Coronavirus Dad & me

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I struggled to get my clothes off my hands were numb with cold and Dads were too, forget the camping bed I said stuttered with cold

I found love closer to home than I could possibly imagine and not in the way I ever thought possible, I have a very good job, my parents did everything they possibly could to help me, denying themselves holidays, using their savings to help me so failure was not an option for me and how do you repay that kind of commitment, March this year we thought mum had caught a cold but it wasn’t, it was this coronavirus, she died in hospital a couple of weeks later and me and dad were devastated along with thousands of others, then came the first lockdown which last 3 weeks I think, during that time we talked and reminisced about the good times we all had together, but dad was dead inside and tried hard not to show it, can’t blame him really he’d been with mum since he was 16 or so, I didn’t have a regular boyfriend so I was staying with him.

4 months later he was Ok I suppose but obviously missing mum badly as expected but at least he was talking, since we were both
on furlough I said we should just get away for a change of scenery for a couple of weeks, he thought it was a good idea and I left it to him and was more than a little surprised when he told me where he had picked! He said I had not been there but he and mum loved it and thought I would too so I left it at that, it wasn’t until we were well on our way it must have suddenly dawned on him it only had one bedroom, but in view of what had gone on it was an easy oversight and he did give me lots of chances to turn back even though we would have lost the money, I said we would manage somehow, it was in the highlands of Scotland, a place called Creel Cabin, way up past Loch Ness in a place called Badachro, and on arriving it was lovely, surrounded by water on all sides accessed only by a bridge! It was just what we needed and the facilities were Gas hob, small electric oven, fridge with ice box, microwave, washing machine, as well as TV Wi-Fi and a big outdoor heated tub! You should look this place up if you need to get away cause it’s great!

We had been there for a week, the weather was good, we got ourselves a little sleeping fold up sleeping bed which Dad used but it wasn’t ideal for him as he was way too big for it but he said it was fine, we took a trip out on a traditional creel fishing boat with the owner and that was nice although he said mum was nearly sick on it the last time! And there was a pub on dry island over the bridge, it was nice in there I liked it very much and it’s only 10 to 15 minutes walk away.
One night we down to the pub The Badachro Inn, great place to be and very friendly, it was nice weather going there but it soon turned really horrible but what the hell we were inside, only trouble was it never let up and by the time we left it was the heaviest rain I’d ever seen and it was freezing cold, but we couldn’t stay in the pub all night.

The wind didn’t help much either going back, all it did was drive the rain straight into our faces and felt like it was cutting into you, going back over that bridge we were exposed to the full brunt of it, by the time we got back which seemed to take ages, our clothes were completely soaked and neither of us had a dry spot on us, wet to the bone, cold and uncontrollable shivering, and to top it all the electricity went off so I couldn’t even do us a hot drink, I struggled to get my clothes off my hands were numb with cold and Dads were too, forget the camping bed I said stuttered with cold lets get into big bed otherwise were are going to get pneumonia or something, we need to get warmed up and quick, so that’s what we done, we stripped off all our clothes and climbed into bed, I have never been that cold in my life, I lay with my back to Dad and he rubbed up and down my arm to try and warm me up, Dad pulled me in close to him as I lay shivering in his arms, he was running my hands all over me, from my neck down to my belly and back up, we were like two ice cubes using friction to melt each other! His hand actually hit my pubic hair but I didn’t care he didn’t mean it like that, I bet this didn’t happen the last time you were here I stuttered! not really sweetheart he said we were here at the height of summer! now you tell me I said and I laughed rolling over, I could feel my dads cock on my bum and it felt like a frozen fish finger! My ex boyfriend was not small, I’d say about 5 inches but dad even in this state felt bigger! And freezing my bum too, I reached back to rub my bum touching his cock with the back of my hand, jesus dad your colder than I am I said hang on a sec, I rubbed my hands together furiously to get some heat into them and I reached back and took his cock in my hand, that should be better for you I said, your helping me so I’m helping you, he didn’t say anything he just excepted it, it was like grabbing an ice cube!

