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13 year girl having fun at the gloryhole!

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Guys I went to the gloryhole today! It was the best and everything went according to plan. Hope you guys enjoy reading about it.

So as I mentioned earlier I have been searching for a gloryhole near my house. I found one a few days ago and started planning it all out. The way this one works is people go there at 10 p.m and then they knock on the stall to see if someone is there. If someone is there they knock back. Then the guy will stick his dick through the hole and you know the rest. I read up on the forum for it to make sure I got everything right. My plan was to leave my house after online classes then head over to the place and wait in the stall. Once everyone finishes up and leaves then I can sneak back home. It wouldn’t matter how late I got home since my parents and my siblings are still on their trip.

After classes ended I took a quick shower and dressed up in some concealing clothing. I put on my favorite thong and threw on some yoga pants. I put on a big hoodie to cover my face up incase someone does see me. I grabbed the box of condoms from my stash under my bed and began my trip to the gloryhole at 4:30 p.m.

The walk was pretty long since this gloryhole was off the highway. It seemed like a pretty sketch place based on the pics from the forum. It was kind of like an old shed with a few stalls inside. The stalls had holes on the doors where guys could stick their cocks. The atmosphere it gave off was this abandoned creepy vibe. This unlike most gloryholes wasn’t really under anyone’s control. It was more of a place people would go to at night to get some quick release. This was great for me because this meant there isn’t anyone there to check my age unlike gloryholes at adult stores where I need age verification.

Anyway I soon got to the place. It was about an hour walk from home and I was so sweaty. The weather was pretty hot today and I had worn all black clothing so I got hot way too easily. I walked into the shed. There was a switch on the right as soon as I entered. When I flipped it on an old lamp on the top of the shed lit up casting yellow light everywhere. I walked into the stall nearest to the entrance. I quickly closed the door and locked it behind me. I think the downside to no one owning this area was that no one really cleaned it either. The black stall doors were coated in streaks of dried cum and the floor was littered with ysed condoms and condom wrappers. There was even this cum stained black lace panties in the corner. There was a strong smell hanging in the air.

I dropped my backpack onto the ground beside me and took off my hoodie. The cool air on my breasts felt heavenly. I checked the time on my phone. I had plenty of time before the guys came in. So to pass the time I decided to unpack my bag and get the condoms ready. After that I kinda just sat on the ground and watched tiktoks. I know this part is kinda gross but out of curiosity I licked one of the cum trails on the stall wall. It tasted gross but at the same time I think I liked it. I licked some more cum trails before getting horny and grabbing the cum stained panties. I held them up to my nose and sniffed them as I rubbed myself through my yoga pants. I kinda put them in my bag to take hone with me hehe.

It was almost 10 when I heard the door to the shed open. I eagerly waited as I heard the footsteps coming closer to the stall. I heard the knocks and immediately responded by knocking back. My heart was racing. I could hear the jingle of their belt and I finally saw the cock poke through the hole. It was the first irl cock I have ever seen. I got on my knees and got close to it. I spit on my hand and slowly wrapped my fingers around the shaft. It was a lot warmer than I thought. I slowly started stroking it spitting on it every few strokes to keep it wet. To my surprise this guy didn’t last long he came rather fast. The load shot out in bursts onto my tits and my hand. I literally gasped lol. It was my first ever human cumshot. The texture was a little bit different from my dog’s. I stroked the cock a few more times to try and get all the cum I could out onto me. I let go of his cock and slowly licked my palm. It certainly tasted different from my dog’s but I think I like the taste. The door started opening again and I heard more footsteps. the guy in the stall pulled out and stepped back. This time the cock in the hole was bigger. About 6 inches. I was eager to use my mouth for this one. I started by licking his shaft then I slowly got to his head. I slipped my lips on to the head and began to suck on it a little. I was careful to mind my teeth so I wouldn’t hurt him. I then started to bob my head back and forth on his cock I couldn’t get too deep but I tried my best. He lasted a lot longer than the other guy but the wait was worth it. He shot out into my mouth so fast I almost gagged. I tried to swallow it all as it came out. The rich taste of cum flowed into my mouth. I pulled off once he stopped cumming and took a moment to catch my breath. I couldn’t quite hear what he said but he pulled out and made way for the next guy. He didn’t wait at all stuck his cock in fully erect and ready to go. I did something different this time. I turned around and I pushed my butt against his cock. My yoga pants were pretty thin so he could feel my soft cheeks. I started to rub his cock more and more with my ass. It would rub against my asshole every once in a while and it felt so good. I eventually got him to cover my black yoga pants with his sticky load. I looked back at my black pants now painted in white liquid. I took it off now leaving me in nothing but my thong. Before I could look back another cock had taken it’s place. I’m not sure if it was a new guy or one of the other guys coming from round two at this point I didn’t care. I ripped open a condom and popped it into my mouth. I had seen a video on pornhub about how to put on a condom with your mouth and I wanted to try it lol. After I got it on I turned around and slipped my thong aside. I rubbed my technically virgin pussy against the cock’s head(still a virgin if you don’t count my dog as me losing my virginity). I pushed it in slowly but I could feel every inch of it going inside. I moaned loudly but I didn’t care. I slowly started bouncing my pussy back and forth on his hard cock. It felt super good. I came before he did lol. You can’t blame me it was my first getting stretched out by a human cock. I heard him moaning on the other side too. Suddenly without a warning I felt the condom tip expand. It took me a while to figure out he just came. i Pulled myself off his cock and took off the condom. It looked so delicious in the condom. I kinda have this cum fetish. I love seeing cum on things or on girls especially inside condoms. I poured it into my mouth then stuck my tongue inside trying to lick every drop. I was surprised when I heard someone knock on the door. Looks like they were getting impatient. This cock was a bit more fatter and smaller than the rest. I decide I would try putting it in my ass. I slipped a condom on it and rubbed spit on my asshole. I then pushed his cock in and holy crap my ass felt stretched out. Unlike the dildo this cock was warm and it felt weird in my ass. I started to pleasure his cock with my asshole until I finally heard him cum in my ass. I pulled off and did the same with the condom as I did with the last. After that it gets repetitive a cock would cone into the hole and I would pleasure it. I lost count around how many times I made a cock cum after 15. The biggest problem was that I had to pleasure every single cock that cane through that hole because I couldn’t leave until everyone left. After my 8 cumshot I started saving the condoms in a Tupperware box rather than swallow it immediately. Near the end I got too tired to use my pussy and ass and switched to using my hands and mouth.

