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What I was Afraid Of (Preview)

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My friend Allen asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with his girlfriend. [Text] #Curious

“This weekend.” He nodded, “There’s a lot more time for that sort of thing. Say, Saturday?”

“I don’t know. Nothing gay?”

“Of course not,” he laughed, but then he looked serious. “Of course, if she’s going to take both of us, I’ll have to fuck her ass.” Which ment I could get her pussy.

So, I said “Okay, sure.” I tried to play it off, but I was already getting a bone. So I said “See you later,” and he said “Call me tomorrow,” back.

I dropped him off, but I didn’t drive far, before I found a place to pull over. Whip it out, and think about Suzan. Everyone else said she was a slut, but Allen said she was a virgin, and I kinda wanted to believe everyone else. She sure dressed slutty, with tight tops, and short skirts. Even though it was getting cold, so her nipples showed when she wasn’t wearing a bra, and he said she wanted to do both of us.

Double dicking, one up the ass, so she does anal, and it was pretty easy to imagine her bending over. Flipping her skirt up, and pulling down her panties, to spread her cheeks, and pound away at that nice round tight ass. I blew my wad, and looked around. Out of breath, I got lucky that nobody stopped, and walked up on me. Beating off on the side of the road, but then I had to find something to wipe up all the dick puke.

There was a lot of it, and it seemed to go everywhere, but I didn’t want to take it back with evidence on the steering wheel. I could just imagine mom, or dad touching it. Turning it far enough that the cummy spot was right under their hand, and them having no idea it was sticky with jizz.

It was Friday, so when I got home, I grabbed the cleaning caddy under the sink, and took it out to wash the car. My dad came out right away, and asked “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I just had a little accident.”

I sprayed off the bottom of the steering wheel, and he asked “What kind of accident?”

I was 17, and horny, so just remembering what I’d done gave me a bone again. So, I told him “I gave this girl a ride home from school, and she was so grateful, she gave me a handjob. Okay? I just got a little on the steering wheel, so I thought I’d clean it up.”

“All right, okay.” He put his hands up. “You’re not in any trouble, and I appreciate you cleaning up after yourself, but who’s this girl? Is it serious?”

“Not yet, but she’s got a boyfriend. So, I don’t know if it was just a one time thing, or maybe she’s thinking about leaving him for me?” After all, she told Allen that she wanted a threesome with me, “He’s not the kind of guy that wants to watch?”

I hoped, maybe he’d look away, or pay more attention to her. Yeah, she’s an attention whore, so she probably wants all eyes on her anyway.

“Well, let me tell you a little secret.” He patted me on the back, and gave me a little push. Looking around, he pushed me in to the driver seat, and closed the door. So, I got the keys out while he went around, but he said. “Turn it off,” and closed the door, so I cut the motor. “Look son. I have to warn you that the kind of woman that will cheat on her boyfriend will cheat on you, when you go out.”

“All right, as long as she puts out, I don’t mind.” She doesn’t have to leave Allen for me, just as long as I get some.

“Well, there’s other things you have to worry about. Is she on birth control?”

“I don’t know, probably. Yeah.”

“There’s also a question of diseases, like AIDS. I know that’s not as epidemic as it used to be.”

“Well, now it’s HPV, but yeah.”

“You know that sleeping with her is like sleeping with everyone she’s been with, so why don’t we take a little trip to the drug store?” As far as I know, that was just Allen, but point taken.

“Okay,” I backed out, and drove over there, so he could go in, and buy me a box of condoms.

“Be careful, why don’t you pull up over here?”

“Okay?” It was getting dark, but the park had lights over the parking lot, so he reached up, and turned off the dome light. “Turn off the lights.” He whipped it out, right there, and I said “Dad, what are you doing?”

“There’s instructions on the box, but they’re only 98% effective if you use them correctly.” He pulled it, so it flopped around, and slowly started to get chubby. “You have to get hard, of course, but hold on.” He reached out, left handed, and just squeezed it, but then he turned the keys back so he could roll down the window.

“Hey, you looking for a good time?” A woman walked up, and leaned over the window.

“Huh, yeah. Just show us your tits.”