After 10 or so minutes we actually started to warm up and if felt wonderful, although the room was still very cold cause of the lack of heating and no power, I think you can let go of me now Dad said, what would your mother think of us like this, I think if she was here dad she would probably agree I said, I’ve never been that cold in my life and now I need the loo! I got up and went for a pee, I fully expected him to shift or something by the time I got back and I was soaking wet and not from peeing either! I clambered back into bed and pulled Dads arm around me again, Christ that seat was cold I said! We’ll have to call the owners in the morning about this power, as we snuggled up together we were a lot warmer, after a few minutes I thought Dad was actually touching me but he wasn’t, not with his hands anyway, he had started to get an erection, he must have noticed too as he was wriggling around a bit causing cold air to get between us, I closed the gap again pulling his arm around me, it was having an effect on me too, it was making me randy, me and Dad were certainly in new territory and we were between a rock and a hard place and all because of the weather!

Another few minutes went by with his shaft right between my bum cheeks, hang on I have the solution Dad I said, I moved up very slightly and reached between my legs and his cock popped between them! I might have pressed it slightly into my crotch too! That’s better I said you should feel more comfortably now and warm, WE shouldn’t be here like this you know he said, by rights I should have gone onto the camping bed, You can if you want to I said but we are lovely and warm now and if you do that you’ll be cold again, Ok just for tonight then sweetheart, I snuggled into him but I don’t think the situation was going to let us get any sleep! I don’t maybe 10 mins went by and Dad had got a lot bigger, with it being warm down there, he had produced a hell of a lot of pre cum! I could feel it running down my leg, I knew we were both turned on, I reached down gently to my pussy and I was right, I was soaking with pre cum, not only that Dads cock was sticking through my legs by quite a bit, god I thought he must be twice as big as my Ex! I ran my finger along the bottom of it, there must have been at least 5 inches through my legs! With the rest resting on my pussy which was soaking wet too! As I moved my finger along his shaft he let out a soft Mmmmmm, I really couldn’t resist gently stroking his shaft back and forth and making it press against my pussy lips, he made no attempt to stop me doing it, just let out sigh! As I stroked the bottom of his cock it began to twitch, he lay perfectly still as his cock squirted load after load onto the bed, there was a huge pool of his cum just in front of me! With that his cock softened and we settled down and went to sleep, that moment was so erotic I suppose you really had to be there to appreciate it! In the morning I was awake before he was and I managed to get a peek at what I had touched! At least 2 inches bigger than my Ex! It wasn’t over yet though.

I got dressed and shouted at Dad who was stirring, come on sleepy head get up I need to get that bedding changed and call the owners about the power, I must admit they were great about it but said it would take a couple of days to fix and arranged it so we could go to the local and have a shower and get cleaned up.

At least we could cook something with the gas hob so that day we went and a few supply’s, nothing was said about what happened and it was as if nothing had happened, but crossing that floating bridge in that weather was really something! That day we spent wandering around taking in all the place had to offer which wasn’t much actually but the scenery was stunning, I got some steaks to cook on barbeque later that night with some wine.

Later on with still no power we went to bed, I thought since I was naked last night, although through necessity, I would do so again, I was already under the covers keeping warm when Dad got in the other side facing me, he gave me a peck on the lips and thanked me for the previous night! I  turned to face the other way and backed into him slightly, you can snuggle up in to me to keep warm if you want like last night I said, he lifted his arm over me and cuddled me in as he got comfortable, I noticed he wasn’t wearing and underwear and his cock was touching my bum again, ands it didn’t take long before it started growing but this time he didn’t move away from me, his arm was around my waist and I brought it up and placed it on boob, after a few seconds he started squeezing very gently and then rubbing his thumb over my nipple, I tried so very hard not to make a sound and made like I had an itch and felt myself, I was soaking wet again, I put my hand between us and placed round Dads cock, I was right, he was much bigger, I couldn’t get my hand around it!  it felt like a touch paper had been lit and had set off a mighty explosion of passion between us, his hand worked it way down my front finding my pubic hair and not stopping there as his finger went between my still closed legs, I opened them slightly and his finger went inside me, we stayed like for what seemed like ages, I let go of him, my hand was soaked with pre cum, I raised one of my legs and put his cock between them.

