When I was 14 I lost my virginity and it wasn’t with a girl

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It all happened one Summer night and I was staying at my friend Billy’s house and I will never forget the night it was awesome

the story takes place when I was 14 years old we had a sleepover at my friend Billy’s house his father me and Billy watch the football game on TV he ordered pizza and wings his father was divorced and a funny guy he kind of likes me for some reason well that night I found out. me and Billy went to sleep around 9:30 or so instead get barely a hug and said good night and said good night to me as I walk by and he patted my butt and said good night with a big smile I just turned around and smiled back and said good night about 10:30 or 11:00 I was kind of woken up when something I felt between my legs I turned and it was Billy’s dad Ron he had his hand in my shorts and was groping my balls. he he put overover my mouth and said it’s okay Johnny I just didn’t know what to do then he started crossing my cock and of course my heart he he was he was put he was put in he was put in my he was put in my ear he was put in my ear he was put in my ear he was put in my ear he was put in my ear so he was put in my ear so you he was put in my ear so you like he was put in my ear so you like what he was put in my ear so you like what I’m he was put in my ear so you like what I’m he was put in my ear so you like what I’m doing he was put in my ear so you like what I’m doing he was put in my ear so you like what I’m doing to you Johnny as he took as he took his as he took his as he took his hand as he took his hand as he took his hand from as he took his hand from my mouth I I didn’t I didn’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know what to say I I just I just said I just said I just said I just said yeah I just said yeah I just said yeah kind I just said yeah kind I just said yeah kind of I just said yeah kind of feels good but but but isn’t but isn’t this wrong Ron Ron looked Ron looked at Ron looked at me Ron looked at me Ron looked at me and Ron looked at me and said Ron looked at me and said Ron looked at me and said Ron looked at me and said does it Ron looked at me and said does it feel wrong Ron looked at me and said does it feel wrong Ron looked at me and said does it feel wrong Johnny .he said comecome with mecome with mecome with mecome with me be quiet as as he as he as he took as he took my hand andand let me into his bedroom if you ever had sex Johnny no I haven’t run I’ve made out with girls and touched their boobies as a girl ever touched your penis no oh you’re going to like it I got in store for you I kind of thought what’s he got in store for me he hungs at my pants and told me to take him off took my underwear off in my shirt he then undressed man he must have had a 8-in cock it was huge I’ve only seen young boys cocks before in the shower at school he told me to lay on the bed I lay in the bed he laid beside me fondling my penis he took my hand and put it on his penis and said for a bit for me Johnny yes that’s it that’s a grandfolder that is hot scared didn’t know what to do if he was fondling my cock I got hard instantly then he came to me and started kissing me sticking his tongue in my mouth he said kiss me back Johnny I thought it was gross at the time kissing a man but I did what he said .and kissed him back my tumbling in his mouth his tongue back in my mouth him sucking on my tongue in my lips he was moaning all you feel good you kiss really good Johnny started sucking on my neck both nipples and then down to my penisoh my Lord what a feeling that was it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before I mean I do jerk off I have sniffed my sister’s panties but I never had the feeling of this my first b****** and it was going to be by my best friend’s father he continued sucking on my cock and said do you like it Johnny I said yes Ron feels really good don’t be afraid to come in my mouth I would like to eat your cum I thought man that’s gross but when I was at the point of no return I didn’t care I wanted him to eat my cum I told him Ron I’m going to come if you keep sucking me off he grabbed my balls and give them a squeeze as they ejaculated seven or eight long thick ropes of semen down his throat oh my God I’m going to come run please don’t stop please don’t stop Ron I’m going to shoot my load of baby oh God it felt intense the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life as he squeeze the sperm out of my balls I kept coming and coming
and coming with my cock in the Ron’s mouth and throat is deep as my 6-in penis could go then he started to bother his head up and down real fast it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt in my life I was coming again two times right in a row I came again this time my orgasm was more intense and it kind of tickled my whole body and he kept bobbing and eating what I was shooting in his mouth when I was done I was sweating and breathing real hard he crept up back to my lips and started kissing me I could taste my own sperm and I didn’t want to kiss anymore with my c** in his mouth but he forced me to spit into my mouth and told me to swallow it and I did but he told me have you ever given a b****** to any of your friends Johnny no have you ever slept off my son you know we’ve talked about doing things but we never have well I thank you a lot too yes Johnny said I’m kind of curious of what a boy Scott would taste like I thought about it but just never proceeded with it well if you want you can suck on mine Johnny and at the time I really did not want to suck off his father’s cock would you like to try it as he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and said jerk me off for a little bit you know how to jerk off cock right Johnny as I did he rolled me over on top of him and started grabbing my ass and dry humping his cock to mine and then he pushed my shoulders down I knew this was going to be my first sucking cock experience. As a grab this shaft of his penis and looked at his big purple head literous stuff leaking out of it what they call precum I wiped it off and he said it don’t taste that bad Johnny I looked it around and said I will suck on your penis but I don’t want you to cum in my mouth just let me know when you’re going to cum and I will jerk it out of you. He said okay Johnny I won’t come in your mouth you don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to I started sucking on Ron’s head and he grabbed my head with his hands and Bob his 8-in cock halfway down my throat I kind of meant it was turning me on that he was so turned on breathing hard moaning and whispering my name suck it Johnny suck big Daddy’s cockafter about 4 or 5 minutes I could taste the semen in my mouth that was leaking from his penis and then his balls tightened and he was dropping real hard he grabbed my head and held it there and said Johnny you’re going to eat my cum I ate yours you will eat mine and started thrusting I could not do nothing to when he ejaculated in my mouth and down my throat I swallowed as hard as I could to keep up with his semen yes Johnny eat it feels so good Johnny so I’m coming Johnny my balls are going to pop almost gagging a couple times but I ended up swallowing it all.after I was done he grabbed me and brought me back up and started kissing me again telling me how much he loved the way I sucked his cock he told me to roll over on my stomach I did wondering what he was going to do next I did not want anal I told Ron there’s absolutely no way I want anal won’t give you anal so he kind of let my ass cheeks relaxed as he spread them apart and started licking and tongueing my ass hole I thought man he is gross but after a while it felt amazing having a man licking your butthole hopefully your butt tastes beautiful as you dirted his tongue in and out my ass hole my dick started getting hurt again as he grabbed it with his other hand and said oh you’re getting hard again hey Johnny would you like to fuck my ass. I told them you know I don’t think so well you never fucked somebody before why don’t you fuck me in the ass I won’t mind and you can come in me too. Thinking about it and then he was teasing my cock and balls I was getting horny again I told him okay I guess I would like to try it so he got on his hands and knees I got behind him he told me to spit on his butt and I did and I slipped my cock all the way in his ass get somebody that felt really good and tight I slowly began to pick up my face in and out of his ass and he said yes Johnny do it and do it come in my ass Johnny I picked up the rhythm I felt my balls getting tight and I told him I was going to come oh it feels so good I’m going to come and I shot a load of my semen deep in his ass it felt so good shooting load after loading to his ass then I collapsed on his bed with my cock popping out of his butt he hugged me rubbing my body and kissing me all over the place that was my first sexual experience and man it was great I am not gay or by these days but I still will never forget that night with Billy’s father Ronnie I never talked about it to anybody before so I seen this site and I figured why not tell my story and get it off my head

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    Finish telling us your story of how he fucked your asshole

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    So you lil fuck stutter in text or what??

    • Johnny Ray

      Yep didn’t realize until I read the story so sorry about that Lily I’ll be more careful next time and read before I submit