Me and my incredible sister and mum

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The day what made me and my sister fuck every week end

I remember the day i fucked my sister i was helping her with some jobs and i went the toilet and she walked in not knowing i was on the toilet and i was embarresed then she left the bath room she went back to her bed room and shouted me to come here ao i went to her cos she asked me to and then she said lets have some fun and i didnt say no god she tasted so nice her pussy so tight she started screaming and squirting when she was in cowgirl position ive never cummed in some one so much and 3 years later we fuck regular 3 times a week shes 22 im 21. our mum caught us fucking one day wen we was in the bathroom she was just getting out the bath i had to hid be hind the door so i wasn’t seen my sister alisha head is all what was showing when she opened the door slightly while i was licking her pussy then she told alisha shes going out for a few hours then me and alisha realise we dont have to fuck and be quite later on a bout 40 mins later after our mum went out alisha came bursting into my room and said drop your pants then she started to give me a hand job then a blow job the finaly she started to ride me hard little did we know our mum returned home and come to check on me and my sis she opened the and saw us fucking we didnt know she was behind us untill i looked behind me to see wat time it was then i saw her then she said dont stop and i didnt then she said my turn then she rode me hard while eating her daughters pussy all 3 off us cummed i cummed so much in both there pussies that night all three of us slept together we have a threesome once a month our mum is 37. Sorry for bad puntuation im not the best at knowing when its best used

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    You’re actually stupid. Get a gmmaresson.


    Story was eh.