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Daddy and the Neighbour

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What better surprise could there be after school when daddy has the neighbour over.

I came through the front door and dad was sitting on the couch… I could tell his cock was hard as it was sticking up . He called me in. I went in and got a fright because our neighbour Mr Brown was there. He nodded and said hello. I smiled as dad said, ” come over here sweetie.” I stood in front of my dad and his hands came up under my skirt. He put his thumbs at the top of my panties and pulled them down to my knees. ” Dad what are you doing ” I cried. He answered, ” It’s ok, I was telling Mr Brown what we have been doing, he wants to watch me finger you, so come here and lay down over my legs. I started feeling horny. Just dad’s words made my cunt pulsate. I laid down and dad undid my skirt and pulled it off. ” Come over here Charlie, I want to show you what a horny little cum slut daughter I have. ” Mr Brown stood up. I could see his cock was as hard as rock. He sat down beside dad and dad told me to move myself down so my legs were on Mr Brown. Dad’s hand went down and grabbed my leg. ” Put your leg behind Charlie so he can get a good look at your cunt.” I did what dad said and then felt dad’s finger slide down my cunt. It made me shudder. ” Slide your finger down here Charlie, feel how wet she is. I felt Mr Brown’s finger slide up and down my slit. I watched him as I felt his finger go inside my cunt. Then I felt another finger go in. He move his fingers in and out like a fucking motion, then he pulled them out and put them in his mouth and sucked his fingers. ” Hmm she tastes so sweet Brian. I want more of her. ”

Dad sat up a little and started undoing my shirt. My nipples were hard and dads hands started rubbing each breast slowly. Mr Brown lifted my leg and slid down on the floor. I felt his face against my cunt and then his tongue went searching inside my cunt. He was slurping and groaning. I felt so horny, here I was, a fifteen year old and I had two big cocks just waiting to get inside me. I started groaning as I started to cum. Mr Brown could feel my warm fluids and he started sucking them and drinking me. Dad was biting my nipples and moaning too. Then he said, ” lets take this hot little slut to bed, she needs a good fucking. ” Mr Brown jumped up, I got up and so did dad. I looked down at the crotch of Mr Brown and my dad. I just knew I was going to have a good time. I took Mr Brown by the hand and led him to dad’s bed. Dad told me to sit on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me and told me to undo his shorts. I pulled them down and his cock was so hard that his cock head popped out over his underwear. Dad put his hand on my head and pulled me towards his cock ” Give my cock a little lick my little fuck toy. ” I started kissing and licking dad’s cock head. My hand reached out to Mr Brown and I started rubbing his crotch. Dad let my head go and told me to undo Mr Browns pants. I unbuttoned him and slid his zip down. When I pulled his pants down I could tell his cock was bigger than my dads. It was huge. Dad removed my shirt so that I was naked. Mr Brown removed the rest of his clothes and so did dad. Dad said lay down Charlie, I want my girl to blow you off while I fuck her. Mr Brown looked up at me and said ” I am going to ramming my cock down your throat, and then I am going to enjoy taking my cock and fucking your asshole till you scream. Your dad said he hasn’t taken your ass yet, and said that I can be the first.

I started running my tongue down the shaft of Mr Browns cock. I cupped his balls in my hands as I did this, squeezing them every now and then. Dad positioned me so that my ass was in the air and I was on my knees. I felt dad’s fingers inside my cunt. Then I felt his cock enter me from behind as he groaned with pleasure. I could taste Mr Brown’s pre cum. It tasted so sweet… I started sucking and Mr Brown started pulling my head down on his cock. I started gagging because his cock was so big. This made dad more horny and he started pounding me calling me the best little slut he ever had. He told me that I would always be his and he would be fucking me every night , and from now on his bed was my bed. This made me suck Mr Brown’s cock harder. ” ohh you slut … I am cumming “. Dad’s fingers pushed into my hips as he pounded the shit out of me and came. ” Oh my little baby slut, daddies little fuck toy. You are getting really good at this aren’t you? ” I nodded as I sucked more cum from Mr Brown. I held it in my mouth and then turned and faced dad. I started kissing him and his tongue licked the cum from my mouth. Then dad started to finger my arse hole and then rolled over on the bed. ” Now start licking Charlie so he gets hard again.” I looked at dad and said ” why don’t you grab Mr Browns cock and start kissing it dad.” They both looked at each other and then to my surprise both of them had each others cock in their hands and they were wanking each other. It didn’t take long before they were both hard again. Dad collapsed beside me and Mr Brown got on his knees. He turned me over on my back and grabbed some pillows and put them under my bottom, then he proceeded to lick my arse hole. He kept telling me to relax because it would hurt less. I tried to relax but it was hard to do. Mr Brown lent over me and started kissing my mouth, first slowly then roughly. I was gasping for breath, my tongue searched his mouth and then I started to bite his lip. He got a fright cause it hurt. I felt his cock head at the entrance of my arsehole. He pushed just little pushes .. he started biting my nipples, I could see dad, he had started wanking, he was loving the show. ” Come on Charlie, fuck my little sex toy and show here what it feels like to be fucked up the ass. This turned on Mr Brown more, and he lunged inside me. I screamed and tears came streaming down my face as I could feel my asshole burn. Dad was beating his cock harder telling Mr Brown to ” fuck that little bitch hard.” Mr Brown had all his cock inside my asshole. He told me not to move so my ass could get use to his cock. It felt better so I started moving, gyrating my ass so his cock went in and out of me. Then Mr Brown started pushing harder and harder. I was screaming but I loved it. I kept telling him to give me more. Then I felt his warm cum inside my asshole. Mr Brown pulled out and both him and dad watched my ass leak out cum from Mr Brown. I had such a good time.

