rip. I was now totally helpless.

I felt the guy’s fingers probe into my pussy lips, a moment later they were followed by his cock as it sought out my entrance. Deep alarm and panic filled me, but I was not in a position to stop what was happening as I felt him guide his cock into place.

”Mmmmmm.” I tried to cry out as he pushed in hard.

His cock pushed in past my entrance, tight and dry, it hurt. Again he pushed, and I felt his shaft move deeper inside me. Tears welled up in my eyes and began to trickle down the sides of my head. He thrust in again, agony welled up between my legs. He was now raping me.

“Mmmmm” I sobbed.

He began to pump his cock deeper inside me. His cock tight awkward and uncomfortable as he thrust it again into me. Slowly my body began to respond to the intrusion and I began to feel a small amount of lube easing the horrid discomfort. I felt his hand again on my breast, squeezing and kneading me as his cock moved deep inside my body.

I was now sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face. His cock firmly wedged into my pussy, his hand groping my left breast. Thrust and squeeze, ease and knead, over and over.

Then the guy was getting excited, he started to tense up. I felt his cock become much harder inside me. Then he grunted, and I felt the harsh deep thrust as his cock quivered, pulsed and twitched inside me. His raping cum was squirting out the end of his cock, directly and deep into my pussy. His cum was violating me, and I felt that it was somehow claiming me.

I froze in deep despair and shock. RAPED! I had been raped.

I hardly felt the guy withdraw and scramble away, disappearing into the darkness. I half rolled over, drawing my legs back together. Shaking, I slowly began to sit up then move to the edge of the raised area. I checked under my skirt to find my panties hanging to one side, but still basically in place.

Carefully, I began to walk back to the library, feeling the awful sticky wetness of his cum at the top of my thighs. A couple minutes later I arrived at the library. With the wetness now about a third of the way down my thighs, I diverted into the toilets so I could give myself a clean up.

My panties felt awkward to wear now, so I had little choice but to remove them, I washed between my legs then my face, before going to collect my work, packing it away then heading to the carpark so I could drive back to my accommodation.

I cried most of the rest of the night, half-pie having panic attacks, but when the sun came up I knew I still had to attend classes. So trying to put on a brave face, I went back again. I did not let on to any of my friends I had been raped. It just seemed and felt so raw and personal.

Somewhere out there, there is a guy who raped me, I could not face trying to report what had happened. I also found out that the College grounds were not really a safe place after dark, I had found that one out the hard way.

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  • Reply Jenny ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    I took my 12 year old sister to a college party. I told her to sit on a couch, while I looked for my bf. I found him and we went to a private room. We were making out, things at the party were getting loud. We having great sex when the crowd in other room was getting rowdy.
    We went out to see what the commotion was.
    There was my sister naked getting split roasted.
    I yelled what the f she’s only 12.

    My bf and I helped get her dressed and took her to car . On the way home she said she had a few drinks, then making out with a guy and soon guys were helping him remove her clothes and he had sex with her.
    I said we can’t tell our parents she said I would be in trouble for taking her. She blackmail me into setting her up with my bfs friends. She little shut

  • Reply Emmanuel Kalu ID:2kyee16vzl9

    Wow wish I was the one cuming in u esther

    • Esther ID:cc4itakhl9

      Hi Emmanuel Kalu, I guess I can have a basic understanding of your desire to get you cum inside me. Alas, someone else forced their cum into me, he caught me out and used me for his own desires, he raped me and made me feel totally helpless.

  • Reply Damon ID:6629eno6i9j

    College is a very good place to learn all about rape, glad you had such a nice and unexpected lesson.

  • Reply Do you really what to know ID:65f2bi1p423

    I’m so sorry. On behalf of all the boys I apologize. I have been harassed myself so I can understand what you went through. You should’ve reported. I hope you are ok now.

    • Esther ID:cc4itbghmr

      hi Do you really want to know. Thanks for your kind words. I was hard to accept that he had raped me, to be used and treated in such a fashion. Unfortunately for me, my cleanup and the pressure of the upcoming exams gave me little choice and time to deal with it. I just had to put off reporting, and that meant I kept on putting off reporting. I survived the rape, that’s is what is most important, just part of who I am now.

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:1ah770leoicr

    Nice hot rape, Im so happy that he caught you. Great story, the details so hot, wish you more hot raping

    • Esther ID:cc4itbghmr

      Hi Lazer1, being raped can seem very hot to an outsider, I tried to be fairly detailed so people had a chance of understanding what really happened.

  • Reply Carl ID:cc4itbghmr

    You really needed this raping, didn’t you? You sound like a silly useless female otherwise. I’m really pleased he got his cock into your pussy, where it belonged. so nice and easy for him. I really like how he claimed you, made you his as he got his cum where it mattered, so nice. A lovely way to complete the rape. And just like a good girl, you didn’t report him for owning you. You had to accept him and his good raping.

    • Esther ID:cc4itbghmr

      HI Carl, I guess from a guys point of view, he might have through I deserved it. I was just too focused on my studies to be more aware of where I was. The guy took the chance, and I ended up raped. Reporting was difficult for me, so he got away with it.

  • Reply kinda always horny ID:c1z6a2rhmp

    I won’t say that this isn’t hot. but you gotta take care of yourself lol…also do you have snap ? mine is varunsodh2

    • Esther ID:cc4itbghmr

      Hi kinda always horny, I guess most guys see it as a hot raping. It was a simple case of wrong time, wrong place for me. Not much I could really do about it in the end. Accepting that I had been raped was hard for me, but something that I had to do.

  • Reply Esther ID:cc4itbghmr

    Hi u next bf, no, I didn’t get pregnant, but it was quiet a worry for a few days. I use to have twitter, but not anymore.

    • Dani ID:p9cs5aqrc2

      In which college did this happen?

  • Reply u next bf ID:43yw16xv3k

    did u get pregnant also do u have Twitter