She looked around, “Let me in your back seat.” I hit the door locks, and she got in behind us. In the middle, I couldn’t believe that there was a whore, in the back seat, and my dad was pulling out his wallet. “How much just to show your tits?”

“Five bucks, each?” She sounded unsure, but she leaned over to reach up behind her. Under her shirt, she unhooked her bra, and I tilted down the rearview mirror. So, I could see right down the neck of her top, her breasts pressed together like a butt, then they broke free, and hung wide open. Leaving a deep dark shadow in between, but then she leaned back, and pulled it up.

“Here you go.” Dad turned around sideways, so his knee bumped mine, and handed her a $10. “Now,” he held up 3 rubbers, and tore one off. “Take one, and whip it out.”

I nodded, and did as he said. Watched him roll it on carefully, then pinch the little nipple on top. “You have to leave a little room for your wad.”

“We done?” The hooker held her shirt back up.

“Yeah, you can go on ahead and get out.”

“Help me with my bra.” She leaned over, holding up the cups, while dad reach back, and hooked it for her. So, she could pull on her top, and get out, but I just tucked it in my pants, and zipped up. “All right, lets go home.”

The last thing I wanted was to beat off, right in front of him, but as soon as I got home. I slipped out of the rubber, and hunched over. “Huh!” I couldn’t help it, it slipped off, and rubbed my sensitive tip, so my abdominals clenched up, and bent me over. I could just imagine pulling out, like a porn star, and that must be how it felt, but of course the next thing is the last thing. “Huh, huh huh! You want it on the tits, or your face? HhuhHh!”

Of course she’d want it on her tits, and her face. So it drips off, and she can hold them up, squished together to catch the cum drips falling off her chin. “Ah fuck! Huh, huh!” I turned my head, so I could breathe. Bent over my bed sideways, from pulling the rubber off, I just realized how that might look.

If somebody walked in on me, and caught me with my pants down. Bent over, with a fresh load of spooge all over the bed, my ass clenched up, but I caught my breath enough to climb on, and roll over. Take off my shoes, and pants, then pass out as soon as I pulled the covers over me.

I barely woke up, in the middle of the night. Dreaming about that woman, topless in the car. Only this time, instead of my dad next to me, she was riding shotgun, and reached over to get it out. Right there on the highway, so I had to pull over.

I was hard again, of course. So, I just closed my eyes, and imagined her hand stroking me. Her tits bouncing when her arm hit one. Which made it swing over, and hit the other, and they started this pendulum action. Just like mom’s, when I walked in on her jerking dad off in the kitchen.

I was young, too young to even hear about what moms and dads do to get pregnant, and have kids, but they’re married. I don’t guess showing me how to put a rubber on, and paying a whore 10 bucks to show us her tits was really cheating, but then I realized he told me where to go. He rolled down the window as soon as she came out under the lights, and she asked him if he wanted a good time, but it all happened so fast.

I didn’t get a chance to think about it, until after I shot another wad. This time, it went up my body, and got all over my shirt. So, I took that off, and wiped it up, and then I pulled the covers back over me. Trying to dream about that chick, banging guys in their cars for money, but for some reason, all I could remember was my dad.

Hard, sticking out of his pants, with a rubber on, and the tip pinched to catch his load. Opening the door, so she could get down on her knees. Next to the car, and pop it in her mouth to suck it.

“Huh?” I woke up, with morning wood, of course. “Snh?” I could smell stale jizz in the room, because I just blew a wad next to the bed, and then another one all over my shirt. Also next to the bed, so I just pulled the covers back, and looked down. Rubbed it through my underwear so the head unstuck from the cum spot that must’ve gotten caught in there last night.

Closing my eyes, so I could imagine her nails. Long fingernails, painted pink, like no guy would ever do. So, it was a girl’s hand, pulling down the waistband, and sticking her thumb under it. To grip it, and stroke it. Slowly at first, but then picking up the pace, and her arm hitting her boob, her other hand feeling down to pull up my nuts, and cup them. Squeeze them, and rub my taint until it twitched, and the first spurt bulged up under my fingertips.

