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Amy Tale/s – Neighbor Pt. 1

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My first time cheating with the neighbor, he was a little better than a premature ejaculator.

My husband started this one. My husband had a voracious sexual appetite, but he was religiously monogamous. He used to get me to do things like take a shower with the window blinds open, or walk around the house or onto the back porch naked. Our house was on a city lot, and our neighbor’s house was really close to ours. This was after almost 10 years of marriage, and my husband would make me push the outside of the envelope around the house in seductive wears with the window blinds open to excite him. I would do these things when my husband asked to tease him and turn him on.

My husband would go upstairs and watch out of a window in the dark while I showered downstairs to see if the neighbor was watching, and many times, he was. This aroused my husband to think of other men watching me naked, seeing my hairy pussy and DD boobs fully exposed, I had become a curvy busty blonde milf. To be honest, it turned me on too. The neighbor could not see me in the shower, so when I would get out, I would take my time drying off in front of the window, and rubbing my soft bouncy tits, so he could get a good look. I did this a few times until my husband got bored with that and wanted to do other things. Our neighbor was married, and he never said anything about the shower episodes, but he started innocently talking and flirting with me in passing.

Then my husband dared me to take the trash out one day in nothing but this thread bare t-shirt I used to sleep in. It was easy to see my tits through the shirt, and when I lifted the bag, to put it in the trash can, it would come high enough to see my ass. I would throw my shoulders back so that my big tits would stick out, and my nipples were always hard. My husband would watch out of our window, and many times the neighbor was in his yard. Sometimes, the neighbor would come over and start small talk, but he would feign like he did not notice. However, I could tell he was looking at my tits. I got more daring with each attempt. Sometimes I would face him when putting the bag in, that way he could get a shot of my hairy pussy when I lifted my arms up. Sometimes, on the way back into the house, I would bend over and act like I was picking something up, or looking at something, so he could see my pussy lips. All the while, my husband would be watching me out of the window. My husband was so sure nothing would ever happen, and he just saw this as us playing around and he trusted me not to actually cheat, and I always reassured him that I never would.

Whenever the neighbor and his wife would go out of town together, they would ask us to get their mail. After the teasing started, when they would come home, I would always wait until the next day to take the mail to him, because his wife would be at work, and my husband too. After the trash can teasing, and the no panties and almost see-through t-shirt gig, the first time they came back from a trip, I wore that same thread bare t-shirt when I delivered his mail. I wasn’t teasing my husband anymore; I was starting to want something new myself.

He invited me in, and soon he would become the fourth person I cheated on my husband with at that time. The first was with my husband’s brother, but that is another story. I always lied to my husband about cheating, I would tease my husband with stories about cheating, he liked to hear dirty stories while he was jacking off and I was rubbing his balls, but I always denied that I actually did any of those things. Many of the stories were true, but I would always say afterwards that it wasn’t true. My husband liked the tease, but he did not really want me to cheat. The neighbor invited me in, and I anxiously entered, and he asked if I wanted something to drink, and I said, yes.

I sat down on the couch and he brought me a drink. I had my sexy legs crossed and I was shaking my foot and hitting it with my flip-flop and fiddling with my hair because I was so restless. My husband liked to paint my toenails, and he had just put a fresh coat on the night before, it was my husband’s favorite color of toenail polish, red. The neighbor sat down across from me and was really staring at my tits and watching my leg. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and my nipples were hard and visible, especially since I was sticking them out. I wanted him to look.

He started with small talk, but then just asked me why I was dressed that way. I told him it was my husband’s idea at first, just to spice up our marriage, and it also excited him to know you were looking at me; but then I said, this time I just decided to do it to see what you would do. He said he liked it, but he was married, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to cheat on his wife. About that time, I uncrossed my legs, and I spread them a little so he could see my hairy pussy. I was not wearing any panties, and I always keep the business area shaved. His eyes got big and I said, well that is your choice not to cheat, and it is probably right. I said, I was curious more than anything else, and to be honest, all that teasing was making me excited too. At this point, I am very wet, my pussy lips are swollen, and my snatch has spread open from the excitement.

He could not take it anymore. He came over and sat next to me on the couch and started rubbing my thigh. I leaned back and pulled my shirt above my hips. He leaned in to kiss me, but I said to wait, so he then started kissing on my neck. Kissing is romantic, and I associate it with love, what I was wanting was pure lust. He ran his hand up inside my shirt and began caressing my supple breasts. My nipples were hard, and I told him he could take my shirt off, and he did. He started sucking on one nipple and fondling the other breast, and I turned and laid flat on the couch and he followed with me.

He continued to kiss and rub my breasts, and then he began to work his way down my stomach until he reached my trim. He kissed and rubbed on my pussy hair a little, then he started licking and sucking on the business area. I was so wet it was running down the crack of my ass. He got up and went and got a towel, he was worried it would get on the couch and his wife would find it. He placed the towel under me then went back to eating and fingering my pussy. He had a beard, my husband does not. It felt good, but I can say that a smooth shave feels a little better. I was so hot at this point that I just decided to help him along a little, so I started rubbing my clit as he licked and sucked on my cunt. I wanted to get off, so I pressed hard with my finger until I scissored his head between my thighs in an ecstatic eruption until my body quivered out my euphoria.

I unclenched and he got up and removed his shirt, pants, and underwear. He was hard, but his dick did not seem to be as long as my husbands, but it looked thicker and he was circumcised (my husband is uncut). He got on top, and I was so wet that it slid right in. He did not last long either. He started thrusting slow, and he would stop. I could tell that he was thicker than my husband; then he would go a little and stop again. He repeated this, and even took it out a few times. I can only guess that he was so excited that he was trying not to cum. Finally, he thrust into me, and went to town, but it was short lived, as he could not hold back any longer. That thick cock exploded and started throbbing in my cunt, it felt good, I just wish it had lasted longer.

He got up, and I stood up and took the towel and wiped my cunt, and put my shirt back on. It was almost lunch time, and I told him I wanted to get back home before my husband came in for lunch. It was a little awkward, and I think he felt he came too fast, and I thought so too. Anyway, I went back over to my house, but I was in that window of time where I did not think I had time to take a shower before my husband arrived, so I peed and took a baby wipe and did the best I could. About 20 minutes later, my husband came in for lunch. I still had on the t-shirt and no panties, and he asked me what I had been doing. I told him, I was taking out the trash, and I laughed. He said, is the neighbor back from his trip? I said, yes. He asked if he saw me when I took out the trash and I said, yes, that I also gave him his mail. My husband seemed a little mad and jealous, he said he only wanted me to do those things when he was around, but I assured him nothing happened.

It did not matter, my husband was already excited by just hearing about me wearing the shirt and giving the neighbor his mail. It was just like another dirty story I whisper in his ear at night to get him off. So, we went into the bedroom and he bent me over the bed and fucked me hard. He said, I can tell you got excited, your pussy is so wet, even puffy and I am gliding with ease. If he only knew it had just got stretched and lubed by the neighbor. My husband got off and I went in the bathroom and opened the blinds and took a shower. I maintained a steady affair with the neighbor for about two years. It was so intense in my mind, that I actually tried to leave my husband and convince the neighbor to leave his wife. I instigated a large fight between me and my husband one time, and my husband went and spent a few nights with family while we cooled down. I used that time to try and force the neighbor to leave his wife, but he would not. Instead, they sold their house and moved away. I reassured my husband that I had never cheated on him, and we just continued on with our marriage. In part two, I will tell you about a threesome with the neighbor.

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