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Raped by friends little brother

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Me and my friend Morgan were going to hang out after school. But Morgan had lacrosse practice for a few hours after school. She told me I could just hang out at her house until she got back. I walked in the house, grabbed some snacks and sat down at the couch to watch tv. Morgan had a little brother who was about 14. We were both 16. I didn’t realise her brother was home, I thought he was at football practice. He walked down the stairs and said “ Hey Sienna, since Morgan isn’t here right now do you wanna come in my room with me?” I laughed and said “Don’t you have football practice? Why are you here right now?” he responded “football practice got cancelled today, somebody else needs to use the fields or something” I nodded and went back to eating snacks. He asked me again “Come up in my room with me so we can have some fun.” I laughed again and said “You’re a little too young for me” he frowned and went upstairs. About 10 minutes later he came back down. “Come upstairs with me now and I won’t make it hard for you.” He had a serious tone. He stood behind me with a hand on my shoulder. I looked back at him “Jason, stop joking around. I’m not coming upstairs with you.” Even though he was 2 years younger than me, he was taller and stronger. His grip on my shoulder tightened “stop it, let go of me.” I said. He started to grab at my shirt and tits. I squealed and ran upstairs. I ran into the first bedroom in front of me and locked the door. It was his bedroom. I heard him yelling on the other side of the door. He kicked at it for a while and then he gave up and left. I was relived and I sat on his bed. I started texting my friend about what had happened but i hadn’t sent it yet when I heard the jangling of keys. The door opened with a click. Before I could react Jason walked in holding an empty beer bottle. He ran towards me and held me on his bed. He sat on top of me and started taking my clothes off. First my shirt, then my shoes, next my jeans and last my underwear and bra. I screamed but his parents weren’t home and neither was Morgan. I started crying but he covered my mouth. I heard him unzip his pants and he shoved his dick into my mouth. I didn’t think to bite down on it or anything so I just let him rape my mouth. He hadn’t cum yet but he pulled out. Next he forced my legs apart and started raping my virgin pussy with the empty beer bottle. It was so painful. He almost forced the entire thing into my pussy but it didn’t go all the way. After he had worked my cunt open some more he shoved his cock in. Even after he had fucked me with the bottle my pussy was not stretched enough to handle his massive 14 year old penis. I had never stopped crying and I started screaming from the pain of him fucking me. After what felt like hours he finally came inside of me. I panicked and yelled even louder thinking i was gonna get pregnant. “want me to cum in your ass instead?” I whimpered and shook my head. “good cum dumpster” he smirked at me. “now get yourself together, you look like a mess.” He kissed me and took out his phone to take a picture of me with my legs spread and cum seaping out of my used pussy. I put my clothes back on and waited for Morgan.

Thanks for reading! It’s been a couple weeks since then and now we’re dating. He leaked my pictures so now everybody at school calls me a whore. I’m not friends with morgan anymore. He lets his freshman friends watch us fuck sometimes and I actually got to suck his friends cock. He always cums in my pussy and I really hope that one day i get to have his babies. Lmk if you want any updates or stories!

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  • Reply anal rp ID:21c6xftbd4

    he should have cummed in your ass!

  • Reply T ID:5u100ta78i

    I dont understand some people

  • Reply Ilovefakestories ID:1ek20j60zl

    I love fake stories it always makes me think about how deep the human conscious can go psychologically compared to scary movies which is just jump scares and blood. If I were to continue the story I would introduce a big senior boy of the opposite race that starts raping the boy and makes all his sisters friends watch and record it so he never recovers and then he ends up killing himself with a love letter to you which you tear up and marry the older guy

  • Reply Sienna ID:fyh7kad9a

    Heres an update: Today he texted me to come into the boys bathroom in the freshman hallway during class. 4 freshman were there and 1 person from my grade. He made me suck his cock right there in the middle of the bathroom. A couple more boys came in and started recording. It was super embarrassing but it was hot too. (Even though corona is still going on I go to school on mondays, wednesday’s and friday’s. And sports are still going on)

    • Niggershavesouls ID:1ek20j60zl

      If this isn’t fake I’d seriously kill myself

    • F18 ID:qx72c9iq

      You’re such a good girl I’m so proud of you

    • Turtle ID:161qln3jd9a

      Proof or ur lying 😂

    • Bats08 ID:371gki20c

      How we reach you

    • Me ID:2c3h32ag42

      Email please