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Amy Tale/s – A Big Dog Dick

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The dog was getting deep in my pussy, but this time I was prepared for the knot and it hit and went all the way in, but it was fucking extreme.

While my husband was still on his first deployment, me and the kids flew to my parents during the holidays. We stayed for three weeks. One weekend, my brother and his wife were going out of town. They lived about 30 miles from my parents. They were leaving on a Friday night, and wanted someone to go up to their house on Saturday and again Sunday to attend to their dogs so they could avoid boarding them. I said I would do it, so on that Saturday around noon, I told my parents I was going to my brothers to attend to his dogs. My parents have three vehicles, so I borrowed one. I left the kids at my parents and just went by myself.

I got to my brothers and found the key, went in his house, and out into the back yard. His backyard is all fenced, and he had two dog pens. They usually just let the dogs run in the back yard and come in the house with them. They did have dog houses in the pens, but it had rained, and the dogs were dirty. My brother had a boxer and a big chocolate lab. They were so dirty I wanted to wash them off. I went to get one of them out on a leash, but he was too hyper. So, I just opened the pens, and I let them run in the yard.

The dogs eventually settled down. My brother had an area next to the house where he washed them, so I did, and toweled them off and let them in the house because they were used to that. I messed around and watched some TV for a couple of hours because it was quiet and nice being alone after being at my parents with everyone. I called my parents and told them I was just going to spend the night so that I would not have to drive back again tomorrow.

I was curled up on the couch snacking and watching the TV, and I got to thinking about my experiences with my little weenie dog licking my pussy. I wondered what these big dogs would do. I got up and I took all my clothes off. I was totally naked, and I stood there for a minute rubbing my soft bouncy breasts together, and rubbing down my body, and across the hair of my pussy, and inside my thighs, I was excited just to be naked. The two dogs were lying on the floor and not paying me any attention. I went over to the lab, and I knelt in front of him and I started petting him. My knees were together right at his nose, and I was sitting on my feet.

I leaned forward, and I started petting down his back and my boobs were swinging. I lowered myself and shimmied my tits across the dog’s back. The dog lifted his head, and his nose went against the inside of my thigh, but he laid back down. I wasn’t wet yet, but I was starting to get aroused. I sat on the couch and I clucked to the dog, and when I did, both dogs jumped up and ran over in excitement. The way they were acting was too much. I stood up and they were running against my naked body and being playful, so I walked into another room and they followed. I shut the boxer in the other room, then returned to the living room with just the lab following.

I sat back on the couch and I spread my legs and started rubbing my hairy pussy and it was getting wet. I started slapping my hand on the inside of my thigh and clucking to the dog. He moved in and started sniffing my thigh, then he sniffed my pussy. The dog was sniffing around, and I spread my legs wide, and with my fingers, I opened my pussy up. He sniffed and made a couple of curious licks on my wet pussy, then sniffed around under my thighs and ass some more. I started finger my pussy while the dog nosed around.

Finally, the dog returned to my wet pussy and started licking real slow, like he was after the juice that was running down. I knew a dog’s tongue was rough because of my dachshund. The lab’s tongue was little rougher, but I was liking it. Pretty soon the dog’s licking got deeper and more deliberate as he figured out there was no end to the moisture he had discovered. I sat back and kept fingering my clit, and the dog kept licking my pussy hole steadily. This went on for about 15 minutes until I brought myself to an orgasm. When I started getting off, I closed my legs shaking, and the dog lost his access to my pussy. He was sniffing all over my thighs and the sides of my ass looking for it. He had a taste for my pussy now, and he liked it, and he was trying to find it again.

I stood up, and the dog stuck his nose into the hairy part of my pussy and started rooting in between my thighs. I knew then he would lick me again for sure. He was noticeably motivated, and I knelt on the floor and sat back on my feet and started petting him. He was moving around, sticking his nose in my face and in my tits, and trying to get at my pussy, and being playful. I pushed him around until I got him to lay down and he rolled onto his back and I started petting his belly. I kept petting his belly and I looked down at his cock. There was nothing sticking out, but I got to wondering, what does it exactly feel like. I mean, I have seen dog cocks, but I have never touched one.

