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Convincing my niece to fool around but went too far

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My nieces and nephews were staying at my house and I convinced one to fool around.

I was 13 years old. The youngest of 4 and my oldest sister, who was 27 was in the hospital giving birth to her 4th child. Her other 3, my niece and two nephews were staying at my house with me. My parents were at the hospital as well and we had a babysitter with us.

My niece, Rose, was already 11. She was born when I was 2. My sister was 16 when she had her first child. The father was a 36 year old man she had been with. He never met my niece and wanted nothing to do with her or my sister. Rose and I were always close since she and I grew up together more or less. Under the same roof for a large part of it.

Rose and I were playing “house” in my room while the babysitter and my two nephews were in the living room. I pretended to hate playing this game with her but I secretly loved it. It always started off uneventful and boring just pretending to be adults but it always ended in us in my bed under the blankets pretending we were mommy and daddy going to bed. We had been playing this game for years and the older we got the more we pushed the envelope so to speak. As of this night we only got under the blankets and hugged and cuddled. By now I was 13 and anything and everything made my dick hard.

We had reached the point where it was time for the mommy and daddy to go to bed. I jumped into my bed and she laid down next to me. My cock was already rock hard before I even got into bed. We have each other a hug and my dick pressed into her. I got that tingly feeling. I almost put a stop to the game so I could run to the bathroom and jack off real quick. I was about to get up and Rose caught me off guard.

“Sometimes I watch my mom and stepdad kiss in bed.” Rose said.

“Really? I do that too.” I replied. Which was true. I got good at spying on my mom and dad having sex. And I always masturbated while watching. Maybe a little weird but it ain’t the weirdest thing on this site. “What do they do?” I asked

“They kiss a lot and then they cuddle and make a bunch of noise.” She responded

“That sounds like my parents too.” I said. I knew full and well what my parents were doing and full and well what my sister was doing but I played as innocent as I could. “I like watching my parents. It makes me feel weird.” I added

“Me too. They’re always in the dark so I can’t see them very good though.” She said

“My parents have the lights on sometimes.” I told her

“Do you want to pretend we’re our moms and dads?” She asked catching me off guard again.

“Sure.” I said trying to hide my excitement as best I could.

I didn’t care she was my niece, I just saw this as an opportunity to see how far this could go. My brain shut off and my dick took over.

“What do you want to do?” I asked her

“Whatever they do.” She answered

I pulled the blanket over both our heads just in case someone walked in the room.

“First they hug and kiss for a little bit.” I explained “..are you sure you want to do this?” My brain woke up for a moment as I asked her again.

She nodded her head in assurance. I admit I knew very little on what to do but this opportunity was not something I was going to pass up. I thought that the more I pretend to know and the more confident I appear, the further this could go.

I inched my body right up against hers. She rolled onto her side now facing me and I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. I leaned my face in and gave her a small peck on this lips. I pulled back and looked at her raising my eyebrows but saying nothing. She said nothing in response so I took that as my OK to keep going. I leaned back in and this time kissed her a little longer. I started to push my tongue into her mouth.

“Gross! What are you doing?!” She asked pushing me away.

“It’s called a French kiss. You swirl your tongues together. That’s how adults kiss.” I explained

Without giving her a chance to reply I just leaned in and started kissing her again without my tongue. I started to try again and this time her mouth opened slightly and I felt her tongue touch mine. We slowly swirled our tongues together for a minute or so.

“I can’t breathe!” She pulled away and said

“From the kissing? Should we stop?” I asked

“No I like it. I just can’t catch my breath. I feel weird. Like when I spy on my mom and stepdad.” She explained

“Me too! I feel weird too. My heart is pounding.” I told her

“I like the kissing. It’s not gross anymore. What else do adults do?” She asked

“My mom and dad are always naked. We could try that.” I suggested.

I wasn’t expecting her to be on board with that idea but I thought I’d try anyways. At this point my dick was so hard and all I wanted was to rub it. I had been masturbating since I was 10 and I couldn’t stop. I would stay home from school sometimes just to see how many times I could jackoff. I love my cock and all I could think about was taking it out.

“I don’t know.” She replied “If you get naked first I will too I guess.”

I didn’t hesitate. I sat up as quick as I could and took off my shirt. I climbed out of bed and ran to the door and pushed my laundry basket in the way to block any one trying to come in as best I could. I jumped back in bed next to her and pulled the blankets back over our heads. She giggled again at how fast I was running around.

I unbuttoned my jeans and started to pull my pants down. The blanket gently tickled my dick as I threw my jeans and underwear on the floor. I lifted the blankets up a bit so she could see better.

“What is that?!” She asked staring at my dick. “I’ve seen my little brother’s wiener before but it’s not that big!”

I am proud to tell you that as an adult I have a 9” cock. It certainly wasn’t that big at 13 but it was well on its way.

“That’s what happens when I feel horny like this. It gets big and hard.” I explained

“What’s horny mean?”

