My sister was my erotic model

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My sister wanted to be a model for my photography an that started our amazing incest affair

I guess I should give a description of all of us. I’m 36 male normal type of build and very well endowed just under nine inches. My sister 28 w amazing tits about small frame with a great ass and for the other model very thin long legs and small little tits w amazing large nipples. I’m a photographer and had a erotic photo shoot of two women kissing and showing their bodies in different posses my client wanted this for his private collection. The day of the shoot 1of models cancelled and my sister said she would fill she is beautiful and does like to show her self off. But this is my little sister in a nude erotic photos. We got my little studio my sister and other model started getting ready as I did lights and all involved for my work next thing I know there was my sister in a little in white lace panties and no top. My mouth dropped. I felt my dick getting hard I had trouble not staring So we did the photo shoot watching my sister kiss , and rub the others models body was making so hard. My sister stayed completely naked as the other model was dressed an on her way. I said you look great and saved the day. She just sat there naked and said me photographing has been a fantasy that she wanted to naked in front of me she said let’s take some pictures and opened her leg and started playing w her pussy I grabbed my camera and just 2/3 feet in front of her I started shooting the entire time she was talking about that she new I was hard an that she see how much I wanted her. She was still in the chair legs wide open fucking her wet pussy with her fingers and sliding a finger down to play with her ass. I couldn’t take anymore and took out my large think cock and started jerking off. I was jerking off to my naked masterbating sister I couldn’t believe it She told me when I’m ready to cum she wanted me to shoot on her body. That just made want to cum soon at this point I’m standing right above her. Her legs up in the air fucking her pussy and ass now I exploded all over her tits and stomach and a little on her chin she let out a loud moan still fucking doth holes letting my come slide down her beautiful body. She took her fingers of herself a starting rubbing my come over her body and face. And looked up at me an said with such passion ” nothing will ever be the same between us we will always be closer always will want each other. My dick still hard and dripping she stood up covered in my cum and kiss my cheek and said I can’t wait for next time and u will see how dirty your little sister is. To hear more of my true stories w my sister respond in comments

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