Fuck you little sister you going to pay part 2

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We pay a gay guy 2,000 dollar for him to tell doctor the baby is his. I took her to the doctor with her gay friend when I took her to the car I saw my car shaking and my window soggy. We hear hear screaming Oooooooh fuuuuuck me fuuuuck me. It was my dad fucking my sister chinese friend. And hear my dad screaming Oooooooooooooooh fuuuuck I’m cumming here come your babies. I was so happy my dad impregnated that hoe I’m going have a baby brother or sister.
My dad get out of the car apologize by using my car and let me drive his truck. She get out of the car with a hair like she wake up and told me. “Your dad ask me to married him and brought me a ring I’m going be your step mom” I was so happy. Then my dad told me ,” Sonny we fuck to celebrate now I ask her to suck your cock to celebrate. I told my sister and her friend to wait in the truck. My dad fiance went on her knees unzipped my pant took my ten inch out and suck me in and out. Oooooooooooooooh shiiiit she good cock sucker. She smiling at me. Out and in faster and faster. Licking my cock all over. She went and lick my balls jerking my cock as the same time. My dad talking you like it son I said yes dad she awesome. In ten minutes I cum and huge load and she swallowed. I went to the truck and drive my sister to the doctor. Doctor said that she pregnant. With a baby girl inside her. He said is too danger for her age that when the time comes they have to open her and take baby out. I’m going be a dad again and my slutty sister is the mom. Each mom her belly start grow. My dad told I’m so proud of you. Look that belly you did a great job and told me her fiance is pregnant too twins boys. I write rule for my sister sister.

1. You will walk naked all day
2. We going have five more children
3. You will fuck me 4 time a day
4. I can fuck anybody I want including our daughters
5. You can cheat on me unless they pay you
6. You will suck my cock anytime I want
7 You will call me master
8. When I have another girl here you will cook for us first than the kid and then you
9. You will work while I stay home doing nothing

Those the rules I gave to her. While she signed my rules her water broke. I took her to the hospital and while the doctor took her to surgery I saw this beautiful girl she around 16 with kitchen uniform I recognized her it was my daughter. She say ” Daddy are you ok what you doing in here?” Your aunt having a baby she didn’t know I’m the dad. She told me that she was on break. I told her I’m need to talk to you. She told me that she know what happen me and mom. It was my little bitch aunt fault. She told me that her mom said is being fucking my 18 old cousin and she have a baby and one on the way. I told the truth too. I told her the baby her aunt having is mine that I’m punished her for what she did. She told me daddy good she deserved. I told her what room we are.
My sister have a beautiful baby girl. I’m looked at my baby and told her you going be daddy little slut like your mom when you grow up. My daughter knock out door and she came in and my little sister was in bed and gave baby to her. She lock the door and told me ” daddy I want you to fuck me now in front of your little bitch” We both started kiss wet tongue kiss. She removed her shirt what I saw she not wearing no bra it was nice and big. I grab her tits sucking delicious tits. It was so delicious. She was moaning Pooh daddy yes suck my tits. I removed her clothes and grab her nice ass like her mother. I put my little slut in a barco and put my daughter in the hospital bed. My sister was holding the baby try not make her cry. My daughter open her leg she got nice pussy. I finger that pussy and eat her out. She was bitting her lip try not to scream like that nurse don’t hear us. Oooooooooooooooh daaaaaddyyyy fuck my pussy ooooooooh daaaaad. I put my large tongue lick her pussy. She laid me down and start suck my cock. She took my 10 inches and took her all in her mouth in and out. I was moaning not so loud. Oooooooooooooooh fuuuuck where learn suck like that. She told me while she was riding me. I fuck your son my brother and he remind you dad. She riding harder and harder. While talking to me saying that she have a baby too with her brother and call the baby my name. I lay her down and started fucking her harder and harder. Oooooooh shoot I’m going to cumm baby. She was moaning ooooooooh daddy oooooooh yeees fuck me more dad. I kept fucking her I couldn’t hold i told I got it cumm. I took it out she get out of the bed put the baby on the crib and lay my sister down on the bed and told me daddy cum on that bitch face. I took her face and gave 4 load on her face. She couldn’t see nothing. My daughter lick her face eating the cum from her face and kiss her with cum on her mouth. Then she open my sister leg her own little aunt and started eat out her pussy. She lick and lick. My little sister moaning ooooooooh yeees Aaaaaaaaah. Until she cums.( Part 3 coming soon)

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