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Although this is not a Naked In School Story it has been inspired by the series. I would like to thank Karen Wagner for opening the door and for other authors like Peregrinef and Frank Downey for paving the way.
I would like to put my main character through the Program one day.
If you’re interested in reading the stories that inspired this short tale please go to https://www.asstr.org/~NIS-Admin/core.html
I hope you enjoy!


‘Hi. My name is Amy. I’m eleven years old with red hair, and of English stock on my mother’s side. My father is unmistakably Dutch. I’m told that I look like my mother. I don’t really remember much of her. She passed away in a car accident when I was three. It’s been me and dad ever since.
Anyway… What I’m writing here will be part of my diary report to the NiS program that started in the USA some years ago. I’m not going into the nuts and bolts of it too much. I’m sure you are familiar with it by now.
Now some of the stuff I’m going to be writing here will definitely not make it into the diary. Some things, the world is better off not knowing.
I think I’ll have to start my story a year and a half before I got called into the principal’s office to take my own swing at the program. At the time, the program did not yet make it to the shores of this country.
It all started around two weeks after my eleventh birthday.
I got home from school and was alone in the apartment up until just past six. It seldom happens, but it’s not completely unusual. Dad is a writer and tends to work from home. He is usually in when I get back from school or other activities.
I came home early since hockey season does not start for two month and I did not have practice that day. I ate something. Can’t remember what and drank some coffee. I think I must have picked up that addiction from my father. I did my homework, which fortunately was not a lot.
After which I wondered around the apartment bored out of my scull. The place is really not big enough to wonder around in. It is a small three bedroom, two bathrooms in the upstairs, with a living room and kitchen downstairs. One of the bedrooms has been converted into a library/office/study were my dad does most of his work.
It is in this room where I ended up in.
Sitting in his chair I started the computer that was on it. Now, the room is a tad too small to be sitting behind a desk. As a result the desk is up against the window which provides a great view of a portion of the town and the school.
While I was waiting for the computer the boot up, I peeked into the drawers to see if I could find something interesting. Dad sometimes hides candy in there.
Now, I do have my own laptop that I use for school things and stuff. But, I’ve learned my father’s passwords and so on for his computer. I once had to use his when mine was at the shop for a service. The passwords have not changed since. He’s been using the same ones for years.
I know it was wrong of me to snoop. It all hinges on trust and all that kind of stuff. I did not expect to find anything. After all, at the time, my world was still bubbles and unicorns.
I was the daughter of a single father that did not have the birds and bees talk with me yet at the time.
To make things sort, I somehow, or rather, deliberately, went into the browser history. That is how I found the name Marcia Bixby.
Marcia is a tall slender woman with short brown hair, a lot of tattoos and big breasts that somehow does not look awkward on her frame. She is rather pretty. I got to know her later on. She is a tornado of a woman. But that is a story for later.
What shocked me was that I found a number of videos with Marcia in it. All of them of the adult entertainment sort.
Now remember I was still really innocent at the time. I’ve never even saw a boy naked before. Except for maybe a glimpse at my daddy once or twice when I forgot to knock, I had no idea what the other half the species looked like.
So, there I was drawn in, watching the videos of Marcia in the nude performing various sexual acts with a variety of other people. Both male and female.
I did not understand exactly what I was seeing. I was scared, but could not look away. I had this tingling in my stomach that kept me glued to the screen.
At around half past five I finally stopped and shut down the computer. My head was spinning. ‘What exactly did I just watch? What was dad doing?’ I could not wrap my head around any more questions than that.
I found a message on my cell phone from my father, telling me that he will be home just past six, and that I should not worry about preparing food. He said that he would bring some burgers.
It dawned on me that I very well probably will be in a whole lot of trouble. I’ve never done anything like that before. Well, I have snooped a bit. Sometimes. I never got caught though. But that was the first time that I have done, well that! I decided that I should just keep quiet and hope it all blows over.
And this is where my story begins…’


“Why so quiet tonight? You haven’t said more than two words since I got here.” Mr. van Buren asks as he clears the small breakfast nook of plates and started cleaning the kitchen.
“Nothing. Just tired I guess.” Amy answers. Looking down and fidgeting under the table.
“Well it doesn’t look like nothing. Did something happen? You know you can talk to me.”
“It’s just been a long day, that’s all.” Amy got up and started drying the dishes.
“Tell me about it.”
