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How I got my step sis to fuck me

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I was extreamly hughly gifted in my early teens. By time I was 14, 4ft 5 in, 90 lbs, the past year my cock had been growing very hugh and thick. By time I was 14 my cock was about 7 extreamly hugh very thick inches. It’s head was enourmous. Always getting hard and I was wanting to jack off all the time. My step sis was 15 very gourgous, only 4ft 1in, thin, but already had very hugh 34d tits. She took after her mom. Short, and a gourgous body. Liveing in the country we only had each other to keep company. We even slept together cause parents didn’t come home till late or a few days later from the job they had. Sis was scared a lot of times thinking she always heard something. It would get so hot we slept under the sheet naked. The first time she saw my hugh thick cock we were in bed naked. She always turned away from me so in case the sheet came down showing her Hugh tits. I got some pot from a friend and we smoked it in bed one night. We both got really high. She turned over to go to sleep and I was laying in my back. My hugh thick cock was really hard. Later on she must of been dreaming and turned around throwing her leg across me and moveing against me holding me, her Hugh tits pressing against me. And her tiny pussy was pressed against my hugh thick cock head. The sheet had came off both of us when she turned over. I could feel her tiny gourgous shaved pussy pressing against my hugh throabing cock head and she was gently hunching it. I made it throab harder and harder and she was hunching me harder and harder and moaning. I could feel her get wetter and wetter and moan more and more. I reached down lifting my hugh cock gently to have its hugh hard heaf being pressed in between her tiny wet pussy lips. And pressed it in just enough so she could feel it throabing between her pussy lips. She started hunching it more and more reading back towards me to have it in her pussy lips more and more. She started cumming and moaning loudly oh god oh god. The more she cum the more she wanted my hugh thick cock head in her. I started pressing back at her csuse I wanted to have my hugh cock in her really bad. She got so horny she realized what was going on and said . Oh my god. Ur trying to fuck me. K said no your trying to fuck me sis. Your on me. You’ve been trying to fuck me over an hr. She said , I thought I was dreaming. I said Oh you thought you was dreaming about you fucking me? She hesitated . So I said that’s cool, I’m always dresming about fucking you. As we’re talking we’re both still hunching each other and she’s getting so horny she’s cumming said, yes yes I was. We started pressing agsinst leach other harder and harder till my hugh thick cock head finnaly went in her. She said I cant believe your cock is so fuckung hugh. Her tiny pussy was wrapped around my hugh thick cock so tight. God it felt great I smiled and said, the better to fuck you with. We fucked all night. Rested and fucked more. We were fucking each other every day, several times a day. Inside outside anywhere. Learning about oral sex and fucking. A couple times I’d fuck het so long she’d be so exhausted she passed out. And be so extreamly hornier when she came too. We fucked for a couple years . Never did get all my hugh cock in her. Didn’t need too,

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  • Reply Just this time

    Get a proof reader (someone to reader your story before posting it) also use a spell checker.

  • Reply DocBae

    Huge* ffs.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Yeah this is total bs

    • Ian

      When did he say it wasn’t????