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Lost my virginity at 12

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I lost my virginity to a boy I barely knewđź’€

It all started with this boy he was always in my dms on Facebook. He would always hit me up I would just small talk hun but it never really went anywhere until one day I started talking to him seriously and he told me he was down the block from me.
And me being me I obviously thought he was cute but we never really wanted to link before but when summer came around and I had no school so what happened was that summer we actually met up and spent most of our time together but we would only be outside having conversations. But eventually I started going to his house he would always try and touch me kiss me like try and get me in the mood but I would always say no and say I’m a virgin because I just didn’t want to have sex.
Then one day we was texting and I wasn’t planing on seeing him because I had seen him the whole week before so he hit me up and asked what I was doing and I just said nothing and then he invited me to come to the football court so I said ok and he came and we walked to the park because the football court was too far. We sat there for like 5 minutes and went back to his house and when we got to his house it started heating up like he got in the mood.
We was laying down just talking and he was like whispering in my ear and he said he will fuck me and all a that.
He was like touching me and all that like my boobs and then he put his hand down my underwear and got to my pussy and he was rubbing and playing with it making me feel good he was fingering me and I didn’t stop him because I liked him. Later he started eating my pussy and I was moaning and feeling good. I was laying down on my back and he put me in a missionary position and tried sticking his dick in me but it wasn’t going in me because I was a virgin and it was so painful like I am a really sensitive person and he was just going ruff as fuck and not even caring that it hurt. He finally got it in and started fucking me slowly I was crying because it hurt so much. He was fucking me good like he was stroking it slowly and I was moanin that got him even more horny and he started going fast as fuck like so rough my pussy was aching but I don’t want him to stop because I was almost gonna cum when he pulled out and came on my stomach he left the room to clean up and I was just crying he came back and asked why you crying like it’s alright it was gonn be cool.
And he asked me if I wanted to go for a round 2 and I was just confused but said ok because I wanted to pleasure him so we kept doing it he told me to ride him but I was so dry and it was so hard but I did it anyway so I was riding him and he was licking my small tits and kissing me and shit so after he came and we was done he wanted to do it again and I was kinda resistant because I couldn’t even stand up without getting dizzy but he said it will be fine we’ll do it in the shower because he didn’t have lube and he said that the water will act like the lube so I don’t hurt as much and I was still hesitant but I said yes I don’t know why.
So we got in the shower and he made me suck his dick first so l did and he was gagging me and pulling my hair when I was done with sucking him off he came in my throat and mouth I was gonna spit it out but he made me swallow it and I did so I stood up kissed him and turned my back to him showing him I want his cock in my pussy so the waiter was running and he put it in me I moan and he started fucking me hard and rough I almost passed out when he was done he didn’t pull out on time and came in me I got scared I was gonna get pregnant and started crying he said it will be fine and helped me clean my pussy after he gave me a pill and told me to drink it so I did I still don’t know what it was I didn’t get pregnant and I was so happy after this I started getting horny all the time and masturbated a lot I wanted to fuck someone but there was no one brave enough so I thought of my 19 year old cousin and I knew next time I went to his home I would fuck him.

The store of how I fucked my cousin coming soon!!

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    Nice. Waiting to hear about you and your cousin. Never be ashame of being horny. Just own it love.
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