“It…” It was a normal Thursday at a primary school. Nothing earthshaking really happened. But things do happen, and Amy usually tells her Daddy, Mr. van Buren, all about it. Amy does not hide anything from her father. She never had reason to. It is just that right now, she could not remember any of it. Not after what she saw this afternoon.
“Did you get in trouble?” Mr. van Buren put the last plate down and looked at Amy.
“I…” Amy looked at her shoes to see if they could give her some inspiration.
“Well… It’s going to come out at some point. It’s better if you tell me now.”
“Ok. Can we sit down first? And promise you won’t be mad.”
“Ok. Let’s move to the lounge. It’s more comfortable there.” Mr. van Buren sits down and motions for Amy to sit next to him in the spot she usually sits when they’re watching the TV.
“Promise.” Amy says. Still standing.
“Ok. I promise.”
Amy sits down and gathers her courage. ‘If I do not get this out now I will not sleep tonight.’
“Who is Marcia Bixby?” It is not exactly the question she wants to ask. But there is a storm inside her brain and that is the one that just fell out.
“How do you know of Marcia?” Mr. van Buren asks with a bit sterner voice.
“Saw on your computer.”
“O! Tell me, what exactly did you see?”
“Some videos…” Amy blushed as she said it.
Mr. van Buren kept quiet for some time. Thinking. Which only put Amy more on edge. She knows that she is in trouble. She just does not know the extent of it yet.
“The truth… Marcia is a business associate. A partner actually.”
“Do you guys do the stuff in the videos?”
“No..! And yes. Not exactly. Let me explain. This is kind of hard. I did not have the talk with you yet. And that is kind of what Marcia and I are doing. Having the talk in a roundabout way.”
“I’m now more confused.” Amy says. “How?”
“Well let me start at the beginning. It will clear up the confusion. Or rather, a beginning. Otherwise this might take the whole night.”
Mr. van Buren shifts in his seat to face Amy.
“We are making similar videos than the ones you saw. But not exactly. The ones we make are educational in nature. Our premise is that most kids these days learn about sex through pornography. That’s the kind of videos that you saw. That’s a very bad way to learn about sex. Porn, that’s the short word for it, is not designed to be educational. Now we cannot market our videos to kids. That would be illegal. And to have kids star in these videos even more so. My side of the whole endeavor is to write the scripts, direct some of the videos. And sometimes source locations. I also partially bankroll the operation. We have some sponsors and other partners. The Idea is to produce Pornographic videos that are educational in nature. If a kid should stumble upon porn, we would much rather it is one of our videos that teach about sex. Much better than the videos you saw.”
“Marcia is in these videos you make?”
“Some of them yes. Her involvement in the company, we had to set up a company to do this, revolves more around her connections to the industry and hiring the actors. It takes a lot of convincing to have the other players host our videos and put it in front. They’re all just in it for the money. But we’ve just started. If this works out, the world could just be a slightly better place.”
“Some of what I saw was scary and confusing.” Amy answers. “Is that what you call sex?”
“Yes. And no. It is sex. But what you saw is not exactly normal. Marcia is a talented lady. She can do some extreme stuff. Look, I will teach you as much as I can. It is my job. But not tonight. It’s getting late. And we still have to address the issue of you breaking my trust. It was a very bad thing you did.”
“I know… I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”
“I know you won’t. But there is still a punishment for it. I’m going to have to spank you. Bare bottom. Over the knee.”
“I…” Amy sat there frozen. The gravity of her actions just now sinking in. Crimes against things are not that important and never gets a spanking. Breaking a plate and things like that are never an issue. Losing a cell phone did not even have this result. Although she did have to mow a lawn for four consecutive Saturdays for free to learn the value of it.
Crimes against people on the other hand are something her father takes a dim view at. Amy breaking his trust must have been really hurtful towards him.
“Well. We do not have all night.” Mr. van Buren scoots forward to sit on the edge of the couch. “Off with your shorts and underwear and lay yourself down here.” Mr. van Buren pats his left knee with his left hand. “I’m going to give you six. And you’re going to count them this time.”
Amy got up and struggles with the button of her short cut of jeans. Her hands were shaking. She does not know when it started. All she knows is that she did something very wrong and that her bottom is going to hurt very soon.
“Hurry up. This will be over soon.”
Amy’s shorts dropped to the floor, followed by white cotton panties.