“Huh!” It shot up my bare tummy, but it was too late. Thank god the pressure went down, so it didn’t shoot all the way up my neck. Again, that only happened once, and after that I was careful. To stick it in a sock, or at least grab a tissue. A cum rag to catch it, or at least pull the covers over it, but this time I forgot.

Luckily, it just shot up to about my ribs, but then the last of it just dribbled out on my pubes. I let go, so it could shrivel up, still leaking, but now it was clear, and runny. Like the first little drop that came out to tell me I was about to start ejaculating. More like premen then semen, but it was still one of the best orgasms of my whole life, and I realized, that was a personal record.

“Huh!” I sat up, and grabbed my cummy sheet. Wiped it off my body, since it was already jizzed up from the middle of the night. So, I didn’t imagine that, and then I stepped on the cold flat rubber when I got up. At least the cum dried up on the side of the bed, but before that.

3 was my personal record for 1 night. I’d woken up before, and beat off to wet dreams, but if you count that afternoon in the car. Before dad took me out to buy rubbers, and showed me where he picked up whores. I hadn’t imagined that either, and all a sudden I felt disappointed in him.

I guess it was kind of childish, and innocent to think that he’d always been faithful, and true to mom. That’s fairytale shit, but he’s a grown man, and he still has needs. Sometimes she has a headache, or she’s not in the mood. They fight, not all the time, and I’m not even worried about them getting a divorce, but then, I realized.

Allen, he’s willing to let me bang his girlfriend, with him. Just so she can have her dream of a threesome cum true, and if she’d never done that before, than I guess all the stories I heard about her were made up. Guys talk, but they also exaggerate, or even outright lie. First, she blew him at a party, but then the next time you hear it, she blew every guy at the whole party, and swallowed gallons of cum.

My balls were so drained from jacking off, that I didn’t even get a chubby. Washing myself off in the shower, and remembering the hottest story I’d heard so far. It used to be all I needed to think about, “Loose Suzy,” sucking all the boys at the 4th of July party, one bye one. Of course that was bullshit, what about all the other girls?

It wasn’t just her, and every guy at school, they must have had girls there too, and if they got busy like that, you’d think that the girlfriends would have at least taken their boyfriends off to screw. Or maybe it would have turned into one big orgy, with girls eating each other out, with the boys gathering around to beat off, watching.

“Huh, nothing.” It’s weird, being so satisfied, and also having my head so full of sex, I can’t even get it up again, but then again. I don’t really want to, whacking off would be more like a chore, than it’s ever been, but now I can think more clearly. Without the blood rushing out of my head, so I rinsed the shampoo off, and got out. Dried off, and hoped that I wouldn’t have any trouble getting it up tonight.

Now it was Saturday, so I had maybe 10 hours for my balls to make more cum. Why did I jerk off 4 times, in like 12 hours? What if I can’t, she wouldn’t laugh at me, would she? What would Allen think? Maybe I can say that I can’t do that with him watching, she’ll be satisfied with him pounding her ass, then I can take a turn when he steps out to smoke after sex.

Does he smoke after sex? Does she even smoke, at all? I bet she does, being 18 and all, she can even buy cigarettes, if she wants to. That’s all I could think about, and worry about my performance. Stripping off my bed, and wiping up what I could, then coming back from the washer with a wet towel to mop up the dried cum stains. I flushed the rubber down the toilet, but that just left 1 from the 3 pack.

Dad used one to show me how to put it on, I put on 1, and took it off to masturbate. Right there, bent over the bed like a gay bottom, begging to get fucked. That’s how it works in the stories, isn’t it? A guy walks in on his sister. Bent over, and humping her fingers. I guess it’s not too bad, that my little sister is too young to get horny, or dress slutty.

So, I have to worry about other guys, taking advantage of her. Not me, I would never get so horny that I couldn’t control myself, but I had internet at school. I’d been to the library, and Allen was the one that showed me which sites aren’t on the filter. You can’t watch video, or even look at pictures, because the computers are up against the wall. Where the librarian can just look up from her desk, and see us looking at porn, but from that far away. Text is just text, we could be doing research for English, or History. Like we’re supposed to, instead of Sex Ed, but I don’t have to tell you how many of them are about Incest.

