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Sibling bonding time

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Im very close to my brother for various reasons hes my crush best friend and older brother

I’m alana and I’m 13 my brother is 16 and when we were young I’m practically never left his side and we took baths and showers together and sometimes I’d sneak to cuddle with him he never minded it seeing as he was caught up in basketball and wood work so when he’d get home I’d jump on his my now hard nipples would press on his hard chest and I’d hold him tight.

He sat on the couch and sat next to him with my head on his shoulder while he talked about his day only in panties and his shirt i sat on his lap and i had thick thighs and b cups and curves i had bloomed early which earned me a slap on the ass and grip on the ass from my uncle every reunion.

I grinded innocently not knowing i was getting him hard i gasped feeling something poke my covered cunt he gripped my waist making me grind he said the words i love you little sis keep.p doing this and we can do extra bonding time.

I did and came in his boxers i followed him adorably like a puppy he stripped and this was normal we showered together all the time i bent over to get the soap and his love stick he called it rubbed my private my stomach tingles and i moaned shower bonding he called it he pushed inside of me like always and jack hammered inside of me i could only moan.

when we finished showering i put on a pair of his loose but tight black briefs and a shirt while he stroked himself i pulled up my sleeve and jerked his base while sucking his love stick once his seed was in my tummy we kissed and he was dressed in boxers and a shirt.

My mom.worked graveyard shift so we ordered mexican and cuddled we fell asleep and i laid on his chest i love our bonding time and nobodys gonna distract my big brother from me.

PArt 2.soon

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