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My brother can’t keep his hands off me

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We had always been very close. Now we were closer.

I was always a pretty cute kid. One with dimples and blue eyes that shimmered in the sun. My name: Sara. Me and my brother, Matt, were the best of buddies. He was 2 years elder to me and had that boyish charm from birth.

It started when I was 11. Till that time, we were always just close friends, confidantes and siblings, but it was that year, that we became more. Matt was 13 and didn’t really seem to hit it off with other girls or guys. Not that he didn’t have friends. He didn’t seem to be romantically interested in anyone. I remember Mum would tease him about hanging out with his friend Damon way too much and say that one of these days he was sure to develop a crush on him. (Mum thought he Matt was gay for some inexplicable reason). But Matt would just brush off her jokes and go, “nothing like that at all, he’s just one of the guys. You know that. ”

And me? I was young. But I was happy that Matt didn’t have anybody else to attend to. My friend Milly had told me how her elder brother would keep hanging around with girls and never even said ‘hi’ to her. She seemed used to it, but that made me feel uncomfortable. Matt would never do that to me would he? We had always played together, liked the same songs, had the same humor. He’d always ask me about my day and everything. I wasn’t obsessed with him, but he was my best friend! And so, when I realized that I had to keep him close so that our relationship would never detoriate, I started spending as much time with him as I could. One day, after a specially depressing conversation with Milly about how her brother would do nothing but shout and scream at her to go away, I literally jumped into Matt’s arms when he came home from school. I was wearing a tight tshirt, sans my sports bra and a pair of white panties, so when I jumped into his arms, my nipples poked out and rubbed his chest. I also remember how shocked he was about me hugging him, we’d never been very touchy feely. He started laughing and trying to ease me off him, but all I did was nestle my face into his neck and wrap my legs around his waist. he shrugged of his bag after that and hugged me back tightly too. Not to mention that he was very well-built for his age as a result of all the sport he played, so his chest was pretty hard!

He consoled me asked me what the matter was, but I wouldn’t utter a word and continued to hug him. He kissed my head and sat us down on the sofa with me still in his arms. I have to mention, I’ve always had a spectacularly large ass somehow, even when I was just 11. So, when we sat down on the sofa, my butt cheeks were now resting on his lap. I didn’t exactly realize what was happening then, but Matt gave a huge hiss of appreciation when when sat down and slowly started rubbing my lower back. I didn’t know what felt so good to him, but nevertheless, rested my head on his shoulder and looked up at him with hooded eyes. He looked down and slowly, with one hand still on my back, started to press my ass further into his lap. And that’s when I finally realized that something hard was poking the inner part of my thigh.

I grew curious, not yet fully understanding that boys would get turned on like this and shuffled around a bit on his lap, in the process wiggling my ass against his rising dick. He started kneading my ass with both hands and was looking at me with this look of total adoration. He was about to open his mouth to say something, when the front door was suddenly pushed open. Our mother was back from work. He quickly pushed my off his lap and whispered angrily at me to wear something. I remember being breathless and grinning like a goof as he raced upstairs before Mum could come into the living room.

And that’s how everything started.

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    You sound interesting. I would like to hear more of your story.

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      Lena, can I be your brother? What’s your snap

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    Interesting beggining and we wait for continue

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