How do you think I found this site? Just look around the recent stories, and see how many say Father, Daughter, Sister, Uncle or Cousin, but that’s just easy mode. For writers, it save them a lot of trouble writing about how they met. So they can get on with the action write away. It always starts with her Bra size, and then he walks in on her in her underwear.

She gets turned on as soon as she sees his dick. Already hard, instead of freaking out, and yelling like a normal girl would do. If her brother walked in on her naked, with a boner, or her uncle started touching her, and tried to talk her into taking her clothes off. Or whatever, I tried that.

Well, some of that, not on my sister, but any girl I got the guts to talk to, but I always messed up. Said or did the wrong thing, so she got turned off, and called me names. Like “Sicko psycho pervert.”

I’m not a psycho, I’m a teenager, so of course I get boners all the time. It seems like, maybe that’s just confirmation bias, and I’m only remembering the times I got caught with one. Called a sick pervert, when it’s only natural for a boy my age, sometimes I don’t even need anything like a topless hooker in the back seat to get it up.


“Yeah mom.” Thank got I got the mess cleaned up, before she came up to my room.

“Your friend, Allen.” She held the phone up to her ear. “Here he is.” She handed it to me, so I closed the door, and took it back to the corner.

‘yeah?’ with my voice down, as far away from the hall as I could get.

“We still on for tonight?”

‘yeah, I guess. you know the big sports park, just inside the loop?’ I thought back to the trip last night.


“Between 1st, and 3rd avenue.’ I raised my voice, “NW?” I guess, 2nd stops right there, but it starts up again on the other side of the highway. So, there’s no overpass, but you can see the lights on Friday Night, driving around the loop. “Huh!” There was a game on, last night. Of course, because it was football season.

“Yeah, Optimist Park?”

“Is that what it’s called?” I didn’t notice any signs, going in the back, turning off of 3rd Avenue when dad pointed and told me to pull in there.

“The one where they had the City Olympics.”

“Yeah, only the back parking lot. Over by the baseball diamond, and the tennis courts.”

“Yeah, the dogging park.”

“Is that what they call it?”

“Well, we don’t have a dog park, but they mostly do it over at the lakeside trails.”

“You mean hookers?”

“No, most of those have an alley behind the gas station downtown.”

“How do you know all this stuff?”

“How can you not know about it?”

“Because I never went out looking for hookers before.”

“Before when? Last night?”

“Well, I wasn’t looking for hookers, but I just happened to be over there. A friend of mine wanted a ride, to watch the game, and the main parking lot was so backed up, we couldn’t get in. So, I drove around to the back side, and dropped him off. But then this hooker came out.”

“Out of the dugout?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t tell, but I didn’t have any money. I already filled up with the gas money, but she flashed her tits. So, I wound up beating off, before I came back home.”

“Huh, well like I said. The real hookers mostly use the alley behind the Citco downtown. Over by the payphones, if you ever want to hit them up.”

“No, that’s all right, but that’s why it’s called the dogging park?”

“Yeah, I guess. That’s where you go to have sex, or watch other people have sex. Stay away from the home team dugout, unless you want gay sex. That’s where the homos wait to hook up for sex.”

“Oh, okay, but the away team dugout?”

“Yeah, that’s where girls wait to hook up.”

“So, it’s like a boy’s room, or a girl’s room?”

“Kinda, only it’s the gay waiting room, or the straight guys, and lesbians use the away team dugout. They don’t usually fuck right there, but sometimes you get lucky, and you can watch 2 girls go at it. Just stay out if that happens, unless they invite you in. They might be lesbians, so they don’t mind if you jack off, but keep it behind the wall, where they can’t see it.”

“Wow, man. I had no idea.”

He laughed, “You’re such a virgin, but that’s okay. We’ll take care of that tonight.”

“Yeah, why don’t I pick you up there? Maybe not the dugout, but over at the dogging park?”

“We better wait for you under the bleachers, then.”


“Because nobody else hangs out under there, and we can avoid anybody else. Over at the baseball field.”

“Yeah, all right. I got a condom.” I felt my face heat up, but ashamed, not turned on. “From my dad. He thinks I’m going out with a girl. Well, actually I told him I was cucking her boyfriend, I hope you don’t mind.”