She drapes herself over her daddy’s knees. Shaking in the anticipation of what’s going to happen. She starts to cry before she got settled. Amy was now facing down with her forearms clasped in the small of her back. Mr. van Buren took a firm grip of them in his right hand, pinning Amy down on his legs in the process. Her but sticking out for his left hand to administer the punishment. He is a lefty. He played some cricket in his youth and goes to the gym almost every day. If he really wants to, he can administer some devastating blows. Amy saw what her father is capable of in the boxing ring, and that scares her a bit. Although she knows her father has never, and would never, spank her out of anger.
Whack! The first measured blow fell on her left buttock. Taking Amy’s breath with it.
“One!” The flat hand on her bottom caused her to momentarily go numb before the pain crept in.
Whack! The second one fell on her right side about five seconds later.
“Two!” Amy screams out. The first one only now starting to hurt.
Whack! Number three falls right on top of the mark left by number one. The combined sting now excruciating.
Amy kicks involuntarily. Crying out.
Whack! Number four lands right on top of number three. Amy really did not expect it there after the five second counts to let number three settle in. The sting of it is incomprehensible.
“Four!” Amy screams out after catching her breath. She was now crying freely with tears hitting the floor below her. Snot hanging from her nose.
Whack! Whack! Five and six came in quick succession six seconds later. Both of them on her right buttocks, on top of the second one.
“Five! Six!” Amy screams out the numbers as she kicks again.
Mr. van Buren holds on to Amy until she calms down a bit before he helps her up.
“Now take a shower and go to bed. We’ll start with your sex education tomorrow after school.”


‘It’s been about an hour now since I had my spanking. The pain of it is long gone, although my but is still a bit tender when I touch it. The marks should be gone before I wake up tomorrow morning. It really hurt when it happened, but now it was slowly reducing to memories.
That is why I’m still awake. It was just something about it that I do not want to forget. So, here I am writing down all of it into my diary in as much detail as I can before it all fades away. I’m reading through it now to see if I missed something…
…Tonight Daddy explained to me the relationship between him and Marcia Bixby. That was after I confessed about snooping on his computer. He said they’re making pornos of some sort. I’ve heard that word before at school. Some kids are just worldlier than me. Especially the older ones in grade seven. I do not interact with them much.
He said what they’re doing is teaching kids about sex. I don’t know anything about it. Daddy says that he will teach me.
After, he said that I will need to get a spanking for snooping on his computer and breaking the trust between us. I agree that I screwed up. But I did not like the idea of the punishment he planned to exact on my behind. Well it is punishment… So I suppose I’m not supposed to like it.
He ordered me to strip off my shorts and panties. It was going to be an over the knee bare bottom kind of affair. The worst kind. That is when I realized that he puts a lot of weight in the trust we have in each other. And he ordered six strikes. The maximum penalty. Well the maximum I’ve had so far.
The only other time he gave me six was when I got caught stealing something. I’m not gonne go into it. He gave me a thorough spanking and then had me stand in the corner facing the wall with my hands on my head. Sans bottoms. I remember that it was a Wednesday. Comedy night. I could not see the TV. But I could hear that it was an episode of the sitcom that we were following at that time. He, Daddy was laughing up a storm all by himself. It was the worst. Being ignored and neglected.
Back to tonight though… I remember that I was shaking enough so that I had trouble opening the button on my shorts. I do not know exactly why I was shaking. Maybe it was the fear of what I knew was coming. Or, maybe it was the guilt I felt. It could also have been the combination of all that happened that evening. Maybe it was excitement? Excitement of what? The same kind you get just before a roller coaster takes off. I don’t know.
I remember draping myself over his legs with my bottom sticking out to his left. It was kind of embarrassing. It was not as if he has not seen me naked before. I mean he did bath me when I was little. And he did give me that other spanking about a year ago. I figure that it might have been because of the videos I saw. They must have flicked a switch in my head or something.
I crossed my arms in the small of my back and clasped my forearms in my hands. Just like last time. Daddy gripped both my arms firmly in his right hand and pinned me down on his lap with his forearm on my back. I remembered the warmth coming out of Daddy’s body. This heat radiating up from his legs into my torso and from his arm that held me down. It felt good.
Then the first spank hit me. It took my breath away as my bottom went numb. Time slowed down to a crawl as the sting of it slowly crept up to me. I remember Daddy’s voice in the distance reminding to count. So I did. Loudly. It at least made my breath come back. I waited forever for the second one to come down. It did come, just as the pain of the first strike reached its peak. I remembered to count that one. I had to wait again for the third strike. It landed right on top of the tender flesh left behind by the first strike. It stung immediately. The pain overwhelmed my body. It was unbearable at the time. I thought. I even forgot to count until I got reminded to do so. I remember crying. In fact, I started crying even before I took position. Maybe the emotion I felt at the time was just too much for my body to take.
