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Bed and Breakfast (Pt I)

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School was out, so mom, and dad decided to go up to the mountains…

To get away from the virus, I pretty much had nothing but homework, and lessons sent by my teachers. So, I could pretty much do them any time, and mom decided it might be safer out in the country.

Where we could see the leaves changing, and the colors were pretty. Watching them go bye in the window, especially when I got carsick. Doing my schoolwork in the car, I’d look out over the guardrail until that settled my stomach.

My brother, Tony was 16, and he had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t see her. Even before the outbreak, she had to sneak out, but then her dad locked her down, and even put bars on her windows. “You believe that?”

I shrugged, but then once I looked over at his laptop, and he was watching a porno. “Anthony!” I pulled his head phones out, and kept my voice down. ‘what are you watching?’

‘check it out,’ he grinned, and turned it so I could see better. ‘you think she’s hot?’ He pointed to a woman, an older one, but not all wrinkled, and saggy. About mom’s age, give or take, but she was holding another girl’s hair. Between her legs, and sucking a dick while the girl was getting pounded from behind.

“Uh, I can’t really see her.” I shook my head, and bit my lip. Going back to my computer, I distracted myself with Pythagorean Theorem, but he was 16. A 16 year old boy, and a total horndog. He just shrugged, and put the headphones back in his ear, but I saw the older woman throw her head back.

I couldn’t hear her moaning, of course, but I could see the girl grinning, and pumping her fingers. In, and out of her sex, the one man standing up behind the couch pumped it out, over the lady’s face, and she sucked his balls. He shaved his balls, and everything. I thought that was kind of nice of him, so she didn’t get hair in her mouth, sucking on his balls.

Then, the teenager licked the mess off her tummy, and tits. I thought I was straight, before. I mean 100% totally straight, but now that I’d seen that. I was expecting to feel nauseous, but I just crossed my legs, and tried to think about numbers.

It was an easy one, because 1 side was 6′ long, and the long one was 10′. So, the third one had to be 8′ right? 3, 4, 5. I knew that was a perfect right triangle, because it was easy to remember 3, 4, and 5, so I tapped on 8. Then, I switched over to the calculator app, and checked it, to be sure.

That helped, so when the answer came back 64, I took a deep breath, and looked out the window. The guardrail got farther away, and Tony put his laptop up in the back of mom’s seat. Dad had another pouch behind him, so I put up my homework for lunch, but Tony got out, and said he’d “Stretch his legs.”

Putting on a mask, he went right for the bathroom, and then when he came out, we’d already pulled up to the drive-through. The restaurant was smart, they just unlocked the restrooms in back. So, you didn’t have to go in, and get the keys, but it was half of a gas station. With a little restaurant, and a sign with

|Home Cooking\
|Drive-Through /

Out front. Tony got back in, with a big dirty grin to tell me he’d beat off, in the gas station bathroom, but I’d forgotten all about his computer, and the porno he downloaded for the trip. He smelled like smoke, so mom gave him grief, and interrogated him about where he got cigarettes. He said he “Found it,” in a can bye the back door, but she confiscated his lighter.

Then, we drove up to the house, which was on the side of a mountain, and it had a great view from the guest house. “Huh!” I got out, and took my sandwich with me. Since I wasn’t feeling very hungry, afraid the twists, and turns would make me barf. I unwrapped it, and ate walking down the driveway to the guest house.

It was obviously a 2 car garage, they converted with big huge windows instead of garage doors, and stairs up the side to the lofts over it. It was practically a barn, but the roof just sloped back to windows overlooking the valley. The hills covered in colorful trees, and the river way down below. I could even see the twisty turns of the road snaking up from down there, but we came the other way.

From the city side, but this was almost right up against the national forest. They had hiking, and biking, but we didn’t have any bikes, or kayaks. The home-owners had some up on a rack by the driveway. “Feel any better?” Mom rubbed my shoulders, and hugged me. I nodded, but her big bra pressed flat against my shoulders, and I swallowed a big bite of my sandwich. “Isn’t it beautiful, we booked this place for the view.”

“Yeah.” I felt a little weird, about my mom. Hugging me like that, after I just watched, well far too much of that dirty group sex video that Tony was watching. “Which one’s my room?” When I looked back, he was holding up, both our bags by the pool.

“Oh, you two can fight over them.”

