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Judith,, a sexy wife, is degraded for money

Shane, a gorgeous, white, dominant and 31-y/o stud, owned a real estate business, having recently hired the white, 18-y/o Lee and 19-y/o Darrel to provide maintenance for the properties he managed.

One June, Friday evening, the youngsters were leaving his office when they noticed a magazine – with Marylin Chambers as its nude centerfold – lying under a bench beside the rear door.

Darrel picked it up and remarked, ‘Some guys think she’s a goddess.’

‘Yeah, except the only reason she’s a woman is because she’s a skank!’ Lee had barely replied before Shane stepped outside and grinned, ‘I tell my wife, Judith, the same thing, which is interesting since her evangelical parents named her after a Biblical character who pretended she was a harlot when she screwed a heathen general, then killed him to save her country – although the modern Judith is a notorious Jezebel, considering she worships any adult prick she can find.’

‘She turns tricks – huh?’ Lee answered.

‘Well, I haven’t, but probably should pimp her,’ the husband said, followed by him explaining that his black-haired, 30-y/o wife was into rough intercourse, extremely vulgar language and golden-showers.

‘Wow! Can we meet her?’ Darrel asked.

‘Come to our house tomorrow night at 10. My address is 634 Jefferson Avenue,’ Shane responded.

So, at 9:55 on the present occasion, the teenagers went to the couple’s residence in an exclusive neighborhood where the unclothed tart was standing in the backyard surrounded by a high brick wall.

She then astonished them when spread her fine legs, inserted a toilet plunger’s short handle in her vag and started masturbating while Lee, Darrel and Shane stripped.

‘Repeat after me: “I’m an evil witch”!’ Shane ordered.

‘I’m an evil witch!’ she complied.

‘Yeah, you are!’ Lee jeered as he slapped her large, firm tits.

‘You’re demon-possessed, aren’t you?’ Darrel snorted.

‘Oh, god, yes, I am!’ she moaned,

‘Stop swearing!’ Lee growled before he contemptuously directed saliva across her pretty face.

Next, he removed the handle, walked behind her and started employing it to spank her.

‘Welcome to hell!’ he crowed.

‘Truth is, Satan’s your daddy and he’s punishing you!’ Darrel scoffed.

Nonetheless, Lee surprised Judith when he shoved the handle into her anus.

‘Aaah!’ she gasped.

‘Are you hurtiug?’ Shane inquired.

‘A little.’

‘Good,’ the husband said, then: – Are you boys are ready to use her?’

‘Sure, boss,’ Darrel replied as he jerked the handle from her bowels and replaced it with his 9-inched penis.

‘You morally ugly hag!’ he disparaged her as he started pounding her.

‘Fuck me!’ Judith begged while Darrel lowered her to knees and his co-worker chiseled 12-inched tool into her mouth.

‘Suck my dick, you dirty slut!’ he yelled.

‘Uh-hmmm!’ she nodded.

Meanwhile, Shane was stroking his 1o-inched pecker and watching.
‘Show the bitch what a filthy whore she is!’ he urged.

‘You’re a disgusting piece-of-shit whore!’ Lee snarled.

‘That’s right!’ Darrel shouted.

Ten minutes later, he and his friend unloaded in Judith’s guts and mouth.

Once they’d withdrawn from her, Shane crouched and launched his missile into her snatch.

‘Eeeh, I’m cumming!’ she squeaed.

‘Like we care!’ Darrel mocked her.

During another 10 minutesr, Shane mercilessly attacked her vulva until he shot his jizz into it.

‘Let’s give my wife her favorite beverage,’ he then smiled.

He, Darrel and Lee next pissed into the plunger’s suction cup, followed by Shane pouring the liquid into her gullet.

‘She has no idea about my plan,’ he noted before commanding her to wear, high-heeled shoes, fishnets and a short dress.

She obeyed; the men got in Shane’s car, with him driving to a downtown street where he sold her $5 orifices to 3 black johns…

… and thus, Judith became a harlot!

The End

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