13f blowing a truck driver + my reddit account

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its been a while guys but i made a reddit account you can chat with me on now. hoping to get a lot of chats @lrora

Hey guys it’s been a while I had a lot of things to take care of but I am finally free. I have a reddit account now that you may message me on. I’ll answer any questions and maybe even talk about some other experiences there. I have been having fun these last few weeks when I was gone. I have been using my toys a lot more often and even got the chance to play with my dog more. I actually started wearing my anal beads in me more often under my clothes almost like a routine. Oh and I gave a blow job to a stranger the other day. Unlike that time at the gloryhole he could see my face and everything. He was around 50, a old white man who drove a truck. I was going out for a walk when I noticed him masturbating in his truck. He must have been driving for a while and not had time to relieve himself. I knocked on his door and asked him if he needed help. He agreed way too fast but I thought nothing of it. I got in his truck and got under the steering wheel. His cock was already It was crammed but I am pretty small. Lucky for me his cock was already out and hard so all I had to do was give it a good succ. I got to work starting by licking the tip then gobbling it up whole. It was pretty thick but it was a good fit. I was rather messy this time because instead of blowing the cock horizontally i was sucking straight down so my spit made everything sloppy. He came a good five minutes or so later. He sprayed it on my face and let me clean he is dripping cock after. He gave me his number and told me to call some time if I wanted to meet again. It was pretty fun and I guess it’s cool that some guys are ok with me blowing them. Well sorry this post isn’t that long I just wanted to let you guys know I have a place to chat now.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    Susie i was raped at age 9 by a piece of shit man, and i am male, if you wish to write you can write to me t [email protected] i believe it will help you, i know it will help me, i had the courage to ask for help 4 time but four time they said they only take care of woman and when i asked if anyplace existed to help man rape victim, they told me it does not exist, but a couple month before corona i finaly found a place by looking at google and fount it at page 14, but whit my luck it got shut down cause of corona, i am tired of the pain so lately i decided to talk about to ease the pain, so like i wrote earlier it woul help me and hopefully help you too but its your choice.

  • Reply David kenya

    Susie r u OK dear

  • Reply Jep

    Wow Susie are you ok!!

    • Susie


      It took me awhile, but yes ok.
      Thanks for asking.
      Most guys shy away if they know I was raped

  • Reply 16 yo

    If anyone wants to have fun sex or cam add me on snap it’s killtxone. I don’t care if it is an old guy or young girl or older girl just add me. 😉

    • Lucario

      Do u care if a 21 yr old man is hoping for a female

  • Reply Anonymous

    There’s no Reddit account under either name you posted

  • Reply realyoungho

    try not to fall for it guys thats someone else pretending to be me I never even wrote the post and I won’t be posting anymore no matter what

    • aye why won't you be posting ?

      lol..i know these imposters suck but please can you keep posting ?

    • Mimi

      I don’t think it’s youngho either, she acted like she didn’t want anyone to see her when fucking her for legal reasons & told me I should be careful and not get caught while doing kinky stuff too. Everything about this seems out of character. Would be glad to see the real you keep posting tho!! You’re such an inspiration for me, I wanna be as sexy & kinky as you! I wish we could have fun together sometime <3

    • Max

      Hey did you ever really have sex with your dog?

  • Reply youngho

    Someone reported me my bad i made a new one @ lilylrora

    • There's an imposter among us

      this imposter is a liar, such reddit accound doesn’t exist.

    • Mimi

      Yeah she’s a liar! The real youngho is way better!

    • Kimfslut

      I tried to email you and it didn’t go thru

  • Reply Susie

    Truck stops are dangerous
    I was with my dad and we fell asleep in our car.
    My dad was asleep and I had to use bathroom
    I was in my dance team outfit because we just were at a dance off
    Any way a guy came up behind me ask if I ever saw inside of a semi
    I went with him I got in and saw the bed, I said this is neat. He said not as neat as this and
    Crawled in by me he ripped my thighs and panties off and raped me he took my virginity I was 13

    • Anonymous

      You should be glad somebody wanted to fuck you, you ungrateful ugly bitch. All women should be raped, they’re just men’s sex toys

    • Kimfslut

      I was rape at 12

    • Nerdy virgin 97

      I hope you’re okay now. It’s horrible what you’ve been through. Some people are just monsters. ❤

    • Bruh.

      Anonymous I hope u burn in hell

  • Reply Hey there lol

    Couldn’t find your reddit, please post it again

  • Reply Dave

    It looks like you deleted the reddit account?

  • Reply Hey

    Your reddit isnt coming up when searched

  • Reply ?

    If I add you on rabbit can I have videos of you and your dog