He laughed, “If you don’t mind me watching.”

“I don’t know, if I can get it up, and keep it up, with you watching. Doesn’t it feel kind of gay?”

“Huh,” I think he sighed? “I don’t know, not really. To me, it’s more about satisfying Suzan.”

“Really? You don’t have any trouble satisfying her, do you?”

“Not really, but she likes to do it in public. She’s an exhibitionist, so it turns her on to think we might get caught, or somebody might be watching us. You know?”

“Yeah, now it all makes a lot more sense.”

“What does?”

“You know, how all the guys say she’s loose.”

“Yeahbut, they just started calling her that. “Loose Suzy” to make fun of her name in middle school.”

“Oh, so she was still a virgin, the first time you guys did it?”

“Yeah, but she’s still a virgin. Sortof.”


“Yeah, she’s saving her cherry. Just in case she gets married, and her fiancee wants her to be pure.”

“Huh, so she’s Christian?”

“No, but she might marry a Christian, so he’s a virgin.”

“She likes virgins, too?”

“Yeah, especially Christians, so she can make them sin.”


“Are you, beating off?”

“No, I’m.” Not even hard. “I better save it for tonight.”

“Huh, well.” He’s breathing funny. “You don’t mind. If I, uh. Take the edge off?”

“I’m going to let you go.” I hung up. Then, when I took the cordless out to hang it up on the charger, my dad came in the kitchen.

“Hey, son.” He patted me on the back. “You mind if we have a little talk?”

“About what?”

“Well, I couldn’t help overhearing you, and your friend. Allen?”

I tried to keep my voice down, but then I forgot. My face got red again, so I shook the idea of him whacking off out of my head. “Come on.” He took me out to the garage, and sat down on the tool box. So, I pulled out the stool from under the workbench, and sat down.

“Look,” he told me, “I went to college.” I nodded, because I knew that. “Where I found out that if I’m drunk enough, I don’t care.”

“About what?”

He held his hands together, and wrung them like a wet towel.

“If it’s a guy, or a girl. I had my threesomes.” He shrugged, “And I just have to say that it’s all right. You don’t have to worry about me, being disappointed in you. As long as you stay safe.”

“I’m not gay, dad.”

“Of course not, but you know there’s a third option.”

“I’m not bi, either.” I shook my head. “Look, I don’t know what you heard through the door.”

“I was listening on the phone, in the living room.” He shook his head. “Look, I picked up before your mom, in the kitchen, and I’m just worried about you. That’s all, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy.”

“Well, I guess since the cat’s out of the bag. I’m not going to have sex, with Allen. He offered to let me cuck him.”

“Cuck, as in cuckhold?”

“Yeah, as in letting me bang his girlfriend, Suzan.”

“While he watches?” I guess he figured out that I was lying when I said he’s not the kind of guy that likes to watch.

“Yeah, but I don’t know if I can. You know, perform with him watching.” I squirmed, “Maybe he’ll just pick up sloppy seconds, I don’t know. There’s not really enough room in the back seat for a threesome.”

“You’d be surprised.” He grinned.

“You?” I shook my head. “Wait, does mom know about, any of this?”

“Of course. Where do you think I heard about the dogging park?”

I was just getting used to the idea of him, knowing where to get a prostitute. “Mom?”

“Well, her, and her friends. You know how they talk.”

“Not really,” I don’t listen in on the phone while she’s gossiping with the other housewives.

“Well, your mom, and I decided not to fool around. A while ago, we talked about it, and it’s not really cheating if we get to watch.”

“So, that’s pretty normal?”

“People watching each other fuck?” I was almost shocked, to hear my dad drop the F bomb so casually. Without whacking his shin on something, or cutting his thumb in the kitchen. Then, I realized, that’s exactly what we’re talking about.

He laughed, and I laughed nervously, but it broke the tension. “Ha, to be honest, I was a little worried about you. You know, being a little behind the other boys, your age.”

“What do you mean? Physically?”

“Sexually, you don’t even look at porn?”

“Of course I do.” or at least read dirty stories on the internet, at the library.

