Part two of having sex with my sister Carol

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After I got done eating my sister’s pussy 😼 hole out she said wow that was great I had a great orgasm you made me come hard.she said I’m thirsty I need to rest up a little bit let’s go downstairs and get something to drink we went downstairs had a couple mountain dews and a cigarette talking about what was going to happen next. She said Matt should I want you to come in my pussy I want you to feel what it feels like to come in a pussy I want to be your first creampie. I said yes I can’t wait to feel my cock pumping it’s seeming inside you vagina Carol I’m getting hard thinking about it she left my mother and father was sleeping we are the only ones up in the kitchen she said stand up and pull your cock out I want to see it in good light I stood up and pulled my 7-in cock out she grabbed it and stared at it smelled it said you have a very nice cock Mitch thank you sis she was cupping my balls with her other hand and said I can’t wait to have you inside me as we heard a noise I hurried up and set my pants back up and sat back down it was only our dog we both laugh talk for a little bit more said are you ready yet we went back upstairs in my bed took her clothes off instead of making out my tongue deep in her mouth her tongue deep in my mouth groping her ass she was rubbing my back I was excited as hell making out with my own sister she lay me on my back and started giving me a blow job it was nice but she really knew how to suck cock took the whole thing down in her throat do you like this brother do you wait like the way my mouth and throat feel loved in your cock the way I do with my mouth oh yeah Carol but if you keep it up I’m going to shoot another load she said oh no I would love to have you do that again but this time you’re going to shoot and my pussyand when you come I’m going to push your ass and lift my legs so you can shoot your c** deep inside my cunt hole. She got on top of me took my cock and guided my car to her pussy hole and a sunken all the way down in the depths of her vagina she stood there for a minute kneel down when we started kissing again and she rocked her hips back and forth boy did she know how to fuck breathing heavy in my ear moaning really loud I want you to c** in me much I want you to cum in your sister’s pussy give your sister your first creampie I said Caroline I’m going to come and she stopped and said not yet she started sucking on my neck then went to my ear started licking the inside of my ear and moaning how you feel brother I want to come sis please she laughed and said okay here we go and she started writing me lake no tomorrow come in me come in the baby come in me brother her hips rocking back and forth I was ready to come and I grabbed her and turned her over quick rolled her on her back and starting fucking like I never fucked before oh yeah baby how does my cock feel inside your pussy I just feel oh makes it feel so good keep doing it keep pumping me baby pump me full of your semen brother and then she said she was going to come I’m going to come bro come with me baby and I give her all I could and got that tingly feeling down in my balls and my body as I started pumping my semen deep into my sisters vagina hole oh yeah baby one load over here Carol two loads sister I’m coming baby three four five six seven eight loads of my come and my sisters vagina and she was coming hard to .fuck me bro fuck your sperm in your sister all we both came hard and I collapsed on her chest her big titted chest as we both caught our breath lay there for a minute or two I went soft she said that was great sex and it’s you’re good and you don’t even know it you make me feel really good sis that was incredible orgasm I had thank you so much she said oh we’re not done yet you have to take my ass too brother. Okay I will I got to catch my breath you catch your breath bro I’ll clean your cock off and my cum off your cock . Secret domain cred myself penis stuck it in your mouth nine and moaning making humming noise vibrating my cock felt weird but very good my house is that feels really good she said I know how to suck a guy’s cock off and within minutes I was rock hard again I’ve never came more than twice jerking off now I’m going to come three times with my sister one in mouth one in vagina and one in her ass she said there you go bro you’re hired again and said now what I want you to do I’m going to roll on my stomach I want you to get between my ass spread my cheeks and lick and suck my ass hole out okay bro now I never lift or even thought about licking a butthole before but it turned me on wondering what it would taste like I like your pussy . And now I was going to taste her ass I went down spread her cheeks Wade and there it was her little pucker hole I started licking and sniffing it wasn’t that bad and actually turned me on she was moaning yes eat my ass brother eat that ass you’re going to be fucking in a minute. I started licking and then I went to sucking sticking my tongue in her butt hole sucking on her butt hole and had two fingers in her wet cream pied cunt she started moaning told me she was going to come so I kept raining my fingers in and out of her sucking on her ass and man did she come knocking her hips bouncing her ass I had