The fourth one was a surprise though. It’s not that I did not expect it. I was promised six strikes after all. It was the placement of it that threw me. And the results. The fourth strike landed right on top of where the third one was maturing. And I thought that number three was bad. The combination of three spanks on one spot somehow flipped some switches in my head. The pain was there. There’s no mistake about that. It was just that I felt another sensation as well. The tingly feeling I felt this afternoon when watching those videos came back. And it was even stronger. I could not, and still can’t place it. I do have the words to describe it. I only know that it felt oddly good.
Spanks numbers five and six fell an eternity after that. I remember that they stung on my right buttocks. Increasing the tingly feeling. I was bawling my eyes out at that point. I wanted it all to stop. I did not want it to stop.
I was sent upstairs in a daze after a while. I also now realize that I forgot my pant and panties downstairs. I opt to go bottomless throughout the night. It might just be better for my tender behind.’


The next day went by in a blur. Amy spent a long time on a short Friday not really concentrating on what was happening at school. She could not wait to get home and start learning about sex. It exited and scared her both at the same time.
She rushed home after the last bell rang and stormed into the apartment to find her father connecting his laptop to the TV.
“Hi! How was your day?” Mr. van Buren looks up with a smile when he sees the excitement written all over Amy’s face.
“Long. Boring. And yours?” Amy looks at her father’s actions quizzically. He only plugs his laptop into the TV when he’s got something on the laptop to show on a bigger screen.
“Not bad. Go get yourself out of your uniform and come down for lunch.”
“I thought we’re gonne, you know…”
“Lunch first. We’ve got the whole weekend.”
Amy runs upstairs and was out of her school uniform and into a light blue mini skirt and soft pink t-shirt and into the kitchen in less than five minutes.
“That must be a new record.” Mr. van Buren laughs.
Amy just smiled shyly.
“Just don’t choke on your lunch.” This time they both laugh and Amy calms down a bit.
“I got you something.” Mr. van Buren says between sandwiches and orange juice near the end of lunch. He slides a pencil bag across the table toward Amy.
“What’s this?” Amy asks a bit confused. It’s not her birthday after all.
“Well. Open it and have a look.” Mr. van Buren gestures towards the small denim pencil bag. “It’s for in case of emergency.”
Amy opens the bag to find a panty, a panty liner and two aspirins inside. Along with it was also a small card with two teddy bears hugging on it. One big bear and one small one. On it was written ‘Hang in there pumpkin! Love. Dad. XXX. ‘
“What is this for? Love the card by the way.”
“Well. It has to do with your first lesson in the sex education class I’ll be giving you shortly. You just keep that one in your book case and hope that you do not need it. Eat up. We’ve got a lot to learn.”
They quickly finished their lunch, cleaned up the kitchen and before retiring on the couch.
“Now. To kick things off, I decided to first show you the boring sex ed. Video that you will probably see in school at some point. You will see this or something similar. It answers some questions in broad strokes. It is, in my opinion, vastly inadequate. But at least it provides some foundation to build the real education on. Pity that most schools stop at the video and do not go any further.”
They sat there on the couch and watched the board of education approved video that contains lots of animation and technical terms.
After the video finished Amy sat there staring blankly at the now black screen.
“Any questions?” Mr. van Buren asks.
“Lots! I just don’t know where to begin.”
“Ok. Let’s discuss your period first. It’s going to start soon. So it will be of utmost importance that you know what to do. Most girls start menstruating at age twelve. But sometimes it could even start as early as eight or nine. Or even as late as fifteen. The most common way to know if you’re going to start to get them is if you start growing hair under your arms or on your pubes. That is to mean, down there.” Mr. van Buren points to between Amy’s legs as he finished his monologue.
“I saw the video. I’m going to bleed down there aren’t I? Will it hurt?”
“No. You may experience some cramps though. That’s what the aspirin is for. A hot water bottle also helps. You won’t bleed that much really. Only a couple of teaspoons. Although it might look like a lot. You might have to change your pad up to six times a day. Do not flush them in the toilet, they don’t dissolve in water. Just keep the wrapper, wrap it up and throw it in the dustbin.”
“The video says I could bleed for five days straight. That’s a lot…”
“It only happens once a month. Although it may be irregular for the first two years or so. You’ll get used to it. I got some extra pads and tampons so we could practice bit to use them for when the time comes. Care to try?”
