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Amy Tale/s – Weenie Dog?

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My little weenie dog had a taste for my pussy now, and he was licking deep and hard.

I mentioned before that my husband was in the Army and was on multiple deployments. This made having sex together difficult, and we turned to digital means such as skype, or videos. I would make my husband videos of me doing sexy stuff and send them to him. I am Amy, and I am a sexy middle aged milf with a smooth white complexion, sandy blonde hair, soft bouncy double d tits, and a trimmed hairy pussy, and I keep the business area shaved.

This story is also from the time in my life when we were living at my husband’s first duty station overseas, and we were there for four years. There was no one to really watch the kids, so “cheating” was virtually impossible, because I homeschooled them. I did not really have “affairs” that my husband did not know about then, but being in the Army, and around guys and girls a lot younger than himself, made my husband kinkier, and some stuff did happen. I also did some things on my own that my husband did not know about, and this story is sort of one of them.

During my husband’s deployments, I would make him videos of me wearing lingerie, taking it off and masturbating, and sometimes I would use a vibrator or dildos. I amassed a large collection of sex toys during this time. After our threesome with his gay black friend, I made sure to get some dildos of size. Of course, my husband was watching a lot of porn also, but I turned him on more than porn. The only problem was that everything I did was solo, and there is only so much you can do alone. As far as my husband knew, I had never cheated on him (other than his own involvement), and I wanted him to keep thinking that. I sent my husband one video where I was sitting on the couch and masturbating, and in the video our little dachshund jumped up on the couch, and I pushed the dog off the couch, and I went back to masturbating.

My husband was watching the video and saw the dog jump up on the couch, and then he got the idea, why don’t you play with the dog. At first, my husband just wanted me to come in the room dressed in something sexy, play around with the dog, then take all my clothes off, and play around with the dog some more. So, I did that. He watched the video, and he said, that was so sexy, watching you get butt ass naked, then get down on the floor and play around with the dog; it turned me own. He said it was hot. He said he got off watching, and he wanted more.

My husband’s requests grew in intensity, soon he was wanting me to let the dog lick on me. I refused, it just seemed so gross, but he kept persisting until I at least tried. I made him a video where I came in the room, undressed, and sat on the couch, then I called our little dog over, and I slid to the edge of the couch and spread my legs so that my pussy was within head shot of the dog. You could see my hairy pussy really good in the video, because the dog’s head was just below the line of site.

Now I played with the dog, and I kept my pussy pressed out to the edge so the dog could get to it and everything, but the dog would not go near my pussy. So, I went and got some dog treats, and I tried to entice him closer. I slid back in the couch, and placed treats between my legs. The dog jumped up with his front feet, and would eat the treats, but that was it, he would not even sniff my pussy. Finally, I got the dog up on the couch, and I rubbed a treat across one of my nipples, and the dog licked my nipple. My little dog licked my nipple several times, and I sent my husband the video.

My husband said, damn, that video is so hot, I jacked off to it for a week. However, that video only made my husband more determined. He wanted me to try and get the dog to lick my pussy. So, I went through the same routine of getting undressed on camera, but this time when I got down in the floor totally naked, and I took my vibrator, and I used it until my pussy was good and wet. The vibrator scared the dog, so I turned it off, got some doggy treats, and I called the dog over. The dog was scared, so it took several bits of treat to get him in close enough to my dripping wet pussy. I rubbed a treat on the inside of my thigh, and my dog licked my thigh, I dropped some treat under my ass, and my dog went in for it, and I pushed open wide and thrust my pussy toward my dog and he sniffed at it, but I could not get him to do anything else.

So, I just grabbed the vibrator, went back to using it on my pussy, and I got off and sent my husband the video. My husband said the video was good, and that he got off watching it, but he just wanted the dog to really lick my pussy. I told my husband I was done with that exercise, and he should start thinking of a new tease for me to do. Besides, I really did not want a video of me letting my dog lick my pussy being sent digitally around the world.

A few weeks after I had sent my husband the video, I was feeling really horny. I wanted to use my vibrator and get off. I wasn’t making a video, I just got undressed, laid in the bed, and I used the vibrator on my pussy until I got off. I was so horny, that I got off several times, and I was really wet. I started feeling kinky, and wanted more, so I whistled for the dog. Now, our bed was too high for our little weenie dog to jump in, and we really don’t allow him in the bed anyway.

So, I picked my little dog up and put him on the bed. I am still totally naked, and I laid back down on the bed, and I started petting the dog. Now my dog came up and licked at my face because I was laying down, and I brushed him away, but then he started sniffing around my body. I put my hands above my head, and just watched what my dog would do. He sniffed under my arms, and it tickled, and I jerked, and when I did, my bare boobs bounced around and the dog went to the motion. The dog sniffed on my boobs, and then he started licking my nipple, and I jerked again. His tongue was kind of rough, but it felt good. I settled down, and my little dog just slow licked on one of my nipples and that nipple was so much harder than the other one. My dog did this for a while, and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the attention.

Now, my little dog started moving around on the bed. He went down to the bottom of the bed, and he sniffed and licked my toes, and it tickled, and I jerked my foot. I pulled my leg up and moved it to the other side of the dog, so that the dog was trapped between my legs and the bottom edge of the bed. He was being investigative, he sniffed under the edge of my legs moving his way toward my thighs, where my dog stopped, and licked on the inside of one of my thighs for a bit. This made me jump a little too. I was starting to feel anxious, wondering what my weenie dog was going to do next.

Then my little dog moved right into my pussy area, and I felt my dog’s cold nose hit right in the opening of my pussy – Bingo. Fuck, I was all nervous with excitement, and I quivered when his nose hit my pussy. My little weenie dog sniffed my pussy, then he licked at it once. Now, my legs were flat because I was trying to keep my dog in between my legs and the bottom of the bed. But when he licked at my wet pussy a couple more times, I raised my knees up and spread them out so my pussy would open up more. That was all it took. My little weenie dog had a taste for my pussy now, and he was licking deep and hard. Every now and then I would jerk, because it felt like my pussy lips were hitting his teeth. So, I reached down, and I pulled up tight on my pussy, and just let him lick away. It felt good, and I started moving my hips and rubbing my clit, and pretty soon, my masturbating and my little dog licking my pussy, made me get off.

I did not tell my husband, because I knew he would want me to make a video. Every time after that when I made videos, I could not let the dog in the room where I was making them. My little dog had a taste for my pussy now, and whenever I was naked, he wanted to get at my pussy. I had a new toy to get off with now, and I used my little weenie dog whenever I was in the mood for that. I have never told my husband, even when he was home. It was just another one of my many secrets. It did get me thinking. Now my dog was too small, but I began to wonder, what would a big dog feel like fucking me? I finally got a chance to try it, but you will have to wait for that story.

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    Great! Some fun is better kept secret for awhile. Never expose all your. But I hank you for telling me this secret. Keep those hairs on that pussy please. It is fantastic when sucking cum and piss droplets.
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      Good story. would love to hear about the big dog 🙂

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      It is the next story 🙂