Hot Mama Ch.3

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Mother finds out about a sons love and sexual desire for her

After the masturbation incident on the couch, Charles and his mother both became very relaxed with each other. The next day Charles was walking into the kitchen and found his mother wearing a pair of tight leggings and nothing on the top. But at this point chales didn’t mind. He just said hi to her and went and got some food. As he sat down at the table he couldn’t but help watch his mother work in the kitchen as her big boobs swayed. He immediately got an erection and continued watching her. After a minute of this Charles got annoyed with his penis straining against his waistband and just took off his pants and underwear letting his cock be free in the cool kitchen air. But this all didn’t go unnoticed by cindy. She was tired of the uncomfortableness that came from wearing bras at home but didn’t want to get a shirt sooo, instead decided to go tits out. And when Charles came in a little thrill went through her. She loved the feeling of being watched by her own son with his eyes staring at her enormous boobs. She even would put a little show on for him sometimes. Whether it be splashing some water on her nipples as she washed her hands or just gave her boobs a shake as she walked around. Then was the satisfaction of what she had done when she saw her own son take off his pants and get an 8 inch erection because of her. This lifestyle went on for a long time. The masturbation was a different thing though. Later that evening Charles came into the living room to see his mother with nothing on and had a vibrator in her pussy in one hand and massaging her boobs with the other. All she said to him was “Hi charles” before going on and moaning in front of her son. Charles usually was always taken aback at these moments, but then embraced them full heartedly. “Hi mom, mind if I join,” knowing well he won’t get an answer he continues and sits next to his mother. Quickly he drops his pants and shirt and pulls out his hard dick and starts to stroke it. Wanting to have a little fun with him, cindy decides to take her vibrator and put it on charles cock. This surprise him but he decided to go with it and just sat back and relaxed while his mother used her tool on him. This really gave both of them a hard drive and both of them began to have orgasms at the same time. Charles wanting to thank his mom, he quickly pushed away the vibrator and quickly aimed his penis at his mother’s boobs before letting the cum burst forth. This caught her off guard but was not going to complain. She loved a man’s sperm load on her, She began smearing it all over her boobs as Charles cleaned himself off and went to the bathroom. After he left she started licking up all the cum from her boobs and what was on the couch. She could not believe how much he had in him. From that day it was common for cidny or chales to start masturbating infront of each other or stride around the house completely nude. Both of them loved it but were still missing something from all of this.

Sorry about this being a shorter one. I promise the next one will be longer and well worth it.
I would still love to hear any Ideas.

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    This story is so hot pls make a part 4

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    Would love a part 4

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    Where’s part 4