The couple times I had sex with a horse and was way better than I saw

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First time having sex with a horse when I was 17 and then 20 years later it happened again at another planet both great experiences that I’ll never fo

When I was around 17 me and my sister went to a friend’s house he had a small horse farm that his mom and dad built he had two other brothers they all loved riding horses they had quite a few trails on a 20-acre farm we went over to our buddy’s house and we’re going to go riding my little sister came with us so there was me my two sisters and my buddy no one else was home he only had three horses and a pony the three horses were riding horses settle them all up and said well who’s going to go first and I told him to let my two sisters go so they all climb down the horses and he took them for a ride and said he’d be back around a half an hour or so and then I could go I agreed they took off it was pretty hot out so I went back into the barn and there’s two cows and a pony I was over pet in the pony and I happened to walk by and looked as the pony was waiting its tail I seen the ponies pussy it was a black pony but I could see in the middle of the vagina it was pink I couldn’t help but stare at it I walked up to the pony behind her and took the tail and pushed it aside and hoping up the vagina of the pony wow I was blown away I only seen one real vagina on a girl before my girlfriend when I had sex when I ate her out I was looking at her vagina and it was so beautiful I seen a lot of women’s vaginas and magazines the may always turn me on but this turned me on in a different way it was bigger than a woman’s vagina so I stuck my fingers inside it was nice wet and warm and felt rather large as I did this the horse is vagina contracted every time I stuck my fingers in the horse’s vagina would contract my cock was now rock hard I thought to myself I’ll just finger the horse and jerk off and shoot my load I took my cock out of my pants and started rubbing my throbbing cock fingering the horse as it kept jerking it’s vagina back at my thrusting fingers it felt really good when it did that it tightened up the hors cunt was getting really wet and a little weight whitish cream was stripping from it as the horse was breathing heavy this horse must be horny I thought I’m going to fuck this 🐎 I turned and pointed my cock to the horse cunt and stuck my seven inch throbbing cock deep inside of the horse pussy and sure enough the vagina contracted and squeezed my cock I started slowly screwing the horse it was not like having sex with a girl it was like having sex with a bowl of pudding except for every time the horses vagina contracted it felt really amazing though really warm and wet and every time the horse contracted I was shoving my cock and it’s vagina I was going at it for about five or six minutes when all of a sudden the horses vagina tightened up and horse made a funny noise and that’s when I lost control with the tight sensation on my cock I was thrusting in and out of it and it felt really good and I blew my load deep inside the horses vagina my whole body was shaking fearing that I would get caught as I shot eight or nine ropes of cum deep inside that horse’s pussy 😼 I swear when I ejaculated the horse was having a client next to it felt really nice during the sex but when the vagina contracted it was tighter than a woman and it made me have a fantastic orgasm one of the best organisms I’ve ever had it was I couldn’t believe it my orgasm started to subside and then the horse is vagina contracted and stopped contracted and stopped I’ve never felt anything on my cock so good b****** anal handjob the horse was like milking my cock and before you know it I had another orgasm two orgasms right in a row I’ve never done that in my life and blew another load into the horse then I slowly popped my cock out of the horses vagina all kinds of my sperm and what appeared to be horse cum float out of the horses pussy 😼 my God that was hot I went over to one of the stables and grabbed a rub down towel for the horses and white my cock and balls and legs there was horse c** all over me dipped it in some water and washed myself off then went over to the horse and clean the horse off if my friend and sister seen that horse they would have known something happened as I was shaking trembling and nervousness got my clothes back on ran to the door barn door and made sure nobody was coming and sure enough my friend and my sisters were just coming down the end of the trail while I said just in time what a great time I had for the horse I tried doing it two or three times after that but never had the chance to be alone with the horse again. But 20 years later I had another chance at another horse a female mare beautiful horse it was at a farm at my sister’s new the lady that owned it I used to go help with chores she had a daughter and her husband that all worked on the farm they had like 20 horses her other daughter by a different father had two thoroughbred mares that she barrel race with one was a mare that was in excellent shape and well groomed she bathed it and groomed it a lot . Her main