Around 1 a.m I gave my last blowjob I was too tired to continue so I grabbed my hoodie and packed up my stuff. I made sure the coast was clear then got out of there. I walked weirdly on the way home since my pussy and ass kind of felt sore after I used them too much. I got home pretty late but I got back safely. I took a quick shower and I threw the Tupperware into the freezer. Now here I am typing it up before I got to sleep. Honestly this was the best but at the same time I think I did too much because i am super exhausted. Oh an update on the sex toys I ended up ordering the pocket pussy for my dog on amazon because it was on sale. I also bought myself a buttplug and sone anal beads. I was kind of thinking about getting nipple clamps too. I’m kind of nee to all the sex toys so please let me know which ones you think I should get. Anyway i’m exhausted rn so i’m going to go ahead and crash. I look forward to reading your comments, I love this community and good night.

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    great story

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    Im 14 my name is eliza if u wanna blackmail me for my pics or just wanna talk my email is [email protected]

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    If you don’t mind, I’m interested in doggy and haven’t traded with any girls into doggy and it would make my life if you didn’t mind adding me on snap: BLamanna9 other than that have fun and live your life to the fullest 😉

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    Hmu on snap, horny 16 yo black girl. iscum2004

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      Think you could send pictures?

    • iscum2004

      If you show me a vid of you drinking your cum I will Tj21

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      I cant find your snap

  • Reply like2watch1576

    Sounds so fucking hot. My wife loved going to gloryholes when we were younger. She was 18 when we started. But she liked letting the guys there see her naked as well. Our wildest time was after a guy had reached through & felt her up, He fucked her a few minutes then she sucked him until he shot off in her mouth. We left the booth with her still naked so guys in the hall could see her hot body. The guy she’d just fucked & sucked came out. It was her uncle ( a preacher ).

  • Reply LuvYung699

    Love the stories am a fan and well would u ever think of doing DP
    So what the biggest things. You ever watch the stomach buldge videos.

  • Reply Cumgulper

    Younho great story. I LOVED it! I am glad to her of a person who loves eating cum as much as I do. The more the merrier. Canine with woman cum. Delicious. The next time you and your dog have a go at it, try consuming yours and his blended. A divine cocktail.
    Please continue.

    I would love kissing you after your mouth has been filled.👅
    Snapchat Cumgulper 1

    • younho

      ill try it for sure. I love cum so much

  • Reply Jane

    I wish I was there to help you my friend. At least you had fun, and that’s kinda hot drinking cum outta of the condom and keeping some for like a snack? I would love to hear more of your gloryhole adventures!

    • Well Jane we can snap

      I am not youngho, I am a guy 16, you can snap me at varunsodh2

    • younho

      being inside the gloryhole stall with another girl sounds so hot. That’s on my bucketlist for sure.

    • Jane

      Youngho I’m not a girl no more I’m a grown woman. I’ll show you how to milk a cock!

    • joker14123

      hey wanna help a 15 year old male who wants to cum so badly? (my snapchat is joker14123) 😉

    • youngho

      that sounds so fun i would love some instructions is there a way i can contact you Jane?

    • youngho

      Hi Jane I just made a gmail its [email protected]

    • LuvYung699

      True glad she had fun.. Jane could you teach younho thats so sexxxy
      So would love to be there.
      So what the biggest you ever handled. Younho

    • Jane

      If there is one thing I learned from personal experience, back when I was selling myself in high school. Was that you give guys your email address. That inbox blows up with lots of dick pics and requests! Younho I would love that I could contact you. However, ppl could be sending you viruses. I recommend chatting in the comments is way better!