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  • Reply lexie

    vive-la-baise. I find it strange that you complain about my writing not making much sense when you cannot even get your sentence structure correct. If I am as funny as a politician, you must be as funny as the clown you are. Stop being such a downer. lol

  • Reply Lexie

    oh vive-la-baise, all I hear is you moaning in the back ground . If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing. Save your moaning for when someone is fucking you. lol

    • vive-la-baise

      ummm ok you make no sense and your as funny as a politician. i guess you must be 10 or 11 years old and that u do not know how to read well.

  • Reply Lexteen

    well if your dad is alive, I am sure he could.

  • Reply Lexteen

    Rahul.. do you want to email me. You can stroke your hard cock while I tell you some stories.

  • Reply Kell

    Which my dad could do this to me

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    become a monster or someone extremely mean.

    • Littler e girl

      I feel like dads fucking there daughter should be normalized i stilk take baths and showers and we kiss on the lips he fucks and gropes me and my moms fine he created me so he should be able to own me

    • vive-la-baise

      he should not, your not a object, your living beingif what you say is truth then that man that kept her daughter in the basement for i thnk it was 20 years while he raped her and had many children whit her and let most of her children living in the basement and the mother pretending she never knows, that daughter should have been happy and let her dad treat her like he own her? My father that beated me and my mother and also tried to kill me 2, the last time was whne i came back home and saw him beating my mom and jumped and fough him, we should have let him continue to beat us and i should have let him kill me because he own me because he brought me to life? Like i wrote earlier, even if i have no family member that i wish i had sex whit, i still believe that incest should be legal but the fact that it feel like you where and still are forced upon and you actually believe that because you come from him that he should do whatever he want whit you!!!!! make me believe you beign raped and brainswash and its can be esy even me, i was raped at age 9 and wanted to scream help but iwas tough to believe that man do not ask for help, complain or report, he swalow hes feeling and keep goin

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    Susie you do relise that being pregnan is not like a party,whit it comr lots of morning sickness, trouble sleeping,etc… and one you get the baby you can not treat it like a object, i aint saying thats what you would do, but i am just tryng to be sure that you know whats goes whit being pragnant and the view that most society have on incest and indbreed, me personelly i have no family member that i am sexually attracted but i believe incest should be legal. when u get a baby, you have to be willing to do lots of sacrifice and to have someone that love you and help to raise him, some pepol can raise alone but its easier together and you have to thnk what would you baby think and feel when it found whos hes father and since your father is x older then you it mean you and the baby would be x years whitout a father, its sucks but its some of the stuff you truly need to thnk about. i do not to wish to be a party poper i just wish to be as hepful as i can and in case your thinking orphenage, its not the answer, believe me growing up whitout love and feeling unwanted its awful, it kill you inside and pretty much always a person like that when its too old for orphenage and foster house

  • Reply Lexie

    I think we are lucky to have dads that love us enough to fuck us.
    oh I didn’t know that about becoming more horny when pregnant. I find I am super horny before and after my period. I think bareback is best. I like to feel their cocks pulsate inside me. I think a condom restricts this. Can’t wait for dad to get home. This talk makes me more horny.

    • mature

      Wish i had a grandaughter who was as sexually openminded as you.

  • Reply Susie

    I only have enjoyed my dad and his friends.
    I know a couple of guys my age want to get together with me.
    My dad is encouraging me to become pregnant as he said pregnant girls are horny more.
    I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten pregnant yet as my dad and his friends always go bareback.

  • Reply Susie

    Sounds like my relationship with my dad. Except I’m my dads sex toy for him and his friends for football games.

    • Lexie

      Susie I love having mature cocks in me, they know what they are doing and they last longer. I love being a fuck toy for my dad and grandad. Lately I have been looking at a couple of my uncles. lol

    • woody

      Hi Susie I’d love to be your friend and try out some of that sweet young pussy… [email protected]