Amy looks at her father uncertain of how to proceed.
“I guess we could…”
“Let’s start with the pad first. Unwrap it and have a look at how it’s designed.”
Amy takes the pad that her father hands to her. She quickly read some of the writing that was on it before she starts to unwrap it.
“Now. Don’t pull that part off yet. It’s just some covering to keep it fresh of sorts. Want to try it on?”
“Ok. I guess.” Amy answers. Not quite sure about what is going to happen next.
“Right. You should take off your skirt. It will make it easier.”
Amy stands up and removes her skirt. Now she is only wearing her white cotton panties and pink t-shirt. She is about to sit down again before her father stops her.
“It’s better to stand for this part. Now pull your panties down to your knees.”
Amy does so.
“Do you need me to help with the first one? Then you could see how it’s done. You can do the next one all by yourself then.”
Amy just nods. She has an idea of how to do it. It does not look like rocket science or anything, but there might be something she missed.
Mr. van Buren moves with opened pad towards Amy. He gently puts it inside her panties and pulls the last piece of paper off. He folds the wings over before pulling the panties back up. He made some adjustments to make sure they sit right and were comfortable.
“Walk around a bit. See how it feels. Climb some stairs. Do some splits. You know some normal stuff.” Mr. van Buren suggests.
Amy walks around the apartment in her now padded panties and pink T. She decides to run up the stairs and down again. She wiggles her butt to the laughter of her father. She also attempts some splits.
“Let’s put some music on. We can see how it holds up to dancing.” Mr. van Buren suggests.
“Yeah!!” Amy pushes the coffee table into the corner while her father fiddled with the remotes. An energetic waltz came up.
“Let’s try this one first before we do one of those newfangled ass shakers you love.”
Amy just loves to dance. She took a ballroom dancing class during the summer holydays and has not yet had the opportunity to show off her stuff.
After the waltz with her father some techno pop or something came up. It was very lively and had Amy bouncing and gyrating to tune of it.
“Right. Let’s move on to the next part.” Mr. van Buren says as the song stops. “Do you think you can handle the pad by yourself or would you like to try it first?”
“I think I’m ok with that one. It’s not rocket science. Although, I felt it slip a bit when I was moving a bit too much. It might be a bit dangerous. I Think.” Amy says pensively.
“That is why most athletes, especially swimmers, prefer tampons. Would you like to try?”
“Ok. There are two types. We’ve got them both here. The applicator type, and the non applicator type.” Mr. van Buren holds up two wrapped tampons. “We’ll start with the applicator type. They are the easiest to use.”
Amy looks at the two small cylindrical shaped objects. One long. The other short.
“Now unwrap this one first. It is the applicator type.” Mr. van Buren hands Amy the longer cylinder.
Amy takes off the wrapping and looks at it. It does not look too complicated. She just cannot figure out exactly how the applicator works.
“Need help with that?” Mr. van Buren asks.
“Yes please.” Amy answers as she hands the tampon back.
“Well. First you’re going to have to completely remove your panties. I need some room to work.”
“Ok.”Amy stands up and takes her panties off along with the pad that is inside it.
“You can sit again.” Mr. van Buren tells Amy who kept standing.
Amy sits down on her spot. Taking note of the new sensation of the couch touching her naked rear.
“Now… I’m going to put the tampon into your vagina. Don’t worry. It will not hurt. You are going to have to spread your legs though. And lay back, so I can get to it.”
Amy moves to the edge of the couch and lays back. She spreads her legs to present her bare vulva to her father.
“Your vagina may be a bit dry. It’s nothing to worry about. All you need is a little lubrication to make it go in easier.” Mr. van Buren sticks the applicator in his mouth and twirls it around a bit. “Ah! Wait. I’ve got an idea.” Mr. van Buren rushes up the stairs and back before Amy can even figure out what is happening.
“I just figured that you might not be able to see what is going on. So I now I’m going to use my head mounted camera, and you can see everything on the TV.”
I took a minute to get everything set up.
“Ready. Now you can see everything that I see.” Mr. van Buren takes a seat on the floor between Amy’s legs.
Amy, now for the first time have a proper look at her genitals. And on a wide screen TV to boot.
“As I was saying… It helps to lubricate the applicator a bit.” Mr. van Buren puts the applicator back in his mouth and twirls it again. “You’re alright down there can you see?”
Amy just nods.