a hard time keeping my mouth on it but I did when I was done I just got off and monitor and said can I stick it in your ass if she said yes go for it I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can and shoot another load of cum in my ass this time Mitch. I did what she told me put my cock against her butthole and pussed it went in very easy with my saliva all over her ass hole oh yeah put my arms under her arms and was sucking on her neck telling him how good it felt it was different than her vagina it was tight on the outside and silky smooth in the inside thrusting in and out of her deep and then shallow she told me she was going to come and that made me lose control I started to shake and tremble as I rocked another orgasm inside her ass while that’s felt so Good better than cumming in her cunt hole. I rolled off her and really had to catch my breath she was breathing hard rolled over and started French kissing me telling me how good it felt you’re so good bro you did your sister good mouth pussy and ass how was your first sexual experience brother oh my God Carol it was fantastic but I think I’m done for the night she laughed and said we’ll see about that now this has been two and a half hours and I came three times I don’t know if I can do anything right now I mean I am spent . To laugh and settle stand up we both stood up she started picking my nipples my cock was twitching she went down to my cock and started swearing on it again into my amazement it got hard again I don’t know why but it was just seeing my sister doing this that made my mind go crazy . I’ll take your hand Mitch and show me how you jerk off if she could have her panties she was wearing and said take these and put them in your mouth and show me how you used to smell and lick your sister’s panties I grab the panties and put the gusset of her panties to my mouth and started jerking off she said that’s it I want you to shoot your cum that’s left in your balls on my face and in my mouth when you shoot whatever you have left in your balls. That’s a jerk that cock off brother I was sniffing and licking the gusset of her panties tasting her p**** juice she was rubbing my balls I told her I’m going to come again I couldn’t believe it the fourth orgasm of the night and I started coming only three shots come out one hitter for it in hair the second one went flying over her head and the third one she gobbled in her mouth and finished me off by sucking the rest out of me if there was any more .my whole body was shaking I was trembling I collapsed back into the bed and she jumped in with me and said now let’s get some sleep we both fell asleep in each other’s arms about 5:00 5:30 I heard her get up and went back to our spare bedroom which was her old bedroom went to bed next day everything went bad to normal mom and dad need sister other sister and her baby ate breakfast talk laughed said what we were going to do today she told my mom and dad she wanted to go to the fishing hole that I was going to take her .now we never talked about going to the fishing hole I saw what a few months go fishing I’ll take her fishing we finished breakfast she went and took a shower I went and got the fishing gear out of the garage I took a shower and got ready to go around noon we hopped in her car and went to the fishing hole you had to walk a good half mile off road to get to the found wasn’t a lot of fish in their sunfish bullhead and some carp will you say a fun catch in the carp and then release in them. Neighbor a couple people I’ve never seen there before a guy and a girl we walked up said hi how the fish biting oh we just got here about 15 minutes ago my sister said hi my name is Carol this is my boyfriend Mitch the young girl she was probably 13 said her name was Renee and her cousin Billy which looked to be about 13 to we talked we baited our hooks and threw them in and started talking my sister said Billy want to see something and he said yeah she said come with me I got to show you something and my sister winked at me took Billy they were gone for about 25 minutes they both come back he had a smile on his face and she winked at me and looked at me and said I got him I thought what was she talking about next why don’t you take her name here and show her the hell I didn’t know what she was talking about and she winked and said go on. Renee said yeah let’s go I took her to a place and said look it isn’t this nice what’s so nice about it this is where we have sex where all the people that come here have sex grabbed her and started kissing her she kissed back I had sex with her we went back and had a foursome with them too my sister Eminem had a 69 his we watched me and Billy were playing with our cocks my sister said suck each other off I said what and she ordered me to suck on Billy’s cock as he shot his little dumb my throat and she said Billy returned the favor and he did what an awesome time and my sister made Renee get on her hands and knees and so did my sister and me and Billy took turns having sex with each one Billy was the first to come he came in my sister then my sister ordered me to come in here too that was an awesome time I will never forget later that night we had sex three more times never came so much in my life well that was part two

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