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Play fighting

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Kaylee screams no but after a while she screams yes

14yr old kaylee sat on her bed reading a book only in panties and a short while her parents had left with her neighbors leaving her and 19yr old Anthony made him a sandwich in the kitchen.

Kaylee put her book down and closed her eyes a few minutes later Anthony plopped on her bed grinning ‘hiiii kayleee’ she rolled her eyes ‘get out before i beat your ass’ .

He laughed and bit his lip ‘oh shut up kid’ they argued until she jumped on him after a few minutes of fighting kaylee laid helplessly on your back legs spread while Anthony’s bulge pressed against her pussy.

‘anthony get off of me i don’t feel comfortable ‘ he ignored her groping her b cups ‘you know you want it kaylee don’t fight it’ she cried while he stuff her shirt in her mouth.

He sniffed her panties gripping her legs after tying her hands ‘fuck you havent even grown hair down here its so soft princess’ she laid her head back sobbing and whimpering while he eagerly ate her mouth.

she hated that her body went against her and she came right on his tongue her legs shook he licked his lips throwing his clothes off kissing her neck her words muffled ‘shhh just calm down daddys gonna take care of you’ her cheeks turned red as her tears stopped she hated herself moaning while his cock moved up her slit hitting her clit ‘just relax it’ll feel so good’ she nodded scared thinking fuck it.

She screamed and her legs wrapped around his accidentally pushing his cock deeper stretching her underage pussy as she cried he wiped her tears “hey shh shh just relax and in a minute you’ll want daddy to go faster’ he moaned having such young walls squeezing his 7inch cock.

After a moment she was moaning and her gag was off ‘antho-anthony my tummy’ he smirked ‘my names daddy now baby girl keep your legs wide for me ‘ngnnn daddy pwease my tummy ‘ he went harder throwing his head back he had wanted to do this since she had start developing her milky tits and juicy curves.

His tip pushed inside her cervix everytime making the younger girl go crazy ‘daddy daddy im gonna be pee st-stoPP’ she squirted and came making his groan pushing deep all the way in ‘fuckk im gonna fill your little pussy’ and he did his balls rested against her anal as he emptied letting it all fertilize her seed.

He kissed her and held her tight she kissed back and Anthony pulled away ‘your parent’s wanted you to marry young you know so i took that opportunity to breed you then let you know’ she was so dazed she nodded ‘ can we go again i wanna ride you ‘

He pulled out and untied her hands she immediately pounced on his lowering herself on him she rode him hard her dad smiled outside the door with his parents and her mom hearing there moans and the sloshing.

She came yet again being filled with his seed.

She laid back and he watched as his seed leeked out ‘so much for beating my ass huh?’

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