I kept petting his belly with one hand, and I eased my other hand down to his cock sheath and started rubbing across it. When I did, he jerked his head up and started sniffing and licking his cock sheath. I moved in a little closer and started jacking on it slowly, and he started licking it more, and it started to make an appearance. I jacked and he licked and about 3 or 4 inches of it was sticking out and I squeezed it with my fingers. It was soft but felt like it had a bone in the middle. Now I started wondering what it would feel like to get fucked by a dog. I had seen videos of dogs fucking girls, but now I wanted to try it.

The dog kept licking his cock, and I got on all fours and started moving my ass around his head, but it did not work. The dog was totally engrossed in licking his cock. I stuck my finger in my pussy, and then I stuck my finger on his nose. When I did this, the dog stopped licking his cock and he licked my finger for a minute then went back to his cock. I stuck my finger in my pussy again and I moved my ass down to the dog’s head and stuck my hand between my legs, and he licked my finger again. This time I pulled my hand up to my pussy as the dog licked my finger, and he found my pussy again and started licking it.

The dog was still laying on his side, so I moved up on all fours to see if he would follow my pussy, and he did. He got up and started licking my pussy and my asshole. It felt good when he licked my asshole. I started crawling on all fours, and he kept following and licking my pussy and ass. His tongue felt better in this position, because it was not hitting my clit as much. I looked back at his cock, and it had already drawn all the way back in. I don’t think this dog was getting the idea. I rolled over and sat on my ass and spread my legs, and the dog went back to licking my pussy. I started rubbing his cock again. He stopped licking me and licked himself again. However, this time, he only did it a few times, then he went back to licking my wet pussy.

I considered this progress. So, I jack on his cock and he licked my pussy, and his cock started coming out and the dog was hunching. Now when he started hunching to my jacking, that was all the dog could focus on. I quit jacking him, and I got on all fours again and started slapping my ass and clucking. The dog came in and sniffed, and licked my pussy, but he did not jump up. I turned jacked him quicky, then tuned back and repeated slapping my ass and clicking, and he jumped up on me. He had the idea now. He fell off several times, and would lick my pussy and ass, but finally he got up on me and humped, and I felt his cock hitting my thigh.

I never had anal sex, and I was scared he would hit my ass. I kept fiddling around and finally, his dick went into my pussy and it was weird as shit. I was holding one of his legs and it was like having a jack hammer fuck you, and the slushing noise of my wet pussy was intense. Now it only felt like about 5 or 6 inches, but that dog got off and it was very warm and runny, and his cock slid right out and his spunk was running down my pussy and onto the floor. The dog was panting hard, but he licked my pussy and my thighs, basically everywhere his spunk had run. I cleaned the floor and sat down, and he kept wanting to lick me.

I liked how it felt, it was different, like getting jabbed with a dick at high speed. I did not want to wash my pussy, because I wanted to try again, and I figured the more smells I could create down there, the better. I went and let the boxer out. The lab was lying on the floor and licking himself, and the boxer started helping him. Now, when the dog was mounting me, he was hitting me with his claws, and it hurt. I had seen videos where they wrap the dog’s front feet. I went and found some socks and tape and covered his front paws. He was still laying on the floor licking his cock. I covered the boxer’s front feet too. More than an hour passed.

I was sitting on the couch still naked and I clucked a few times and the lab got up and came over. He had no problem going right to my pussy and licking. His service to my pussy got the boxer’s curiosity up, and he was trying to get in there too. I pulled my feet up on the couch and spread wide so they could both get access to my pussy. They were licking all around down there, and it felt good, but when one of the tongues would lap across my clit area, not so good, it was just a little rough. So, I took care of that area with my fingers. I let this go on for a bit, until I was so excited with the attention down there, that I fingered myself into another orgasm. When I got off, I clinched my legs together. When I did this, they lost access to my pussy.

