Loving my cousin for many many years off and on

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This is about how and when my cousin and I started having sex and have been doing it off and on ever since.

We were young when we first met and never had any more time alone than to kiss a little bit. Years later we meet again and this time nothing is going to stop us from being together and no one. I loved her and she me and we still do, and first time was magical we went for a long time all sweaty after her getting caught sucking my dick and we kept going and loved it and everytime we were together you knew the fireworks were going to shoot. Visiting each other running into one another no matter if we were in a relationship or not we couldn’t stay apart. She used to wear Nylons and I loved it when she was. Sometimes she thought I was cheating on her because the big age difference and I would go to the bar, and yes I did sometimes, but most of the time I was leaving before last call going to buy a pair of Nylons and putting on in the Kroger bathroom and then going to the adult bookstore to watch porn and Jack off until I could see her again and then I found out what a glory hole was an being drunk and wearing Pantyhose already every time they offered I would stick my dick thru the hole and get a great blowjob everytime mostly by guys some by women and most sucked me well after I was done cumming and I loved it and even after sex with my cousin later that night blowjob in the glory holes and anyway she messed around on me too but I have always thought hoped and prayed no matter who we are with we will make time for sex with each other and I used to tell her back in the day after we had sex everytime laying on her whisper we just commited incest and she would smile and roll her eyes but I loved the fact we had were and will keep having incestuous sex together and one point when we were in our late teens I would masterbate and even while fucking her dream about me and her brother fucking her together. I love incest and have been lucky enough to have it with 6 cousins and 1 aunt and would have loved to have a few other family members even with the one I love even get her more family inside of her 💓😍 I would love to see her being fucked by many relatives and other guys to see her being a huge Pantyhose wearing cumslut and I would love her more than anything else in the world and I want to do bisexual things with her while crossdressing and her wearing nylons and suck together her on my face while she is getting fucked and she is holding my Pantyhose covered legs up and apart and she is watching her boyfriend’s fucking my ass with her and fill us with cum and I would love to lay on top of her with a dick from both sides sliding back and forth between our lips until they cum and we kiss for 20 minutes and both swallow the cum. She always suspected that my roommate at the time was doing stuff with me or trying to, he was the 2 nd to know that I love wearing Pantyhose alot and when we would get really drunk we would suck each other off he loved fingering my ass while he sucked me while I was wearing Pantyhose and heels and that is how I got memorized by sucking çocks and loving to suck dicks the feeling of it in and out of my mouth and against my tongue hand running up and down it with my mouth and when he would cum I would always take the first shot after the dripping in my mouth and then pull out and let him stroke all over my face and Pantyhose and heels and that is how I fell in love with sucking guys cock’s and I really really love the taste of cum and hold in my mouth for a while before I swallow and got me started sucking çocks at the glory holes before I would get my cock sucked by guys and I would love m…. To dress up in Nylons with me and go have some guys fucking her while she is sucking and after 5 fucks and 5 bj’s 10 more for her and I to share together. I love you M _ & _ _ and always will and want sex with you and and others sharing you together and wearing Pantyhose and nylons for the rest of our lives and I will do anything you want me to just wear Pantyhose together and be my slutty girl and I will be your slutty bi guy.

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