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Brother and Sister

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I was 12 sister was 11 the first time I fingered her was when we were watching TV in the living room. my sister was laying on the floor next to the couch I was laying on. I noticed she had her hand in her pants so I took a chance put my hand and slowly started to put it down her pants and she didn’t say a word.As I pushed my hand further in and got to her fuzzy pussy she was soaking wet I started to finger fuck her with my middle finger I kept fingering her to the point of my finger being wrinkled from her wetness. She told me to squeeze her pussy lips and press down she really enjoyed that. Next morning I woke up with super hard on I new no one was in the house except my sister sleeping in the next room.I figured I would sneak in her room I got on the bed slowly and started pulling the covers off of her.She slowly opens her eyes and looks at me and doesn’t say a word.i look at her white panties and start pulling them off, her pussy looked so sweet and sexy still fuzzy as her pussy hair is starting to grow. As we look into each others eyes I part her legs and her pussy lips part and what a beautiful pink pussy.i get between her legs and point my pulsating hard on at her sweet pussy I slowly start pushing my cock in down to my balls and she never lets out a sound she probably thought some one could be down stairs, her pussy felt so hot I never felt anything like it to this day I still jerk off thinking about it. I pump her pussy about five times pull out and leave the room. At this point I didn’t know what to do I hadn’t started cumming yet so I didn’t know anything about that yet.We did it a few more times after that I will have to post that an other time.

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  • Reply Turnedoutyoung ID:1dan6rkb09

    Youre crazy for not feasting on her young pussy before you fucked her.

  • Reply The grammer nazi ID:fzqi91ehm

    What the fuck was this dialect.

  • Reply Nina ID:2a73ucepm0

    love it <3

  • Reply Dave ID:abue0543

    Please do