Almost fucked the cleaning lady at work

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Almost fucked the big breastfed cleaning at work

We have a 46yo latina cleaning lady here at work that have big firm breasts, slim waist and an innocent looking face.

Very quiet but I always chat her up and nice to her. I’ve always wanted to hook up with her but she didn’t seem interested. When I first started with the company, I tried to kiss her and she backed away and asked what I was doing. I told her I found her sexy but she never showed interest after that. She transferred to another floor and that was the last time i chatted with her.. That was in 2014.

Fast forward to Monday, Nov 23, 2020, with a couple of days of texting her prior to this date, I told her that she is my sancha. I was afraid that she will report me to HR for sexual harassment, but she just played it off as a joke.

I texted her to wear something nice on Monday, and for her to show me. She said I was crazy, but I persisted in telling her what to wear underneath her uniform.

I told her I have a place for us to be “alone” and that seemed to pique her interest. She asked, where? And I responded, “I’ll show you”.

After our coworkers left for the day, she came in at 4pm and she was looking at me, probably looking, to see if I were serious. I told her to follow me, for which she did, and I brought her in the file room where it is hidden away from anyone that may pass through our department.

I put my hands on her cheeks and planted my lips on hers. She reciprocated with our lips and tongues intertwining. I slipped my kisses down her neck and with my tongue tracing down to her chest. She was moaning and wrapping her arms around my body and my head. I backed away and told her to “show me”.

She unbuttoned her uniform and she showed me her purple bra and breasts. It was probably 36b.

I pulled her right breast out of her bra and sucked the teat. She began her moans again and I released her left breast and sucked on the teat as well.

She pulled me up to her lips and we began making out again. I slid my hands inside her pants and began squeezing her asscheeks. Her moans were so arousing. I slipped my right hand to the front of her pants and slid it inside her panties. I touched her clit and was about to play with it when she abruptly stopped us from going further. I knelt down in front of her to unbutton her pants so I can lick her pussy, but she chickened out.

She straightened herself out and was shaking her head in disbelief that she almost fell to become an adulterer…

Religion can be a cockblocker sometimes…..


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