Raped my wife

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Broken into my own house and raped my wife

So I have a pretty messed up story
I broke into my own house , pretending to be a bugler and raped my own wife .
So way back when , my wife and I get married young we moved quite a ways out of town away from people out in the woods . At this time we’ve been married only a couple years , I worked a lot she just stayed home . No kids yet. She was vary quiet and what little sex we had started to become nonexistent. We had an ok marriage , I was working a lot and she wasn’t into sex much .
So one day I was watching the local news and herd that there was a few home invasions occurring and go this sick and twisted idea .

I want to work ( night shift ) said good night to here , she went to bed and I left for work . After being at work for about 2 hours I left and headed home to Cary our my sick and twisted plan . When arriving home , I disconnected the power to the house . Went around back and went into the house . I was dressed in black with a mask over my head and face teeth that helped change my voice . I went into our bed room where she was sleeping and started to jack off enough to get hard that when my fantasy started – I woke her up . She screams and sits up , crying right away she says get out , what do u want ? That’s when I showed her my hard dick . She yell no I can’t do it . I pulled the blankets off the bed and there lays my nude wife , there’s been no sex for weeks and I was ready . I jumped on her and stuck my dick in her face and told her to suck my dick ( she has tryed in the past but couldn’t ) she told me she can’t do that and that when I grabbed her head and slammed my dick in her mouth After a few minutes of face fucking her , I pulled out and told her to open her legs . I got into position and slammed my dick into her pussy and fucks her like an animal . ( keep in mind we have a vary boring sex life and this was something she never experienced ) with every slam in she says ( ouch ) after a little she looks at my crying and said ( please don’t cum in me ) I smiled and pulled out . I sit up and yell ( roll over ) she does really slow , I grab her ass and pull open her butt cheeks and take a look . ( keep in mind we have never explored butt stuff – still anal virgin) I try sticking my finger in her butt hole but it’s to dry and I tell her I’m going to ass fuck her . The screaming and crying gets more intense , no way – I don’t do that – it not a thing . I yell back ( o yes it is ) I ask three times for lube knowing we don’t have any she says I don’t have any . So I grab her by the arm and drag her into the kitchen where I look around and see some coconut oil and say this will work .
She starts telling me to go , she won’t tell anyone and so on .
I tell her No fucking way !
That’s when crying she tells me I can cum in her vagina, I laugh and said to late – I’m fucking that nice little ass . ( it was a nice 130 lb ) I spin her around and bends her over the table .
I smeared a hand full of coconut oil on her nice little brown hole and a little on my hard dick . And start to push in . ( keep in mind she has never had anything up her ass before ) she yells it hurts stop . But I keep pushing ounce I get most of the way in I stop and ask if she likes it ( cry’s No – take it out ! ) and that’s when it gave her hell and hammered in and out of her butthole 5 minutes of that I cum in her ass pull out and she slides to the floor – passed out . I find my clothes and run out the door and drive back to work .
A 1/2 hour later I get a phone call – it’s her – my wife crying telling me to come home . As fast as I could I go back home to find her in the shower . She climbed out and begins telling me of the rape. I cry with her and asked if we need to go to hospital , she says no .
It been several years now and we’re still married and have 1 kid now . The story of that rape has never been talked about . Married life is good , sex it still far and in between .

( May or may not be a true story )

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