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My brother rape me and my dad force married then

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I been rape and abused by my brothers. I have 12 childrens by all three of my brothers

It happen July 7 1982. I’m a Hispanic girl. I was 4’5 I was very skinny girl. My boobs wasn’t evoloped yet. I was 11 year old. My oldest brother Carlos and Roberto 19 year old twins. They always mean to me. Since I was 5 year old both always touch my butt and call me slutty. I didn’t know what that mean at that time Thomas 17 year old he nice to me very shy and always care about me. Help me with homework. And there was Marco 14 year old the menace one. Always bother me.
My dad own his own car garage. My dad is from Cuba and my mom from mexico. My mom was 15 and my dad was 35. My dad was a janitorial at the middle school. My mom when she was 15 guys was bullied her and no one will defend her. Not the teachers or others students not even the principal. Not even security. My mom told me he scared those bullies . My mom use to have bracelet. She was crying and he took her to his office consolidate her she gave him a kiss in the mouth and they both started fucking each other. She loose her virginity with him. My dad at the time was a chubby man weight around 300. The security hear a noise in his office and found him finishing cumming inside her. They bought him to the principal office and call the cops. My parents have being called too. My dad was married that time too with 5 childrens . They arrested him and charge him with rape on student and child endangerment. He lost his job and his family. He was going serve almost 40 year in prison. My grandpa and my grandma they were famous youtubers and own four restaurant. They were millionaire. She started to crying to they parents and explained them that he was the only save from bullies that no one didn’t want do nothing. He explained them she was the one started kissing him and took her clothes off. After a two week of Court day she started get sick and find out she was pregnant. She bet to her dad not to press charges. Her dad and mom decided not to press charges and pay almost 67,000 to let him go. Her dad pick him up from jail. Her dad talked to him “we are going to a church my daughter is waiting for you in a wedding dress. I already bought you a suit. It going be me and my wife there with the minister you going married my daughter and you going take care of her. I ready got a place were you going for honeymoon and a place to live and got you a job you going be my mechanic my daughter is pregnant with your baby. He was so happy. When they got married my dad always told he your husband and “he the man of the house. You will cook for him, do all the cleaning and take care your childrens” He kiss me in the cheek and she promised him. She have birth to twins boys. When my brothers were 2 year old my mom was 17 she has another boy Thomas. When twins boys was 5 and Thomas was 3 my mom was 21 she have me. She have Marco. My dad told my mom not to have no more because he to old have more kids. My mom beg him one more because she want a daughter. My dad agree and finally she have me. My dad was 43 that time when he got all the kids.
My twins brothers always bother me. They want me serve food to them and water even my dad. Mom always teach me to treat guy well. Thomas he the only one treat me well. I always tell him I will find a future husband like him treat me nice. My dad own his own garage now. He take all the guys to help him. Each time im with a guy my olders twins brothers scare them.
But that day in July 7 1982 My mom ask me to send lunch to my brothers because my dad stay home sick and send my brothers to cover him. I call a friend of mine I was wearing a short mini skirt with a black pant to cover my leg because dad didn’t like me showing my leg. I have a long sleeve sweater on. I was walking to the garage with my friend and Roberto see us and tell at him to go away and grab my hand and took me away. He took me to the garage and push me to Carlos. And told him look at her dress like a slut. I was crying I’m not I’m all cover up. Carlos slap me I fell on the floor. Yelling at me you want be a slut I’m going make you one and then Roberto grab my neck push me inside of a customer’s car forcing a kiss on me. I started fighting him but he punch my stomach. Telling listen bitch you shouldn’t born it was ok we us guy but mom want a girl but girl are slut and I’m going make you a slut. He removed my yoga pants and my mini skirt pull my sweater up grabbing my small tits and sucking them. I was screaming he cover my mouth with tape then I hear a zipper open he was like 9 inches and put it inside me and started fucking me hard. I try to scream for help but I couldn’t. Carlos telling him yes fuck that bitch harder and he was laughing. Marco just came to the garage and ask what Roberto is doing. He told him we playing with our sister. I hear Marco go Roberto yeah fuck her more harder. I can’t believe my own brother took my virginity. I was hoping for a guy treat me nice like Thomas. It started hurting he was too huge. The car was shaking but he kept pumping more and more. I was crying a lot and moaning. Then I hear Roberto saying I’m cumming Aaaaaaaaah oooooooh fuck. He just laying there at top of me.
Carlos said now my turn. He took Roberto out of me. He removed his pant and underwear and put his 9 inches inside me and started fucking me to. Screaming me Oh yes oh yes it feel great my cock in your pussy. I couldn’t move I was frozen. I was sweating. While he was fucking me he open my mouth put his tongue inside my mouth and spit inside my mouth and swallowed he spit me inside my mouth like 5 time and force me to swallowed. But he continues fucking harder and harder. I was listening him moaning. He taking to me saying nice little slutty. And I hear him too screaming Oooooooooooooooh I’m cumming inside me too. Carlos told Marcos is your lucky day you going loose your virginity. Marco got naked kissing me touching my breasts then he put his 6 inches inside me a started raping me too. I hear him saying Aaaaaaaaaa aaagg yes yes it feel good. He keep pumping me harder I could move I have to let him. And then he moan Oooooooooooooooh I’m going to cum Oooooooooooooooh inside me again. Thomas show us asking for me because mom was asking. And they say she in the car. When he got near to the car he saw me sweating bleeding from my pussy and cums coming out. He scream what the fuck what you guys did. Mom and dad will get mad. I hear Roberto telling him look at her she ready for you too. Go have fun with her free fuck and pussy. Thomas was a virgin too. Go fuck her are you a pussy bro? You don’t like woman? He got mad they call him a pussy. He took pant out and underwear kissing me grabbing my tits hard and then he put his 10 inches he was bigger than the others and started raping me too. He tell I’m sorry sis I have to prove I’m not a pussy but your are hot. Went he put his 10 inches inside me and fuck me harder and harder. I’m open my eyes it was to big for me. He was moaning ooooooooh sis oooh yeasss yes . I couldn’t take it I black out but feel some one pumping me harder and harder. I hear too while i was out oooooooh fuck oooooooh ooooh as he cum too. They wake me up. Stand up I couldn’t stand.. Now hoe you going suck ours cocks. They force me to suck all. Taking turn fucking my mouth. And force swallowed all I they cums. They dress me up. Roberto told go and clean up trash. You better not tell mom or dad. Part 2 coming soon

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    Wow crazy I had sex with two guys in a threeesome in a public bathroom stall and it was hot

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    this true story for sure is hot…. make it more

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    Brings part 2 plz

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    Waiting for next part.. Make it more crying more brothers

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    What’s the name of your grandparents youtube channel i want to like comment and subscribe

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    Hey im sorry to hear this why dont u post ya Instagram and we can talk about it

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    i hope its a false story

    • Mari

      True story