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Fun with my new doctor

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When I was a teen we moved to a different state. I’m from the city and dressed a little sluttier than I should’ve at that age. Moving to a countryside, they weren’t ready for me. I ended up having problems when I peed and mom wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious or an STD. Went to this rinky dink office to see the doctor. He looked like he was barely out of college. When I opened my legs for him he had this look on his face. I giggled all flirty and asked what the look was for. He didn’t want to say because it was unprofessional. He spread my little lips and I persisted. “This is extremely inappropriate and wrong to say but you have the prettiest vagina I ever seen. It’s perfect!” I said thanks I just waxed her. He checked me out pretty good and I’m not sure if it was on purpose but he touched my clit a lot. He asked if I normally was this wet. I was wet but it was bad if I was getting teased. He smiled and said he was sorry for teasing me. I said it was okay. Now he was purposely rubbing my clit. He stopped and gave me a script just incase it was infection. He made an appointment for the week after. When my mom brought me, he said that he was going to run a few tests so if she wanted to wait or come back it was going to be a couple hours. My mom said she would be back. I had this cute summer dress on with no bra. He stared at my tits and asked when I had a physical last. He gave me some bullshit excuse on why he wanted to do one. I didn’t care, he turned me on.

I took my straps off and proudly showed him my tits. I know they were nice. Good perky handful. He did an examination and took his time. He asked if I had sensitive nipples because that could explain this or that. I wasn’t sure and he played with them. He asked if I got aroused by that. I did. He said he wanted to try sucking on them as well. He was making me horny so he could do anything. He grabbed them, sucked them, used his teeth too. He laid me down and kissed all over my tummy. He said he was going to check my anus now. He bent me over and pulled my thong aside. He said he was out of lube so he was going to wet his finger. He rubbed my asshole and got me to moan. He asked if I get wet when my anus is licked. I said I’ve only done anal sex, no one has licked it before. He did circles around my asshole and put his tongue in just for a minute. I told him it definitely made me wet. He sat me in his chair and looked down my throat with a flashlight. He asked about my gag reflex which I don’t have one. He put his finger in my mouth, then two. I showed him I had no gag reflex. He said he wished he had a tool longer to test. He put his hand on his chin and said hmmm. His hard dick was in my face and I knew where this was headed. I grabbed it and said this might be long enough. He said if I think it could work we could try. I loved sucking dick so he got my A game. He was all the way in my throat and we locked eyes. He pulled back and said it was very good. I told him that really really made me wet. I love dick. He looked happy to hear that. He lifted my skirt and took my wet thong off. I spread open my legs and he said I was covered in wetness. I said I get even wetter during oral, giving and receiving. He put my legs up and went down on me. It was better than I’ve ever had before. He definitely knew his way around a vagina.

Everytime I got close to orgasm, he fingered me, then back to licking and then finger me. He went hard and fast with his finger and tongue. I told him he needed to stop, it felt like I might pee. He told me to just let it go. It was feeling so damn good and I told him I was going to pee. I belted out a long moan and let go. His face, fingers, my legs, table, pussy…all of it covered. He told me congratulations, I just squirted. I was legit so happy and turned on by the mess I made. He said while he was feeling around, my vagina felt a little shallow, he better take a second test. He was rubbing his dick up and down my pussy. When he put his dick in me it was like no other. It felt so fucking good. I was moaning like crazy, he was playing with my tits and then the strangest thing happened. Someone knocked and opened the door. I almost jumped off the table. He didn’t stop fucking me while his secretary came in. She smiled and told me she was glad I was enjoying her visit. He told her to look at my pussy. She got a good look, spit on his dick, put it back in and kissed him on the cheek. Before she left she said “Oh yeah, her mothers in the waiting room. I said it won’t be long.” I asked what the fuck that was all about, he said it was his girlfriend and she was cool. I told him we had to hurry, he said I needed to cum once more and he could be quicker if he got the last exam out of the way which was checking my ass. I told him that this exam better not hurt but he needed to hurry. He sat on the table with the back elevated and lubed up real good. I had a good feeling I wouldn’t be able to have an anal orgasm but needed him to hurry up. He actually sat me down softly on his dick. He kissed my neck and massaged my tits while pulling it in and out giving me more each time. I apparently love anal because it felt amazing but I had to tell him I probably couldn’t cum again. He said he knew what he was doing. He adjusted the back lower and held my back at a certain angle with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. He hit my gspot I think because I went from not cumming to ready to explode in like 10 seconds. Every time he pushed in my ass, I shot liquid out of my pussy while feeling like I was having mini orgasms the whole time. He said he was ready. He pulled a chair in front of the mirror and sat me on his dick again. My legs were pulled up and he whispered something so sexy in my ear like “Look at this dick going in and out of your ass. I’m going to cum so good in your ass. Spread your pussy for me. I’m about to cum. It’s so perfect. Oh fuck your mom is 20 feet away and I’m about to cum in your ass.” His dick had a spasm and he pumped my ass full of cum.

I made an appointment a week later without my mom knowing. It was a sick appointment and that’s it. I was in a dress with my legs spread open waiting. The door opened and it was his girl. She said he was with another patient but he wanted to get me started. She asked how my vagina was feeling. She looked it over and said she was told I get much wetter, oh I remember, it’s during oral. One second. She put her face between my legs and kissed my pussy before I could say a word. She was so soft and gentle. She teased my clit with her tongue and then kissed me. I told her how much I loved that, especially tasting my own pussy. She asked if I get wet eating pussy because hers tastes really good too. I said I’m not gay but I was so horny I’d love to try. She got naked and she had a really nice body. Her pussy was cute too. I licked her how I like to be licked. The door opened again and it was him. He was very happy with what he walked into. He went to his girls mouth and put his dick in. He pushed my face deeper and said go faster and harder. He told me to finger her ass hard at the same time if I wanted to see her squirt. I was already eating pussy so I eased two in her ass while he came behind me and gave me some dick. She said I should back up, she was cumming. I tried but he pushed my face down and I got squirt all over me. I watched him fuck his girl for a few and he told her that I actually squirt too. She was so excited and wanted to see. He got me in the chair and lubed my ass. Same position did the same thing to me. She was sucking on my pussy and clit. It came fast. Every time he went in, I squirted a little stream. She over it, had her mouth open with her tongue rested in my pussy. He fucked me faster. She went into kiss me and spit some of my squirt in my mouth and dribbled down my tits. She was in a great position. Her pussy was against my clit and we were so wet our pussies grinded. They both had their hands and lips all over my body. She went harder on my clit and said she was going to cum. She was so loud when she came. It was so hot. I sucked on her tits and she continued rubbing and as soon as he said he was about to bust in my ass, she rubbed our pussies even harder and I had a really fucking good orgasm when he came.

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    How old was you?

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      I like the thought of her being 11 or 12

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    Very nice story it made me jerk off and come a a nice big load