    • younho

      Ok Jane, let’s continue in the comments, how was your first time?

  • Reply Anonymous

    Totally understand and that’s smart! Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for your next story! Excited to read it! 🙂

  • Reply Anon

    Can we text in Gmail my Gmail is [email protected]

  • Reply youngho

    Sorry I’m pretty adamant on my privacy

  • Reply Anonymous

    I know you said you didn’t want to give out your snap or email but if you change your mind let me know and we can chat fetishes! Love the ones you’ve been posting! Really interested in what else you explore! 🙂

  • Reply Anonymous

    I’m really looking forward to you fucking and sucking your dog again honestly! Let him cum deep in your pussy and then you push his cum out into a bowl and while you ride your dildo drink his cum!

  • Reply youngho

    I think for now I’ll take them in the comments. I’m excited for what kind of request you will give I hope it’s fun!

  • Reply Daddy

    Can I see you have sex with your dog

  • Reply Anonymous

    You should sell your dirty panties/thongs, I’m sure tons of people would buy them ;D

  • Reply Kimfslut

    Outstanding sis. Brings me back to when I was that age.

    • Yo

      You got snap

    • youngho

      Thx for the support! I’m so into all this right now and I think I might get kinkier as I get older lol

    • Kimfslut

      You ghost i did and love it

    • youngho

      sorry im confused ghost?

    • Kimfslut

      Don,t don’t do snap. Kimfslut @ yahoo

    • youngho

      i tried emailing kimfslut at yahoo but that isnt a valid email address try emailing me mine is [email protected]

  • Reply Anonymous

    Yea! Or like requests about your current fetishes? You have somewhere to make requests or do you just want them in the comments?

    • youngho

      Leaving requests in the comments is fine

  • Reply Gayguy

    What was the forum ? I want to use it to search for unattended glory homes like that but in Los Angeles where i currently live. Please respond to me, I would really like to know so i can go to one. 🥺

    • youngho

      Due to privacy issues I can’t give you the forum. I live too close to there and I honestly want to keep everything anonymous for my safety. Also mine wasn’t near cali so me mentioning the forum wouldn’t really help. However I wish you luck on your journey to find dick ;).

  • Reply AP

    Great job youngho & a great narritive, too.
    Smart thinking with the condoms. Oh, and BTW, being sore afterwards is good. If you aren’t sore afterwards, you didn’t do it right. ( :
    On your next adventures you might think about using your camera on your phone to snap pics of the cocks that you really like, that way you have a photo log for later to cum to.
    When you make your next walk to the shack after you get your toys, make sure to slide that plug in before you leave the house. You will be so horny that you can’t hardly stand it by the time you get there and your ass will be ready for action.
    Also on the next order of toys think about getting a clit clip. It’s a simple metal clip that slides over each side of your clit holding it exposed and your lips open so that you are constantly being rubbed when you move. Trust me, you will really enjoy it.
    So were all of the cocks that you took cut or did you get to do some uncut ones too? Which did you like better?
    I can’t wait to hear about your next adventures.

    • youngho

      I won’t be taking pics since I could get in trouble if someone found it but I think I’ll bring a journal to tally up how many cumshots I get. The clit clip sounds good I’ll look into it more! And finally some there was a mix of both. Playing with the foreskin was kind of fun, I slipped my tongue under one of them and it tasted pretty good imo. But the cut was pretty good too. I can’t really say I have a favorite I loved both types of dick. I look forward to the cum the most after all.

  • Reply Anon

    I think I was there I know the place. But you should definitely be more careful. Who knows what could’ve happened.

    • youngho

      Oh cool I may have even sucked your dick then 😉

  • Reply youngho

    What do you mean requests? Do you want me to try a new fetish then write about it later? I’m down to try new fetishes. As long as I can safely do it I would be down. Just let me know what you think I should do.

  • Reply Hi

    Im not sure but damn you go girl

  • Reply Lurker

    Lucky guys. How many do you think you had sex with

    • youngho

      Well according to the forum atleast it was a pretty active gloryhole. So I would say I think there had to be atleast more than 7 or 9. As you could expect I kind of lost track of how many different cocks came through that hole.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Youngho seriously tho, I think what you’ve been doing in your stories is super sexy! Especially saving the cum filled condoms for later and knowing your pussy got used so much it’s really sore! You take requests?

  • Reply Annon

    When’s the pocket pussy coming?

    • youngho

      I used 1 day shipping so it should come in tomorrow

  • Reply youngho

    I will do it again just a matter of when. I did too much this time and my pussy still hurts quite a bit so maybe not immediately.

  • Reply Yummy

    I think this is so sexy! Love your fetish! Just wish I could be part of it haha! You’re a good girl! ;D

  • Reply Anonymous

    Omg I wish I could have been there and had you suck my cock! So jealous of everyone you sucked off! Are you gonna do it again?! So sexy! Love your stories!

    • m

      i want a big dick in my tight 13 year old hole

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      Hey what’s your snap

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    Made me so horny can I fuck ur pussy? I am 16

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