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Camping with my brother

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When I was 12 I went camping with my oldest brother who was 20 we went to this remote spot by a lake and it was cool it was cold at night but he insisted I get naked so we can be warmer I was dumb so I got naked and to be honest it wasn’t really cold but I didn’t speak on it.

After a while he pulled me into him arms making me the little spoon and I remember squirming and moaning while he pumped 2 fingers in me I had came for the first time and he took a picture of my body and kissed me goodnight.

I thought it was normal so when he asked me did I was make him happy I did and he raped my throat and he filled my mouth with him seed. After he was still hard to he sat me on his clock and slowly Thrusted into me it didn’t really hurt it was a slight pain from stretching and a tingly sensation.

We he picked me up and sat on on eof the camper chairs and fucked me for hours after we ate and he invited 2 friends. He told me to get naked and he laid a blanket out one of the guys was under me and stuffing himself in my private while my brother used my mouth and the last guy lubed me up and used my bum whole after they came and peed on me which was pleasant because I had to scrub clean for an hour

When we got home I didn’t tell anybody because he told me not too but he never spoke or touched me again

A few years later his friend told me that he was sorry since I was so young and I forgave him.

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  • Reply Dewbury ID:1dmoi3jn3bjm

    Danny 12 year old is certainly old enough.some younger than that also love it.

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  • Reply F28 ID:4xcptbth

    It’s okay you were definitely old enough. You have to be grateful they taught you a lot.

    • Mark ID:bo2qeoyhl

      Hit me up [email protected]

    • Danny ID:1i2kovirk0c

      Ya but is 12 old enough?

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hm

    Not to be sarcastic or anything, but did you forgive him because you enjoyed it and have been butt fucked or face fucked again. If so Don’t be ashamed of it.
    Nice story.
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  • Reply Just this once ID:5u1d7cg20i

    Some errors I’m
    N spelling, but over all an ok story

    • Sft ID:3ywrtgzra

      You are a asshole