“Well, you must’ve been careful putting them back in my stash. So they’re always in the exact same order as I left them in.”

“Well, I never went through your stuff. Honestly, I was a little afraid of what I might find out.”

“Well, you’re almost an adult, and I don’t want you drunk driving.”

“Well, I don’t drink.”

“Good, because you’re driving tonight, but if you get the chance to. When you don’t have to drive home, you might try it.”


“Drinking, to loosen up. I found that it lowers my inhibitions, so I’m willing to push my limits, but not too far.”

“In college?”

“Well, that’s when I found that out, but you know. That was decades ago, or at least more than a decade.”

“Oh, so you are.”

“Bisexual? No, I’m straight, but not narrow. Especially with a couple drinks in me.” He winked, “Your mom’s the bisexual one.”

“Oh.” I shook my head, but that wasn’t enough to get the image of her. Head buried between another woman’s legs out of my head.

“Well, you’ve got a lot to think about,” he got up, and went in. Leaving me out in the garage, to try to process all this, but honestly. I was in denial, I can see that now. I didn’t even want to think about mom, and dad having sex with each other, let alone another woman. While dad watched, but come on.

Honestly, it’s not really that kinky, is it? What guy doesn’t want to watch his wife, or girlfriend with another woman, or girl. As the case may be, but there’s not even a word for that, like Cuck. That just makes me wonder what kind of guy wants to watch his friend lose his virginity to his girlfriend, which brought me back to Allen.

Suzan, and their offer, but I guess it makes sense. She likes virgins, and she is one, if you believe that. I don’t have any reason not to trust him, but he did mention sodomy. I guess that’s the dirty way to fuck your girlfriend, without breaking her cherry. So, she can marry a Christian virgin, and lie to him.

I guess, but what kind of marriage would that be? Based on a lie, claiming to be a virgin, after performing sodomy. With not only her ex boyfriend, but also a threesome. At optimist park, underneath the bleachers, if I can go through with it.

I finally got started writing, to kill time that day. Maybe see if I could get it up, then I just left it alone, but enjoyed the hardness, and staying turned on all day. It was reassuring, knowing that it was just worn out from jacking off, 4 times in one day. Dad said that Alcohol helped him push his limits, but I found my first one.

4 times, in one night. That’s all it took to drain my balls, and leave me floppy all morning. Satisfied, but by the time it started getting dark. I was back to a permanent boner.

Also, I found that it helped to pretend to be someone else. A fly on the wall, listening in until I had enough experience to write what it felt like. To have sex, instead of just jacking off, thinking about it. So, I guess I started with Exhibition, and Voyeurism.


[Wayne (mf…b)

We had a cordless phone, in the kitchen. So, it didn’t take long to figure out how to listen in on my big brother, and his girlfriend.

“You’re so whipped, bitch.” She said.

“Yeah, pussy whipped. You getting wet yet?”

“Not yet, keep talking.” I held one hand over the phone, and the other over my mouth. In case I started giggling, but I was young. Too young to listen in to teenagers talking dirty, but then he said.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Up the ass?”

“Ugh! Not yet.”


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready for that.”

“Well, never say never.”

“Huh, I’ve got a stinky pinky.” He sounded weird. Not just breathing funny, but he started, and stopped. Talking, like Captain Kirk.

“How deep?”

“Uh, just the tip.”

“You can stick it in deeper.”

“Not really, it’s too tight.”

“Then wiggle it.”

“Ngh, ihn!” I almost giggled, then I sniffed loud enough for them to hear me. Over the phone, my heart beat out of control, but they didn’t aske what was that? or who, they just kept on talking.

“Huh, now I’m wet.”

“Yeah. Hot, and wet, is it dripping?”

“Not yet, keep talking.”

“How many fingers?”

“Just one, but my thumb. It’s starting to loosen up around back.” I had no idea what they were talking about. What was getting wet, or where he was sticking his pinky, or her thumb. Even the phrase “Stinky pinky,” didn’t clue me in. She even threatened to fuck him in the ass, but he said no. Not yet, and I didn’t even get hard, listening to them.

Not yet, my hairless little dinky stayed as limp as a noodle. So when my mom caught me on the phone, she asked me “Who’re you calling?”

