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Fuck you little sister you going to pay

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My little slut sister going to pay. Because of her my wife left me and took my childrens.

It was Saturday night. I always go to my parent house to get drunk with my dad. I’m a black man. I was 20 and she was 10 her name Shama. She little but chubby. That day she was with her friend Shang Jo a 11 old chinese girl. My dad went to his room and fell asleep. I call my wife and told her I was so drunk that I’m going stay over. Around 11 pm I fell something sucking my cock I thought it was my wife or I was dreaming. She was sucking me in and out. It feel great I was moaning. I start fuck throat her and in couple minutes I cum. I didn’t open my eyes I thought it was my wife.
I come home my wife have her luggage out with mine 5 kids.
What wrong I said she open her lap top and told me look what your sister send me. What I saw it was a shock. My sister friend was sucking me and I was fucking her throat with my eye close.. And saw that she swallowed my cum. My little sister was recording and she was laughing. My wife told me I’m not going call the police because I don’t want your childrens see you in jail. But I’m living you. I cry and explained to her. But she slap me and left with the kids.
I started drinking and drinking. I told my dad what happen. My dad pick me up from my house and we went to his house. My dad told me her friend going to stay here tonight again let teach those bitches a lesson. They came from school my dad sit her at the couch both of then. Her friend said that my sister pay her with her allowance money. My sister crying told us it was a prank. My dad told both of then to take their clothing off. My dad was 45 year old. My mom divorce my dad and my dad re married with a 17 year old old my cousin she over weight. And have my sister at age 18. When my sister was 5 my step mom got pregnant again but when she gave birth she lost the baby and she decide leave my dad and go to college. From there my dad was a single dad. While they both took their clothes off I touch her leg my hand when down to her tiny pussy. She was crying I lick her face and kiss her and I was fingering her tiny kitty. My dad carry her friend upstairs but both was kissing each other with no force. Shama my sister she was moaning and crying. Don’t touch me there your fucking pervert. I’m your fucking sister. I slapped her grab her hair and put my tongue inside her mouth and finger her harder. I put my finger in her mouth and force her to taste her own tasty juice. I scream at her it taste good your fucking hoe. I started licking and bitting her small doppler. I unzipped my pant and took my 10 inches out suck me your little trash. She was crying I’m sorry I’m sorry please I will talk to your wife. Too late hoe you mine slut now now open your FUCKING mouth. I hear a screaming upstairs Oooooooooooooooh fuck me fuck me daddy. I told whoa your little friend is a little slut. She open her mouth starting sucking me. Oooooh that feel good I was fucking her mouth gagging sound in and out. Oooooooh fuck your suck better than my wife. I ask her you suck a cock before. She told me yes that she suck dad before since she was 6. That turn me on while she was sucking me I ask her is she a virgin. She took my cock out of her mouth and told me since 6 year old my dad was fucking her. You are a slut. Open your leg slut I’m going fuck you like dad did to you. She open her leg I put my 10 inch inside her and started fucking her. She screaming oooooooooooooh fuuuuuck is to big is to big take it out. No slut you going take it. Suddenly she moaned louder oooooooooooooooooooh fuck me fuuuuck me. Pooh yes bitch take it take it. Oooooooh fuck she was cummin for me. I carry her and keep fucking her. She ask me not to cum inside her she got her period. Listen bitch you going have all my babies that I lost. All 5 childrens. She was crying I’m to young to be a mommy I told you to shut your fucking mouth. I cover her mouth and keep fucking her harder and harder. She screaming and smiling Oooooooooooooooh shiiiit.
I was moaning oooooo my little slut I’m going to cuuuum. Then started crying again brother not inside me noo let me swallowed. Ooohhh fuuuuuck ohohoh huge load inside her. I took her leg up for my babies go inside. I didn’t finished yet slut. You want to swallowed my cum you got it. Open your mouth she open her little mouth got me hard again I started fucking her mouth mmmmm yesssss ohhhj yessss suck my cock. She was sucking in and out. Oooooooooooooooh shoot your are a good cock sucker oooooooh. In 10 minute I feel like cumming again. Oooooooooooooooh fuuuuck I’m going to cuuuum oooooooh shiiiit ohohoh. She swallowed all my cum.
In couple minutes my dad told me is time to switch. I went upstairs my dad has ready for me with her ass up. I told my dad my sister is ready for him dowstair. I told my sister friend you like suck cock now you going suck mine again this time my eye open. That little chinese girl start sucking and sucking my cock like crazy. I put her on ass now you little bitch I’m going fuck your ass I put inside hard she start moaning oooooooooooooooooooh Fuuuuuuck ahhhhhh ahhhh yes slut you like my big cock inside. She screaming yes yes yes. I was grabbing her small tits while fucking her ass. A couple minutes i cum inside that ass. I hear a screaming in the bathroom fuck me like mommy please oooooooh fuuuuck daddy. Then I grab her open her leg and fuck her with no mercy. She blackout but I was keeping fucking her and I’m cum all in her face. Next couple of weeks my sister was getting sick and she was pregnant. We pay a gay guy from her school saying baby is his. Part 2 coming soon

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