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I love my Daddy and my Daddy loves me

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One night while laying in daddy’s bed, he got out the lap top and we started surfing the net. He went on a site and we watched a man sliding his fingers up and down the crack of a young girl. She must have been around 13 or 15 years of age. She was whimpering, and the guy’s fingers were getting noticeably wet. I said ” how come his fingers are so wet? ” Dad said ” ahh that is because she is very excited and it is making her little pussy wet. That is why she is making those noises. ” Well what about the guy. What’s happen to his penis? ” Dad laughed… ” baby girl, that is called an erection, and that little girl made his cock go like that. ”

We watched a bit longer then dad closed the lap top. “Awe dad, I wanted to see what happened .” Dad replied ” Never mind what happened on there. Look what’s happend here. He turned to me and said, ” look at this. ” Dad had pulled down the blankets and his cock was red and quivering. ” See this? You caused this. You have given me the hardest cock, and now I am going to have to try and sleep with this… ” Oh well if you are going to sleep dad, I will go back to me bed. ” ” No you can sleep here the night as your punishment.” I giggled … ” ok dad … ”

Dad put his hand over me, and pulled me to him He looked at me and said ” you gonna give your dad a little good night kiss? ” I leaned over and pecked his cheek. “awe come on … on the lips please. ” I leaned over and kissed dad on the lips. ” Oh longer than that please.” I lent over and kissed dad on the lips again, and left my lips there for a few seconds. ” Hmm that was better, ” dad said, ” but it still isn’t good enough… make the kiss last longer. ” I leaned over and kissed his lips. I stayed there and just as I was about to pull away I felt dads hand on the back of my head. He pulled my head towards him and I felt his tongue go inside my mouth. It felt so good. It was like little sparks prickled my skin and I had little electric shocks going inside my body. Especially when our tongues touched.

I never noticed but my legs were wide open, and as we were kissing dad told me that if I felt between my legs, he was sure that I would be wet… just like the girl in the video. I put my fingers and felt my little cunt slit. Dad was right. I was so wet. Dad rolled over and went down in the bed, throwing the covers off us. He grabbed my butt cheeks with his hands and pulled me towards his face. He started licking me and groaning how good I tasted. This made me want to scream. I was so enjoying every minute of this. He put two fingers inside me and started finger fucking me. He started laying soft kisses on my tummy … my hands went to his head and I started pulling on his hair.. ” Oh daddy I think I am going to explode.” Oh daddy …” Dad started finger fucking me faster telling me that I was now daddy’s little girl to fuck when ever he wanted. I nodded moaning and squirming. When I finished cumming dad started licking his fingers. He put his fingers back inside me and then put them in my mouth.. ” taste yourself baby girl, your cum is such sweet nectar. ”

I looked between us and dad still had this monster hard cock sticking up. I sat up slightly and kissed his knob. I remembered what the girl did in the vid. I started running my teeth over his cock head, not so it hurt, but enough for him to groan. ” Oh baby that feels so good. You are making daddy very happy. Pull on my cock baby, pull on daddy’s cock hard.. I did what dad wanted Dad laid back and smiled at me and then told me to straddle him.

I sat on him. His cock felt big. It was laying between my legs so I was able to slide up and down on it using my wet slit as lube. Dad groaned and grabbed at my hips. He also started moving with me, and then against me. He raised me up and told me to sit on his cock. ” I am going inside you little lady. I want you to relax and let me enter you and then don’t move. Let that little hot cunt of yours get use to my cock. I felt the tip of his cock enter my cunt. I had my hands flat on dad’s chest so that I could hold myself up, dad put his arms between mine and knocked my arms away. I fell straight on to his cock with all my weight. His cock pierced through me … his cock was so fat and long that I could feel it touching my cunt walls. It was sore. My hole was stretched and clung tight to his shaft. He started moving slowly. ” Oh daddy it is so sore.. Please stop … please daddy please .. ” He took no notice of my pleading. In fact I think I made him a little mad. He held my hips and rolled me over so he was on top of me. He whispered, now daddy is going to give you such a good fucking. You are going to love being my little slut and you will always do everything I tell you, when I tell you. He kissed me roughly putting his tongue in my mouth. I was so mad I bit him. I heard him laugh. Then he lifted up my ass and started pounding in to me. ” You have just made things a lot worse for yourself my girl. he fucked me and fucked me and after we both came, he said. ” Pass my phone. … Hi Peter it’s Eric here. Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I have been busy. ” I heard laughter from the other end and from dad. ” Well she is a little goer. Can you ring the lads up and tell them to come over about eight tonight. Tell them if they can’t hold a hard, they had better bring their blue pills. Peter said something that I couldn’t quite make out, but dad answered, ” no anything goes. I will be filming all of it too so those who want to stay under the radar should wear a mask. ” There was more laughter, then dad said, she is a hot little slut who has the tightest cunt I have had in some time. It will not be so tight after this weekend… my little girls is gonna have twenty cocks that will have her for hours at a time. There is a special guest too. I have the Pastor and his wife from our church coming or should I say he will be cumming. He has wanted to put his dick in my girl for years. ‘ More laughter, then dad hung up.

He looked at me, kissing my nipples and saying, ” you my hot little fuck toy are going to have the best time. Even Marie is coming. I am going to love watching you being fucked by a woman. ” Oh daddy, I want more now … make me your little fuck girl… give me a good fucking.

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      Your dad doens’t love you if he did he whod not have let annyone bange you

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