I hung up, and said “Nobody?” But then, my brother flushed the toilet, and came out. Walking a little funny, and he fidgeted at the dinner table. I didn’t know why until a little later, but I knew that when he took the cordless phone, in the bathroom, it was to talk dirty to his girlfriend.

Then, he started Driver’s Ed, and borrowing the car to go out. A hatch-back, I knew that he was going to see her, because she always called him first. “Who wants to get laid?”

“I do!” He’d go to ask dad for the keys, which gave me a chance to sneak out to the garage. Climb in back, way back behind the seats where the groceries go, when mom took it shopping. It had a little tent, or at least that’s what I called it. It rolled up behind the seat, so you could pull it out, and hook the ends on the side.

That covered me up, so when my brother came out, he couldn’t see me hiding back there. He never checked, he just drove out to pick her up. They talked dirty in the front seat, the whole way out to the clearing. It was really just a turnaround, or a dirt road. 2 trails you could ride your bikes down, side bye side with a friend, until you started driving.

It stopped when it got to the creek. There used to be a bridge over it, you could tell, but then it washed out. So, you had to turn around, but there was lots of room, and the trees were cleared out around a big stump. In the middle, you could set it up as a picnic table, or take a date out there, to fuck on the stump.

That first night, she said “It’s cold, so why don’t we get in the back seat?” She had to put the seat back up, to climb over, since it was 2 door hatchback. Then, she told him to “lay down” and sat on his face.

I finally got brave enough to unhook the tent, and peek out. Careful not to let go, so it rolled back with a thump, but bye then. She had her clothes off, and I got to see her bare boobs shaking. In her hands, like a hand bra, but the whole car rocked back and forth from her humping his head so hard.

“Don’t touch it, bitch. Just lick it, lick my ass too. If you want it, you have to kiss it, yeah. Stick your tongue in there, as deep as it’ll go, to get it good and wet.” Then, she got up, and turned around, but I held the tent up where it’s supposed to go. Hoping she didn’t see my fingers sticking out the top, until the car started rocking again.

“Huh uh!” She grunted. “Yeah, you like it, huh? You like my tight ass?”

“Huh yeah. It’s nice and tight, can I touch your titties?”

“Huh!” She let go, and held his hands up. “Yeah, rub my nipples.” With his thumbs, “Just like that.”

“Just the way you like it.”

“Huh, yeah. Your dick feels so good.”

“Up your tight ass.”

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass huh. Fuck my ass! Fuck, huh!”

“Uhn, ahhhh.” He moaned, in satisfaction. “Oh, god. I’m sorry.”

“Ihn!” Her eyes unwrinkled, then she blinked, and shook her head. “Huh?” She covered herself, and looked right at me. Too late, I held it up. “You naughty little pervert!”

“What?” My brother sat up, and yanked the tent back. Before I could hook it up, “The fuck? You little stowaway.”

“I’m sorry, but I just wanted to find out what you’re always talking about.”

“I knew it.” Kelly held her top up, and picked up her bra. “I told you he was listening in on the phone.”

“Well, obviously. My dad wouldn’t call mom “Mom.” When she caught him listening to us having phone sex.”

“That’s phone sex?”

“I’m going to spank your lying little ass red when I get dressed.” She already pulled her top on over her head.

“No you’re not, leave him alone.”

“Or what?”

“Or, we’re through. Leave him out of this, he’s too young.”

“You’d really break up with me, over this?”

“Yeah, you can spank me and call me bitch all you want, but not him. He’s too young, leave him alone.”

“Huh, okay, but I’m going to take it out on your ass, the next chance I get.” She turned around, and opened up the door to get out. He climbed out after her, and they kept fighting, but she didn’t keep her promise. Not yet, but I got to see her bend him over the stump, and spank him after that. Finger bang him, and even started toying with him, when he turned 18. So, he was old enough to go to the adult book store, and buy sex toys. A vibrator, a buttplug, and finally she got a strapon, when she turned 18 too.

But that’s a whole nother story…]


^I can go on, but this is running a little long. Sorry for teasing you, but consider it a preview of what’s to cum…

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