entail were always greeted with ribbons pink ribbons and her hair and mink she was getting her ready for a show the horse looked beautiful now I’ve been doing and helping around the farm for over a year so I’ve been up there 40 times and yes every chance I got I could stick of finger in one of the mirrors pussies or get a glimpse at one when nobody was noticing but never had the chance being alone one day I was working up there they didn’t have much money so I was doing some chores contracting chores repairing windows and stuff fixing floorboards in odds and ends. One day I was there in the my friends husband and her had to go to a meeting at her daughter’s school her other daughter that owned a beautiful mayor was there and had her horse groomed perfectly what a nice ass on that horse it was a beautiful thing I used to get hard just looking and wishing I could be inside it as it was in a regular small skinny stall with a bar behind its thighs it had its head through a trough eating green and hay I asked the daughter why is the horse in such a skinny stall she said my horse is in heat and a veterinarian is going to come in inseminator with a stud horse semen so I can have a full bread baby Colt I said oh and she walked to do some other things I couldn’t help notice when the horse flicked its tail I could see the horses light tan skin with the pink vagina my God that turned me on so much I would love to be balls deep in that nurse vagina I started getting hard I snuck up to the horse and pulled the tail back and there it was the most beautiful horse vagina I’ve ever seen granted I’ve seen a lot on that farm but this was beautiful it moved and bucked a little bit but the bar behind the lakes kept it from moving too much as I stuck my fingers in the wet gooey horses vagina the horses vagina was twisting unbelievably and then it would stop the hole was huge white gooey stuff was dripping out which I figured it was horse chisum I heard her coming back through the door and I pulled my fingers out of the horse and walked away and went back to the back room where I was working my fingers all Goofy glistening with horse come I sniffed my fingers and it smelled like a woman’s vagina and then I tasted the horse cum it was delicious sweet vagina like taste little monkey the girl came up to me and said are you going to be here for a while I said yes she was I got to run to the bank and make a payment I forgot about the vet won’t be here for about an hour and I should be back before then but if he gets here you can tell him I’ll be right back he knows what to do anyways I said okay and I thought to myself oh my God I’m going to have a chance to fuck this so beautiful horse pussy

I waited for her to leave and close the block Barn door and locked it just in case it was rather warm out that day too with a breeze blowing through the back door of the barn it felt good I go up to the horse take all my clothes off my cock was rock hard I’ve seen a lot of horse vagina at the farm and a lot of times they had dirt and crud around them cuz they weren’t well groomed this horse when I took the tail and spread the vagina lips it was quivering almost turning at vagina inside out I could smell the pungent smell as her fluids drip from her so beautiful pussy the horse was making grunting noises as I was finger fucking her beautiful pussy it was turning me on so much my cock was now throbbing precum was losing out of the tip I reached my hands to each side of the vagina and split it open and stuck my face and started eating and swallowing the horse cum that she was leaking it made my mango crazy it tasted so good and so big my tongue in my nose was very deep and that sexy horse pussy 😼 I couldn’t keep up with the losing fluid her vagina was losing my face was covered my chest was covered then I went and got a wet towel wipe my face off and chest and wiped her vagina so it was rather dry as her vagina contracted I knew how that would feel on my cock but not to my surprise that she kept leaking sticky slippery stuff I thought I had my work bag with me and I had a bottle of water I ran and emptied the bottle of water and started fingering the horse again she started contracting and took the bottle and was catching all the liquid that was oozing out of her I would keep that put it in small bottles and save it for jerk all sections in the future I couldn’t take it anymore I was very horny I knew I was about to ejaculate I was totally naked I mounted the horse and started breeding the horse as best as I could the horse is vagina was twitching like the pony I once had sex with but this hole was much bigger than the ponies like having sex with a bowl of pudding until it contracted then it was like a girl’s vagina the horse was making some weird noises I was thrusting in and out faster and faster within a minute or two I knew I was going to explode and the horse somehow was getting ready for its own orgasm as it clamped down on my cock that threw me over the edge it was like coming and a teenager’s vagina oh my God I said you want to get pregnant baby here take my sperm and I blew my 9 or 10 shots of semendeep in the horses pussy hole it felt good every time I would push in