“It’s that feeling you’re feeling when you watch your mom and stepdad and right now.” I told her. “It’s the feeling that you want to get naked with someone and hug and kiss and stuff… are you going to get naked?”

“I don’t know. I’m nervous. I’m pretty sure I’m feeling that horny.” She said

I sat up and pulled her up to a sitting position as well. I put my hands on her hips and slid them under her shirt and started bringing it up. She resisted at first but I kept pulling and eventually her arms raised and I pulled her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra or even a training bra. Her little tits we’re just starting to show. Just two tiny little bumps covered by big puffy nipples.

She laid back down as I threw her shirt on the floor next to my clothes. I positioned myself over her and started to pull her pants down. As I got then to her knees, she squeezed her legs together tightly. I pulled them off with a little force and caught a glimpse of her untouched, hairless little pussy. I had caught many glimpses of my moms furry mound one way or another but I had never seen one without hair.

I laid next to her and again pulled the blankets over us. As the blanket came over her head she let out a deep breath.

“Are you scared?” I asked

“Yes.. I don’t know if I wanna do this.” She answered

“You said you were horny. This is what adults do when they’re horny. They get naked and hug and kiss.” I told her

“I’m scared though.” She whimpered “I want to get dressed again.” She said trying to get up.

“You can’t do this! You’re being a tease!” I said holding her down “You can’t make me feel horny then not do anything about it. That’s teasing me. You said you wanted to be like our parents.”

“I did. I’m scared though.” She said with a tear forming in her eye

“I’m sorry I’m scaring you. Just relax a little bit and do what I tell you and everything will be fine. I know what I’m doing.” I explained “I’m your uncle. Don’t you trust me?” I added.

“Ok..” she said reluctantly

I gave her a few seconds for things to calm down a bit and then pulled her close to me once more. I started kissing her again. She didn’t kiss back.

“It’s ok Rose. Just relax.” I told her

She nodded a bit and I started kissing her again. This time she kissed back. Eventually I slid my tongue in her mouth again. She was beginning to relax now. I pressed the tip of my cock against her stomach and I nearly lost it. I reached down and adjusted it so it was touching her virgin pussy. I then pulled back and started stroking my dick.

“Why are you doing that?” She asked

“When it gets hard like this it hurts and rubbing it makes it feel better.” I explained. “If I rub it enough, this white sticky stuff comes out and it feels amazing! Do you ever rub yourself?”

“No.” She said

I started moving my hand towards her pussy. She grabbed my hand and told me not to. I assured her once again I knew what I was doing and it was going to feel good. Of course I had never touched a pussy and certainly did NOT know what I was doing but she once again reluctantly let me proceed.

My hand hit her little mound and she moved a bit and told me it tickled. She giggled a little and I started to rub a little bit.

“Does it feel good?” I asked

“No it just tickles a bit. It’s a good tickle.” She responded

“Touch mine!” I told her as I grabbed her hand and pulled it towards my cock”

She pulled away.

“Just hold it not very tight and move your hand up and down like you saw mine do.” I proceeded to demonstrate with my hand then guided her hand back to my dick.

“It’s warm and hard!” She said as she uncomfortably started to stroke my cock.

I’m an adult now and I am bisexual. The best hand jobs I’ve ever gotten have been from men and transgender women. If you have a dick between your legs, you know how to give an amazing hand job.

I climbed on top of her in a missionary position, forcing myself between her legs and pressed my cock against her pussy. Again, I had no idea what I was doing so I just started humping her. I never penetrated her, just rubbed my cock against her pussy lips.

“Do your parents do this?” I asked her

“Yeah I see them do this all the time.” She said “..my mom makes a lot of noise and says funny stuff. She swears a lot.”

“My mom says funny stuff too.” I said “..roll on your stomach” I told her

I couldn’t believe how easy she had given up to me now. A few minutes ago she was going to get up and probably tell the babysitter what I was doing. Now she was giggling and telling me things.

I had seen my parents fuck 100 times and my dad’s favorite position apparently was my mom laying on her stomach and him riding her. When Rose rolled over I put my cock between her butt cheeks and started sliding it between them. My first thought was Wow, I see why my dad like this.

Rose started huffing and making noise. I was getting aggressive now with my riding.

“Can you stop?! I don’t like this!” She said

I laid my chest against her back and covered her mouth with my hand.

“Quiet! I’m almost done!”

She started making more noise trying to scream thru my hand. I held her down with my other hand and shot a small batch of hot cum between her butt cheeks.

When I climbed off her I saw she was crying. I gave her the rag I used to clean up when I came on my stomach and she wiped her butt clean. She started getting dressed and I laid there exhausted. I wasn’t sure if what I did was sex but it sure felt like it.

“If you tell anyone what we just did you’ll get in trouble too.” I told her. “Don’t tell anyone, I don’t want us to get in trouble.”

She finished getting dressed and moved the laundry basket aside and left my room. I was sure that the babysitter was going to storm into my room any second now but she never did. Shortly after that I fell asleep and soon after I woke up to my other sister telling me to get up, we’re going to the hospital to meet our new niece.

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