Now I wondered if the lab was going to remember how to fuck. I stood up and walked around naked, and I would stop every now and then and spread my legs, and the lab stayed with me and would lick my pussy again. I got on all fours again, and he immediately knew what to do. The boxer was all over the place, sniffing my ass, licking at my pussy, hell he came to the side and was licking at my tits that were dangling. The lab jumped up a couple of times on my ass, and I finally found the right distance to spread my knees out, and with my hand I tried to keep him on target, but he kept missing. It was hard for me to reach back there.

Both of them were licking my ass and pussy. Sometimes the boxer would jump up on me, but he just did not know what to do. Finally, the lab mounted me and was hunching, and I could feel his cock hitting the side of my ass. I was talking to him, going, good boy, good boy, and all of the sudden he hit the hole and went deep, and he was going fast again, and my pussy was so wet that the slushing noise was intense. I had the perfect distance with my knees, and it felt like more of the dog’s cock was going in my pussy than the first time. Then I clinched and lunged forward because it felt like something a bigger just jabbed into my pussy. My movement caused him to come out.

I knew it was the dog’s knot, it just startled me. He was still humping me, and I could feel his hard cock hitting my thigh. So, I maneuvered back into a receptive position and the dog hit the mark and went back to fucking the shit out of my pussy. The dog was getting deep in my pussy, but this time I was prepared for the knot and it hit and went all the way in, but it was fucking extreme. As soon as it was all the way in, he ejaculated, and it felt like really hot water was just injected into my pussy. He stopped moving and was panting like crazy, but the dog was sort of stuck in my pussy.

I laid my face on the floor and waited. The boxer was running around, and spent a lot of time licking my pussy between the lab’s legs. I was stuck like that for about 10 minutes with his whole member throbbing and finally, he just kind of popped out of my pussy. The lab went to licking himself and the boxer was helping. I just got up, rubbed with a towel, and sat back on the couch and closed my eyes, and after a bit, I felt one of them licking me, and I looked, and it was the boxer. I covered my clit and just let him lick away. The boxer did not know what to do other than lick, and I did not have the patience to train another dog to fuck me.

I finally got up and went and took a shower. I let the dogs outside for a bit, and when they were done. I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was feeling a little sore where the dog’s claws hit me, so I decided not to try again. I put them back in the pens, and I left. Overall, the experience felt good, and I wanted to do it again. There is another interesting story with the same dog, but that is another tale.

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  • Reply AP

    Great story and well written! People who write k-96 stories but never have I had k-96 seldom get all the details right. There are little details people miss like the trouble of getting a new dog interested and trying to figure out how wide to spread your knees so you’re in the right position. Then most people screw up describing the actual act and feeling of getting penetrated by a dog. You can tell from your story that you had the actual fun. You might consider getting a dog for you and your kids. I suggest a lab or German Shepherd as they have the longest cocks and fattest knots. Also get a dildo and practice anal because anal with a dog is an amazing experience. Make sure you use a water-based lube though for his protection.

    • Maxdefault

      So far, I have mostly only had intercourse with my brother’s lab, and as of today, the last time was about 3 years ago. As my tale progresses, I do share some of those occasions. My current life situation changed after my separation, and another opportunity did arise about 6 months ago as a result of me sharing these stories with a friend. I have a lot of other stories we are going to post before I get to current “affairs.”

  • Reply Titian

    I am a male and I had a fantasy of being knotted by several big dogs. I’ve never had the chance, but after reading the story I want it even more. Hope I can find someone who has some dogs that I can dog sit and let them knot me really good..

  • Reply Cumgulper

    That was extremely hot! I am glad to hear that another person has become a bitch. I was made into one myself and I am a male. Did you enjoy it,, because I did on my first time around. I hope the next story have you taking on both of them and even have them stroking your butthole. That you will love. Take care and enjoy your adventures.
    Cumgulper 1 Snapchat

    • Maxdefault

      I have another dog story, but a lesbian one before that. I never have done anal with a dog. I have only had dog sex about a dozen times, I like it, but I like BBC more.

  • Reply Maxdefault

    Please Rate and Comment, I check the comments and ratings often.