“Huh!” I sighed when she let go, and put the bisexual incestuous thoughts out of my head, to follow him up-stairs to the hall. “I’ll take this one,” he opened the first door, and dropped his bag inside. “You want me to show you to your room?”

I nodded, and let him carry my bag, but why not? “Huh!” It only had 3 walls, the ceiling sloped down with the roof, but then there was just a railing, overlooking the vaulted ceiling.

“God, you have to bring the whole wardrobe?” Dad pulled mom’s rolling suitcase up over the step, to the door, and rolled it across the living room.

“You’ll thank me later,” she hugged him from behind, and reached around to rub his crotch, without even looking up. I knew that they were still sexually active, even though mom would never do something nearly as naughty right in front of me, but she didn’t know that I was watching, so I got a dirty little thrill from that, but tried to think about a boy.

“Huh!” Falling back on my bed. ‘Darren.’ Darren Brown, he wasn’t a football player, or anything. The last time I saw him, he grew his hair out over the summer, but it wasn’t that long. Not like a metalhead, or a ratty girl’s hair. He brushed it up out of his eyes, so it didn’t even hang down like bangs, but it just hung out to the sides, and I never thought he was the type to spend so much on his appearance, before.

I guess he put some product in, and brushed his hair out for the video-conference. With the teacher, at the start of school to meet your classmates, which just made me wish we could go to class, and maybe I could sit next to him. Ask him questions about, History, or English. He’s really smart, I bet he’s going to be valedictorian when we get to high school, and speak at our graduation, but I rolled over.

“Oh!” Felt my bra press flat on the bed, and stuck my hands down under me, to pull out my waistband, and get my hands dirty. My fingers wet, and hump my hand, trying to imagine what he looks like with that dark green turtleneck off. “Oh, Darren huh!” Unbuckling his belt, and unzipping, cordaroys? I didn’t get to see much but his shoulders, and face. His hear, when he leaned back from the computer, and looked down to start typing, but what if I cammed with him?

“Huh, yeah. Take off that shirt, and let me see your muscles. HhuhHhuh! HhuhHhuh! You want to see my.” I was getting too hot anyway, so I took a break to untuck my top, unhook my bra, and turned around to sit up.

“Uh!” Tony just grinned, through the wide open door, and I held my loose bra cups up, inside my top. He didn’t see anything, really, but more than enough.

“So, who’s this Darren guy you’ve got the hots for?” He shook his head, and thought. “Darren Brown? The nerd, with the glasses, from 4th grade?”

“Well, he’s not in 4th grade any more, obviously.” Of course, he hadn’t seen him since he graduated to middle school, and we were in 4th grade together. “He’s grown up a lot.” Still hadn’t noticed me, but he’s a bookworm, so he hadn’t noticed anyone. I sure hoped he wasn’t gay, though.

“Well,” he held up a pair of swim-trunks. “I was going out for a swim, so I thought I’d ask if you wanted to come.” He leaned over with a dirty grin, and pulled the door shut. “Since you left your door open.”

“Not any more.” I don’t know whether he heard me out in the hall, but that killed the mood. So, with my bra already undone, I decided to take my tops off, and went over to lock the door. Only to find that there wasn’t any lock on the door, so I unpacked my swimsuit, and put it on quickly.

By the time I got out to the porch, Tony was already in the pool. Standing up, he walked over waist high, and pulled himself up over the side to the hot-tub. “Snh?” I smelled a cigarette butt, and looked over at the window sill, bye the stairs.

He had a window, overlooking the pool, and left the short on the sill. Next to a little black spot where he stubbed it out. Saving it for later, I doubted he had time to beat off, smoke it, change, and get in the pool, but holding the towel over my shoulders, and heading down the stairs. I thought it would be like taking a cold shower, but I was already as horny as I’d ever been in my whole life, and that speedo he was wearing.

Well, it didn’t leave much to the imagination, pushing down on the side of the pool to make his muscles fan out in his back. So, his tight buns stuck out, with the wet blue lycra clinging to him, and even a little bulge in his crotch shadowed underneath.

He leaned back, with his head on the side of the hot tub, so I put my towel down, and jumped in feet first. “Jesus, it’s freezing! Why didn’t you warn me?”

“You’ll get used to it.” I covered up my nipples when he turned around, “But it’s nice, and warm in here. Come on, I’ll help you climb over.”

