How I had sex with my ex-girlfriend’s mother and she didn’t know it was me

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The whole started out when is school next Monday please we all work it was a factory I worked in the food department every time we would get done with work really go to this bar and have some drinks so I can let this girl carry she was a 5 ft 7 blonde haired blue wide girl with nice boobs and a nice ass we talked and talked and I liked her and told my buddies I liked her they told her that I wanted them started going out she came to my house a couple times and then one night I fucked her started out kissing and rubbing her fingernail eating her out she sucked my cock and then I slammed it in her pussyhole we dated for a while it sucks many of times and decided to get apartment close to where I worked and where she worked I could walk to work from there every time we would go after work to the bar have joints my friends would all go there my older friends would go there one of my friends I knew through fine he was banging my girlfriend’s mom ever so often and he was married so they kept it on a low-key me and my girlfriend after about a year weren’t getting along that great I think I found out she was cheating on me with a coworker that she worked with and her mom knew it too cuz she worked with him so we broke up before we moved out of the apartment her mother went to see their daughter in Louisiana Debbie me and my girlfriend that were on the rocks stated her mother’s for the week to watch her house and her dog me and my girlfriend were not having sex so when my girlfriend went to work I would sneak up to her mom’s room I haven’t been laid in a while and get her mother’s dirty panties and jerk off with them their mother’s p**** tasted great not like her daughters was salary tasting her mother’s was real pungent and musky and thick I would take her clean underwear out of her drawer and smear my c** all over the crotch driving with a hair dryer fold them back up and shove them in after that week was over every pair of her clean panties were dirty with my cum is a good looking pictures of her mother and your cough now I was thinking her of in a different way I wouldn’t mind fucking her pussy… Sne aking around her room the third day when my girlfriend ex-girlfriend went to work I looked in between her mattresses and there was a plastic dildo and a video tape I thought the video tape in the VCR laid on her bed was a pair of her dirty underwear in my mouth and one on my nose watching the video started jerking off I took the little dildo and shoved it in my ass and turned it on knowing it was in her vagina about 15 minutes into the video of the guy was coming hard his wife and she was coming hard I knew this must spend the moment when her mom would come too and I shot my load all over her mother’s bed well the last day her mother was coming home I moved in with my sister and she moved in with her mother and we went our separate ways one night I was at the bar drinking and her mother was in there she didn’t really care for me I didn’t treat her daughter that great she kind of smoked at me she was talking to one of my friends the one that was having sex with her the married man and I sat down to better next to him and I heard him talking and I heard her say you coming over and I’ll leave the door unlocked just come up to the bedroom lights will be off and you know what to do little while later she come up to me and I was wondering what she was going to say how does it feel I know my daughter would leave you you’re a loser and now she’s getting banged by another guy what do you think about that I didn’t say nothing I turned and just face the other way and she said I figured that she lost I started talking to my friend Vern ask him what was she talking about oh she wants me to sneak over and go upstairs and have sex with her she does this quite often but I can’t I have my wife as expecting me and will come looking for me and if I’m not here she’ll know something’s up he left I had another drink and thought about it I can be the one I will pretend I’m burn and sneak up and have my way with that b**** so sure enough I left the bar went across the street went to the back door of the apartment and very carefully snuck in light was on in the kitchen the dog was sleeping on the floor so I crapped upstairs she had a radio playing very low I kind of peeked in her bedroom and you could just see her laying on the bed and I could tell she was naked by the street light shining through the window I took my clothes off crap up to the bottom of the bed and started with her feet and she whispered over there you are I said yes I’m here I whisper I started working my way up her legs sucking on her feet her toes her ankles up to her inner thigh as she went to grab my head I grabbed her hands so she wouldn’t feel my hair was longer than ferns I told her to roll over went up through her ass fabricates and stuck my tongue in her ass and she said oh God I don’t know if you could be doing that it’s nasty whisper shut up and let me do what I want with you licking her ass sticking my fingers in her pussy she started moaning that my friend was about to she didn’t say nothing I add stuff to her head grabbed her by the back of her hair lifted her up and shoved her head on my cock she started sucking me that felt really good I couldn’t let her see me and just kept whispering keep going you’re doing good Jenny a little while later I went back down told her to get on her hands and knees and stuck my cock deep inside her pussy. She started moaning as a grab her hips and frosty in and out of her I whispered can I cum in you honey can I come in the Jenny yes turn you had your nuts clip so you can’t get me pregnant little Miss Chino I was a very fertile 23-year-old and thought woo I want to get this b**** pregnant I need to shoot my sperm deep inside her womb knowing that that she could get pregnant my balls begin to twitch and my cock was throbbing I trusted and out of her as fast as I could and told him I was going to come I’m going to shoot my cum in you Jenny and she had an orgasm and I buried my cock so deep in her hands shot about 10 loads of cum in her as they kept writing her after I was done coming kissing her back was her natural ears telling her how whispering how good it felt to shoot my semen deep inside of her she was breathing really hard I was kissing a back of her neck and her ears started getting soft and I thought oh no you’re going to get another load b*itch and I started humping her again my cock became rock hard again and a funny feeling went away now I was telling her how bad I wanted to cum in her hey Jen what about 5 minutes from now what you doing another load of semen and her ovulating vagina pulled out got dressed went to where her clothes basket was kind of shuffled through and grabbed two pairs of her dirty panties without her known it she was laying on her stomach breathing hard and I snuck out of the house not telling her who just had sex with her if she would have known she would have blown her mind both 2 months later I was at the bar and they were talking about Tony and when I walked up to him they stopped because they knew didn’t mean her didn’t get along but I said what about Jenny and my friends aren’t said she thinks I got her pregnant but I can’t get anyone pregnant I had that operation we were talking she said that I came up one night which I usually did and just had sex with her and left but that was like a month ago she couldn’t be three months pregnant I thought that’s time I did her I didn’t tell them in my mind I said that oh my God I can’t believe I got that that’s pregnant and I just played it off and left knowing my baby was in that b****’s stomach about a year and a half later I ran into her at the store she had my baby with her I went over and talked to her and she kind of talked but not really I just said how you doing no good I heard you were pregnant yeah she said it’s rooms but he won’t accept it I look for Ricky eyes and said maybe it’s mine Jenny what the hell do you mean well sometimes I like being called Vern. She said what do you mean I told her that that was me one night burn couldn’t do it so I snuck up in your room and I fucked you Jenny I don’t you load the semen in you honey and I have to admit you’re a better fuck than your daughter oh my God I can’t believe it it’s you that got me pregnant yep and I will do whatever to support that child it is my kid too she was shaking and trembling she didn’t know what to say I reached over grabbed her head and kissed her on the lips gave her my phone number and said call me sometime honey I would like to fuck you again she was in shock her jaw dropped her hands were trembling and after that I paid child support until my son was 18

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