deep and shoot it would clamp down on my cock you kind of like it was sucking the sperm out of me it felt as good as the pony or maybe even better knowing this horse was beautiful and clean I ended up finishing off pulled out my legs for soaked with her come my dick and balls full of her come I grabbed the towel and wiped off now it has been about 15 minutes or so since she went to the bank I took the bottle half full of horse cum and stashed it in a refrigerator little freezer sold it would freeze and keep fresh and hit it with stuff in front of it got dressed went back doing my work thinking of what I just done I was hard again I didn’t know how much time I had before she would return or the vet would be there but they had a real long driveway and I could hear a car coming from a long ways away I hurry up got undressed and mounted the mayor one more time blowing one more load of my hot come in her pussyhole Joseph I had finished up I heard a carpool in I hurried grab the towel whitening off and the horses vagina got trust real quick hit the towel under some bills say hey ran unlock the door barn doors and opened it slowly it was the veterinarian I told him who I was and what I was doing there and I knew what he was doing as we walk to the burn I asked him how do you inseminate a horse I said he said what’s not that heard you take this sack of semen from Australian as he put this long rubber glove on do you mind if I watch he said no he took the tail and had a clip and clipped it to the side so the vagina and butthole were very visible he said is not to my amazement wow you are rather excited today sassy that was a horse’s name and she was flowing pretty good again but I could see it was half my semen glabbing out of her too I asked the vet what is that he said it’s horse discharge when they go in heat it’s like they have mini orgasms I said oh so it’s like come yes exactly I said man they sure do come a lot yes the horses do this for the scent it makes a scallions hormone go crazy when they smell the discharge of a female horse they love the taste and the smell of it and don’t ever get in the way of a stallion when a female’s in heat they’ll do anything to get their cock inside of her vagina and he kind of laughed he stuck his arm with the glove in it with a sack he had in his hand as he did that the horse’s vagina twitched like crazy he was in elbow d and then he popped his hand out said you’re all done and I asked him did that horse have an orgasm oh yeah male and female horses I have orgasms just like people and he was getting ready to leave he told me to tell the daughter he was done and he would be back in a month and a half to check on the horse to make sure the horse is pregnant as he left I thought that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I actually made that horse have orgasms he left and I knew the daughter would be home soon but I was horny again and hard as a rock seeing what I just seen I quickly ran to the horse took my clothes off again and give it one more good fuckimg before I was done the vagina wasn’t twitching nearly as much now so it was kind of like having sex with a bowl of pudding but all thoughts racing in my mind on her daughter was coming soon I heard her pull into the end of the driveway I was so excited that I started to orgasm shoot one more load I had to hurry the horses vagina started twitching and sucked the semen out of my balls one last time I hurried up and got dressed with stuff all over me grab the towel ran into the back room if she walked in the door just in time I thought I went up to her and told her the doctor was done she pulled the tail back and looked grab the towel and wipes her off and I could see through your four gloves of I knew it was my semen losing out of the horse as her daughter took her fingers and pushed it back in and said oh you got to keep the standing semen and you honey and we both laughed knowing that it was my semen she was fondling with that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had and it was with a horse a beautiful mayor horse with paint bows in its tail and me oh and I did before I left took the empty water bottle thought it out and put it into rubber balloons about a half an ounce filled 20 of them and Frozen I would watch porn videos of male and horse fucking. I would take the little balloon filled with the horse ejaculation pour some on my hand and rub it all over my balls and cock it with slippery and it felt good and it kind of got a little foamy when I was jerking off with it then I would suck a little at a time out of the balloon tasting that beautiful vagina juice of that beautiful horse is pussy the best jerk off sessions in my life thinking of fucking that horse shooting my cum deep in that horse and jerking off with a slippery ejaculation from that beautiful horse’s pussy it made me cum really hard as I would suck the remaining ejaculant out of that balloon and swallow it feeling and The taste running down my throat sent me to the most beautiful orgasms I’ve ever had well that’s my story about having sex with a beautiful horse you ever get a chance go for it it’s wonderful

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