I shivered, and pushed my way through the water. Up to my ribs, he offered me his hand, so I let go of my frozen nipples, and took it. Climbed over, and sighed with relief.

“Huh!” I sat back, but he didn’t look at my boobs sticking out, over the water. Just the bottoms were floating, and warm. My nipples thawed, and they bounced together a little with tiny waves, but it was too late.

I was thinking about, well. Looking at him, in that tight pair of swim trunks, but underneath the water. He put his arms up, and leaned back, but he was still tanned from summer, and covered in tight muscle from swimming. He wanted to swim for the junior varsity team, but of course, the high school was closed too. So, it was like one long summer, cooped up in the house, only we couldn’t go out.

He couldn’t see his girlfriend, which left him sexually frustrated, and I hadn’t seen his little dinkle since we’re kids. Nothing incestuous, just normal brother sister stuff. Changing in the family locker room, at the public pool, or whatever. I guess, technically it was the first penis I’d ever seen, but I wasn’t any more interested than Oh, he’s a boy. That’s how he pees standing up, and that was it.

I’m a teenager now, and he’s a high school boy. A Junior, and old enough to drive, if there was anywhere to go, with his new license. Old enough to be beating off, and downloading porn off the internet, underage.

“Enjoying the pool?” A woman came out, in a robe, and a mask. An older woman, she kept her distance, and raised her voice, but there was something familiar about her hair.

I couldn’t place it, but Tony said “Yeah, great hot tub.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she turned, and the blonde highlights picked up the sun, but I still didn’t recognize her, with the mask on. She padded over to the door, in sandals, and pushed a button on a speaker. “Let me know if I can get you anything,” she leaned over, and Tony turned around. Put his arms up on the side, kneeling on the bench around the hot tub, with the seat of his speedo rippling under the water, to watch. She nodded, but I didn’t hear anything, but tinny sound from the intercom. “This is 28B,” Tony looked back and grinned. “If you order anything, they’ll deliver it right to your door, if you tell them number 28B.”

I didn’t get it, but then she padded back to the house, and took her mask off. Right inside the kitchen door, she smiled, and took her robe off, too. Hung it up, on the wall, and turned around, to disappear, in her bra, and panties.

“You think she’s sexy?”

“Uh!” Then, I recognized her. He said that, the exact same way in the car. Showing me the video, the group sex video, and even with her back arched. Her mouth wide open in a silent moan, before the man stepped up to drop his clean shaven nuts in her mouth, and beat off all over her. “Huh!”

“She’s bisexual, you know.”

“Well, I’m not, and besides. She’s obviously careful about wearing a mask, and social distancing. Renting out her guest house like this, she’s probably exposed to lots of people, and.” I’m making excuses, so I just stopped. Took a deep breath, and nodded, “Yeah, I guess. She’s pretty sexy for her age, and you think mom, and dad know?”

He laughed, “Why do you think they came here?’ He shook his head, “Who do you think I got that thumb drive from?”


“Well, dad’s computer, but he didn’t tell me. I figured it out, though.”


“Well, isn’t it obvious? She’s a whore, and an amateur porn-star. So, I bet he’s finally talked mom into doing that threesome with him, or maybe a wife swap with her husband, and maybe even a big 4 way orgy if we’re lucky. Mom’s not sure.”

“How do you know?”

“They kept the chat logs, from sexting, camming, and mom said we’ll see.” He nodded, and that sounded like what mom would say, but I shook my head. I couldn’t imagine her having group sex with anyone, let alone bisex, no matter how hot the hostess was, but here we were. She’d agreed to come this far, and stay in the guest house of a swinger couple, amateur porn stars, and even sexted with them.

I guess to get in the mood, and work herself up to trying something new, but then she didn’t go to college. Dad did, though. I’m sure he at least heard about girls going wild, experimenting, satisfying their bi-curiosity, and I’m trying not to think about how I felt. Right over there, when mom came up behind me, hugged me, and held my back up against her bra.

“What’s her name?”

“Oh,” he looked over at the back door, “Simone, but I bet that’s just her porn-star name.”

“Huh!” I nodded, thinking that at least it wouldn’t be incestuous. If Simone came up behind me, slipped the straps off my shoulders, and felt around to fondle my breasts. Pressed my back against that lacy, sexy bra, and smelled my hair. Kissing my neck.

“You think they’re fake?”