With me being wet and with a lot of his pre cum when he started moving he slid lovely, I once again pressed it against my pussy as it slid between my lips, but better was to come, after a few minutes of play like that I pushed him a little harder onto my pussy, he got the message, I felt my lips stretch around him as he pushed the tip inside, he waited a couple of seconds, and he pushed further, I slightly moved back and raised my leg for him as he continued to push his huge cock into my tight little pussy, obviously there was no stopping or going back now, he slid all the way inside me hitting my cervix! as he started to pull out, and I trailed a finger along his shaft as it withdrew. I could feel my juices coating it, I couldn’t help myself as I started rubbing my clit as his cock slid in and out of me, I rubbed my clit until my pussy contracted around him and I came, my first orgasm in months! It was not long before he felt the need to do the same too, after I don’t know 10 minutes maybe I felt his cock swell inside me, I pushed myself back onto him like I was sitting on his knee, his cock throbbed, I could feel each spurt shoot against my cervix as I started to cum again, I could feel my pussy contract around his cock again, as though it was trying to make sure that I received every drop he could offer to me, after a couple of mins his cock start to soften inside me, I couldn’t help but reach down and hold his balls and got a shock at how big they were! at that moment everything was perfect,  I bathed in the glow of what we had just shared,

That was how we went to sleep, with his cock inside me all night! after that we always went to bed with each other, we even extended our stay there for another couple of weeks! The location was perfect for it, I did have one morning after pill on me, a remnant from my Ex! But I made sure I got more, getting home was a little strange after that, the house felt different, we both said it was a pity we had to leave but we couldn’t stay there forever!
I had an odd thought on the way home though, synchronicity, which holds that events are meaningful coincidences if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related, the one bed, the weather and the power going off when it did, it’s really only a concept but it does make you think! One aspect appears to be connected to the other, maybe mum really did want us to be together, who knows, there is one important difference I have noticed, with my previous boyfriends when we had sex it was usually all about them having an orgasm, it wasn’t until that break I realised there is a big difference between being “fucked” and being made love too, my Dad makes love to me and I guess it only comes through experience and as long as he is happy to do so then so am I.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

    some country will not do anything about incest as long as they are adults Russia Japan Germany to name a few as long as no children

  • Reply jackyboy ID:8ldl9tapm1

    very very sexy. do you have an e.mail?

  • Reply Do you have snap? ID:fx7itbd9j

    Super sexy ;D

    • jackyboy ID:8ldl9tapm1

      i have one. can you teach me how to use it?

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7mqpby8rd

    I am happy for both of you. i have no family meber that i am sexually ttracted but it does not change the fact that i believe that incest should be legal in part because whos better for you to practice kissing and to have your first time whitout having to be worried to be laugh at, rejected after the action is done and know taht they truly care about your needs, not sying its foll all but for those who wish to and also if it was not for incest, the human race would not exist, for example lets pretent that adam et eve strory is turht, well if they are the first and had children then whit whot did they children sleep to have babis, now let say they never existed, the human race did not starded whit the same number of the world population of today so of curse there where lots of incest for the human race to continue and to be clear i am writing abour incest and not rape cause some pepol but incest and rape in the same basket saying the famlilymemebr will manipulatethe kids and yes like in everything it can happen for example in the 90 trough the web i had communicated whit woman that when to a bar whit 2 female coworker and after getting her drunk, they raped her and bough her lots

    • vive-la-baise ID:3i7mqpby8rd

      of stufff to buy her silence and sadly it worked mostly from what i noticed and read on other reqal story on the web about woman raping woman, the media when it comme to rape, pedophile and domestic violence, its always the man that are portrait as the bad guy and the woman as victim, also i stopedwatching tv since 2005 and its 1 of the best decision u made, but before and torugh youtube and imdb i see 90% of the time media show lesbian as hot and cool and when show homosexuel it does not show like same way as woman for example reboot strar trek 2whit sulu. so from female victim i read being told that no 1 would belive her because all woman are mistakenly considered bi and no women would not say to to woman sex. So like i wrote there abuse everwhere so incest good abuse not good.

    • R&K ID:5q5wptdoq

      You are quite right, incest does not have to be abuse or rape, with us it’s consensual sex between two adults, it’s not legal here either!

    • vive-la-baise ID:3i7mqpby8rd

      merci r&k

  • Reply jojo ID:2qmflxm7v6m

    The only other one I’ve read on here that’s real is called you can’t be serious and now here is another real one and not fantasy
    Really enjoyed reading this and u can usually tell the real from fantasy
    5 stars

  • Reply lack ID:200aa2fij

    Finnaly a real story

  • Reply Stan ID:6hfuvgwmv3

    I looked up that place you talked about, I see what you mean about the bridge, if the two of you are happy then why change, great story and undoubtedly true.

    • J&K ID:5q5wptdoq

      Thanks Stan, yes all this really happened and we have continued, I don’t mean to sound bias just because he’s my dad but he really is the most beautiful loving man I have ever been with