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The Janus Club

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Victorian women knew their place in life, to be there to for their husbands, few ever expected to have to give themselves to THE CLUB .

Victorian England in the 1880;s was a man’s world, where a wife ” knew her place”, especially in the Gentlemens Clubs around the Mayfair and Knightsbridge areas of the city. No woman ever entered the hallowed domains of these clubs, with the exception of the fairly inconspicuous Janus Club situated in a row of the 4 older four story houses in Randolph Mews.
The Janus Club welcomed women on the last Saturday night of each month , members Wives, Mothers , Daughters, in fact any female FAMILY member over the age of 15 was welcome ,as long as they were there to pay the outstanding gambling debts the member was unable to cover. Money was not accepted by the Club’s Treasurer after 12pm on the 21st day of the month, allowing the debtor a week or so to organise who he would be dining with the following weekend .
The Janus Club was run by a consortium of six very successful London based business men, who apart from there love of gamble, eating and drinking fine foods and wines , had one love ,and that was to watch women being humiliated and punished, something that with the bad gamblers they invited to join the Janus Club from the other Gentlemen’s Clubs they had in Spades.
Members were easily recruited, they owed money to the clubs they belonged to and were unable to pay, so when offered the chance of the Janus Club’s Board of Directors paying their debt, and then offering them free membership of a certain local Private Gentlemen’s Club , where they could gamble till there hearts were content, few refused the offer.
Lord Ashford and Lord Medway stood looking over the second floor balcony of Number 1 Randolph Mews at the packed dining room on the first floor. ” House full ” said Medway laughing , “And who is that pretty little thing at the table by the stairs “. ” She’s with James Wright so I am guessing his wife, she doesn’t seem to be eating much does she, I guess Wrights told her how much he lost this month “, and he laughed.
” No No” said a voice , as a man came and stood behind them , it was Paul McDouglas the club Manager. “Good evening gentlemen “, excuse me but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, that Gentlemen is indeed Annie Wright the 24 year old wife of James , I had him in my office the other evening explaining to me how he could not tell his wife she had to come with him tonight, I took the situation into my own hands and sent the Grey Brothers around to see Mr and Mrs Wright on Tuesday evening, it seems the dear woman between bouts of tears actually peed herself when they told her that if she was not here this evening to entertain our Members , then we would evict them from there house next week , as we have the deeds to their premises signed over to the club by James , and her husband would be arrested and thrown into debtors prison , so I guess the Grey Brothers were worth every one of the 2 pounds we paid them for the visit .” he said smiling at the two part owners of the club.
Both the men gawfed, ” Well done Mc Douglas, I am thinking of bidding on her myself ” he said staring at the women, ” I hope you have some horrific things planned for these whores tonight”? McDouglas laughed softly, ” Oh we do Sir he said,the carpenters, and laborers have been working hard all week, we have House number 5 ready and bye the way have you sen who has just entered the room” ?
Both of the men looked over the balcony towards the main entrance door, “Oh my God “said Lord Ashford, ” Well ,well ,well ,our dear friend Margie Stanford, back for more, I actually am beginning to think she likes visiting us, how much did that idiot son of hers loose this month”.he asked the Manager.
” I can’t give you the exact figure off the top of my head head Sir” he said apologetically , ” but is in the realm of 270 pounds. ” “Ouch “said Ashford “what was it last time she was here”, “I believe 140 something pounds” , ” And who bought her “asked Lord Medway ” The Earl of Crawford ” he said laughing out loud, both the other men chuckled, “Oh yes said Medway, turned out he was quiet an expert with the Driving Whip, my God did that woman scream when those 70 inches of leather kissed her ass”. and they all stood there laughing.
” Ok thank you Paul “said Lord Ashford, “were going for a drink, what time is the auction going to start and out of interest how many “guests” do we have in it tonight”. “.Nine Thirty Sir” said McDouglas, ” in about two hours, and we have six guests, four first timers, a second timer and of course Margie”, and the three men all stood looking at Margie and laughing as she sat with her son ordering dinner.

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    You can still do this. You just need to show women where their place is. Start with a girl with no selfesteem and keep telling her only you can love her. She‘ll do everything you order her to. Otherwise force her. In the end all women Are just fuckholes

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    I would have been happy living it that time and going to that club