“Her boobs?” I shook my head, “They shook just like normal boobs in the video.”

“So, you were watching.” He grinned. I blushed, and looked down. “I couldn’t see any scars from getting implant surgery.”

“Kids?” Mom leaned out. “We ordered some food, so you better get out, and put some clothes on for dinner.”

“Okay, mom.” I couldn’t even look at her. I can’t imagine, having sex with her, and then ever being able to face her again. Now, I finally understand why Hillary, and Chelsea (I know, it’s a coincidence, no relation) stopped hanging out. They were both bicurious, and they tried it, once. It ruined their whole friendship, and I didn’t understand why, until now.

“I’m not hungry.” I ran up the steps instead, forgot my towel, but I drip-dried, and hung up my swimsuit. My hair wasn’t even wet at all, but they had this really nice fleece blanket I could wrap up in. “Well,” mom called up, “I ordered your favorite, shrimp fried rice, so it’ll be in the kitchen when you want it.”

There’s no privacy here. No locks on the doors, and if you step back all the way to the front windows. Where the garage doors used to be, you could see right up to my bedroom. Or, I could sit on my bed, cuddled up in the warm fleece, and look down at the living room. The Chinese laid out on the coffee table, and Tony trying to eat noodles with chopsticks.

“Huh!” I just lay down, and curled up, naked except for the blanket, but I didn’t want to get up, and pick out clean underwear. This damned horniness kept coming, and going, I got interrupted when I was fantasizing about Darren, so I picked it up in my dreams. I guess, but he wasn’t there, at all.

It was all my family, and Simone, too. I didn’t really get a good look at her husband, or the girl’s boyfriend, they were barely in the picture, but their dicks, balls, and even the teenager’s rump swinging in and out of frame. Pumping his girlfriend full of dick, while she went down on Simone, with her head back, sucking dick, and balls, and. “Huh!”

I woke up. Realizing it wasn’t just her, I recognized. Simone, leaning back on the couch, with her legs spread wide open. They must have moved the coffee table, but it was the same couch, in the living room.

“Oh, honey, slow down.” My dad’s voice, and I just had to sit up, to look down. “Huh, yeah.” He brushed mom’s hair out of her face, and his hand followed her head, up and down, in his lap. “Just like that, no need to hurry.”

She smiled around his dick, and nodded. Kept giving him head, but then dad looked back up. At the window, across from the couch. It was dark inside, but the lights on the outside shone in, so I could see them.

I had no idea that mom gave head, like a pro. I guess, I was impressed, but they’re married, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not the sort of thing I thought about, before. Of course, Simone was up, naked, outside, and sitting on a man’s face. Her husband? I don’t know, but she didn’t have much more on than a mask. Trimmed around the edges with lace, almost like a pair of underpants for her face. Just stockings, and a matching lacy belt to hold them up, but she had her tits in her hands. Her fingers brushing, and pinching her big dark nipples, and humped his face, hard.

“Huh!” I was already wet, from dreaming, but now it was surreal. Like I hadn’t woken up, but the dream had gone on, far past the point that I’d seen in the video teaser. Like a commercial, in the middle of math, and I bet Tony did that on purpose. I’m a little glad he did, because if we hadn’t had that talk earlier in the hot-tub, then I never would have known what was going on, when I woke up to this.

Well, obviously, mom said it herself. We came here “For the view,” but I didn’t think she ment through the windows to the dirt road. The driveway, and the pool lounger they’d pulled around to set up, right out in front of the window. To lay flat, and straddle his head so he could flick his tongue up between her legs, and feel between his. Rubbing his balls with his fingers so they bulged out the sides, and pulling the hard shaft so the skin slipped up over the head.

Faster, and harder, until he stopped, slowed down, and let it fall over his thumb. Petting it with his fingertips, while it twitched, and spat glistening wet stripes up his rippling abs.

“Huh!” I had to throw the covers off, but nobody could see me up here. I was so hot, and sweaty, I could smell it, but it didn’t even smell like me. I’m not a sweaty person, and I always took a bath or something, before I got used to the smell, but the shower is downstairs, in the bathroom, behind the kitchen.

I’d have to go out, and around the stairs. In the side door, and through the living room, or tie the blankets to the railing, and climb down, like a prisoner escaping, but I was so wet. From the wet dreams, and then mommy got up. Naked, and pulled her tits up in both hands. To hug around daddy’s dick, wet, and glistening from her mouth, and I tried squeezing mine together, like that.

