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Bros do “The Thing”

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A story about Me(16) and my Stepbrother(13) and how we started our secret. Possible part 2

This story is about me and my stepbrother and this story is true.

One day I was home from school and hadn’t had much to do except play xbox and annoy my little brother so I did both at the same time!

I was playing grand theft auto and like the horny boy I was I was trying to get a hooker in the game. My brother was curious and wanted to know what I was doing so I told him I was getting a woman to have sex with me. Him being young he giggled and asked what I could do to them.

I had an idea so I paused the game and said well whatever I want! I like when they stroke and suck on my cock, I also loved to fuck them anally because the hole was so tight and warm. I told him it felt great and if he wanted I could show him what it was like to get a blowjob.

His little eyes grew HUGE and he was so excited to finally feel what the guys felt in pornos he snuck and watched .

I commanded him to pull down his pants and lay down to get the most access to his cock and tiny balls. He was giddy and giggled as I felt his boy cock in my hands and I played with his balls, asking him if he liked it (I assumed so because his eyes were closed and he was laying his head back) he nodded and moaned lightly and his little prick twitched as I stroked it in my hand, it reminded me of a cocktail sausage with extra skin .

As I put his prick in my mouth and sucked it up and down I could feel his little prick twitching as he was saying it was amazing and to not stop so I did just that . I sucked that little prick while stroking my own cock and fondled his little sack like a little fleshy gift of meat. My cock was so hard from sucking his prick I could barely stand the strain and feeling of wanting to fuck his little ass !

It didn’t take long to make him to dry spurt as I kept sucking him. He was panting and shaking from his first blowgasam in his little life. I told him if he wanted more he could always come to me.
And of courseHhe was an eager boy and wanted more later that day.

Fast forward after dinner and when my dad and his mom were upstairs, I took out my cock while he was playing a game and said “You wanna do the thing?” He immediately jumped up and told his friends he had to go .

“My own little masterbation doll !”

I told him before I suck him again he had to suck me and boy was he scared of my 16 year old cock, not huge but way bigger than his so it scared him. “Dont worry dude just put it in your mouth, suck like a popsicle and grab with both hands and stroke it like I did to you” I told him. So of course he does just that ! I had this eager, impressionable horny kid all ready to suck and get sucked!

He took my cock in his mouth and started to do what I said! Cock in mouth, holding and stroking with one hand as I fondled his balls some more. He was a quick and eager learner and actually let me cum in his mouth so I was already past all expectations of this little brat.

I came in his mouth , he sucked it down with a mixture of suprise and concern but I got him to swallow it all. Unfortunately before I could finish him he was called to bed and we had to stop before he could cum. It was day one of an awesome discovery and adventure.


This is a rough draft but it is all true , I will polish it later but if people are interested I can tell more stories about us and get a series going.

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    Love it. I’m 14 blonde girl. Add me on Facebook and let’s chat please. Jœæn Nick

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    keep going keep going this is the best don’t stop

  • Reply AP

    Yes please definitely take the time to rework the story. You got the good bones here have either a story or narrative, either doesn’t really matter which. Remember to give a lot of good descriptives using all the senses, read out loud before you post it so that you’ll understand is the pacing sounds right, then read it again and see if it makes you cum. If it doesn’t, go through and add in details and the points that you want to share and spice up the story.
    Make sure that you spell check it by reading it through slowly and carefully, one sentence at a time. Nothing can killed a really good story like really bad spell checking and grammar failures.
    When you write erotica it’s not a bad test to see if you’ve done it well, can your own story make you cum?

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

      Holy shit dude, its a story not a fucking english paper leave the kid alone. Here is something for your OCD hemlo im an rnglidh maklr

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    Yes live to hear more