I could make a little wrinkle, but not deep enough to stick a dick in. “Hhuh! Come for me, come for me now. Huh, I can’t wait any more, cum on…”

Tony leaning in the door to grab the knob, and ask me if I wanted to cum. Swimming, of course he ment swimming with him, and not be left alone to hump my hand to an orgasm, thinking about Darren. Oh yeah, I shook my head. Trying to remember, what he looked like, but all I could think of was his hair.

“Huh!” Then Simone got off. Stood up, and Tony sat up. “HhuhH!” I just fell back, but it was too late. I’d already seen his dick puke all over his tight tanned abs, and somehow I missed the tanline from his speedo, but he just. What, beat off, while Simone sat on his face, and dad watched while mom gave him head, and then got up to tit fuck him, and.

“Ah huh! Fuck, nrgh!”

He’s cumming!

“Uhn!” Mommy’s lips split open with a dirty grin, and it ran down her chest from her neck. Even in the shadow, of the light shining in from outside. The empty pool lounger, laid flat, and daddy’s baby batter shooting up to land on his belly. “Huh!” Mommy let go, panting, and picked up his limp dick. Squeezing a drop out the tip to kiss, suck, and lick. Then following the streaks up daddy’s belly, and why am I thinking Mommy, and Daddy?

I haven’t called them that in years, but somehow, seeing them like this. Playing adult games on the hideabed, and how come Simone didn’t fold out the bed to have a swinger orgy on? Now that I know it was a hideabed all along, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m confused, and Tony must’ve stopped to smoke on the porch, because he finally came in.

The lights went off, downstairs anyway, and there wasn’t much to see on the bed, besides their bodies cuddling under the covers.

“Huh!” It wasn’t a dream, but I lay back down, and covered up my naked body before I got cold again. Running hot, and cold, horny, and confused, daydreaming about my own family, as much as Darren, and Simone, but then feeling guilty, because it’s sick.

I don’t feel sick, though. In fact, I’m a little hungry, since I skipped dinner, and the last thing I ate was that sandwich. So, I got up, found some clothes to put on in the dark, and went out to the hall. “Huh!” I saw the lights, out the window. That’s the other thing, Tony picked the room with a window, but I at least got a nice view of the road from the hall windows. No traffic lights, or cars, just lights set up so people didn’t run off the road, driving through the mountains at night.

It was strangely beautiful, but then I got hungry. Went down to find my dinner in the kitchen, and ate cold fried rice in the dark. Trying to think, or at least figure out what to feel, but it was all too much, too fast. Dad spent all this money, to get Tony a whore, and watched. I had no idea, that my own father could even think about something so perverted, and mom. Why didn’t she say anything? Was she okay with it? She never looked back, but she knew. She had to know what was going on behind her, she just had the decency not to look.

Right? I don’t fucking know, but. I’m not going to get any answers, unless I ask somebody about it, and the only one that I can even imagine without having panic attack is my brother, Tony. He’s a teenager, and my brother, he’s horny, and it’s not even such a big surprise that he’s into anything that kinky. When it’s not even, really all that kinky, when you think about it. Okay, mom, and dad watching, but did he even see mom, and dad watching, inside?

Of course, they pulled the chaise lounge around, and set it up, right in front of the window. So dad could see right between his legs, and so could I. So close, his knees were practically up against the window sill, so I could see everything up there.

I can’t get it out of my head, and now that I’m full. I have to go up to bed, and sleep, somehow without my wet dreams turning into nightmares, but it’s so weird, and freaky, confusing, and scary, I know that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

What am I going to do, now? I’m the only one not getting laid, and I can’t even masturbate in private, without losing the mood, getting interrupted, or just being so scared that someone will see me. Tony can just walk right in the door, just like he almost did, when I started playing with myself. Moaning out loud about Darren like some lovesick schoolgirl, when I don’t really even know him.

Sure enough, the roller coaster ride continued in my dreams. Turning into nightmares, then erotic orgies with my whole family, and Simone. Nobody else, not even me, all I could do was watch mom, and dad fuck, watching Tony fuck Simone, but then the nightmare feeling would come back, again, and again, all night long.

I’m so glad that I don’t even remember the half of it.


^I can go on…

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