“Ok. I’m gonne ask you to pull your labia open a bit. So we can see. Just use both hands and gently pull them toward your legs.”
Amy does so, revealing her pink insides to her father and to herself on the TV.
“Great! Now, I see your hymen is still intact. Some, well most people, say that if you break your hymen you lose your virginity.” Mr. van Buren points at the thin piece of skin that partially blocks Amy’s vagina. “It’s not true. It actually kind of stretches. It’s more like a scrunchie. Although it can be damaged when you lose your virginity. It does not mean your virginity is lost when it gets damaged. It might hurt a bit when it happens though. So we are going to be very careful in doing this. Ready?”
“Yes.”Amy says softly without taking her eyes of the screen in front of her.
“First we insert the front part of the applicator.” Mr. van Buren slowly inserts the tampon applicator into Amy’s vagina after making sure that it is again well lubricated. He paid careful attention to not damage her hymen or injure her in any way. “Now you just push the rear part forward while holding on to the front part. Can you see?”
“Yes. I see everything clearly.”Amy whispers.
“Then you just pull the applicator out.” Mr. van Buren removes the applicator slowly. “Now you have only a piece of string sticking out. Get up and move around a bit. See how it feels.”
“Same routine as before?” Amy asks as she got up.
“Why not!”Mr. van Buren says with a laugh.
Amy walks up and down a bit, stretching her steps a little as gets accustomed to the new sensation of having an object in her vagina. She runs up and down the stairs a bit and does some splits again. All with just a t-shirt on and a piece of string hanging between her legs.
“We must try the dancing again.” Amy says excitedly.
“You just want to dance some more. Ok. Put on some music. I’ll organize us some drinks. Passion fruit juice?”
“Yes, thanks.”
Mr. van Buren comes out of the kitchen with a drink in each hand as the music starts. It’s one of those undancebles again. Amy does not agree with him as he just stands there and watches his daughter hop and gyrate and swing her hips to the beat.
After, they sat on the couch and drank their juice as Amy rambled on about inconsequentials. Cleary exited.
“Shall we continue?” Mr. van Buren asks as Amy takes the last half of her glass in one go. He was beginning to fear that he might not get a word in and took the chance.
“Yes! Need to go pee first.” Amy disappears up the stairs.
Mr. van Buren fixes the camera to head again but not wait long before Amy comes bouncing down the steps again.
“Did you wash your hands?”
“Dam!” Amy disappears up the stairs again. She reappears and flops back on the couch. Slightly out of breath and a little damper than usual. “Ok. What’s next?”
“You didn’t even dry your hands?” Mr. van Buren asks as he lifts an eyebrow.
“Don’t worry about it.” Amy says as she wipes her hands on her t-shirt. What’s next? Do we get to do the other tampon now?”
“First you need to insert an applicator type by yourself. But let me remove that one first.”
Amy scoots to the front of the couch again and spreads her legs as Mr. van Buren sits down again between her legs.
“There’s no need to stretch your labia open again. It was for me to see. I don’t need to see for this part. You on the other hand, how are the picture on the TV?”
“Fine. I can see everything you can.”
“Good. I’m gonne slowly pull on the string now.” Mr. van Buren pulls the tampon out. He feels the string is a bit wet with Amy’s pee. The tampon itself is now damp.
“Ok. Your turn. You can use the TV as a reference for your first time.”
Amy quickly unwraps the next one, licks the applicator and inserts the front piece into her vagina. She holds the front and pushes in the rear piece before removing the applicator.
“Tada! Done! Easy!” Amy smiles from ear to ear at her latest accomplishment.
“Ok. Take it out. Let’s move on to the next part of lesson.” Mr. van Buren looks up and smiles at her.
Amy pulls the tampon out, which probably would have made a pop sound if it wasn’t so porous.
“The next one is a bit trickier. It does not have its own applicator. You have to use your finger. Want me to show you?”
“Yes, please. Then I can see on the TV how it’s done.” Amy answers in anticipation.
“Ok then. Open this one for us. You’ll see the string coiled up at the back there. Just pull it out.”
“Just like the previous one it’s best to lubricate the applicator first. Do you want to do the honors this time?” Mr. van Buren asks. Pointing his right hand index finger up into the air.
“Yes. This is fun.” Amy says before she takes her father’s hand and suck on his finger a bit. She twirls her tongue around it to make sure it is nice and wet before giving it back.
“Now pay attention.” Mr. van Buren inserts the tampon in his daughter’s very tight vagina and pushes it in slowly with his finger. He stops at the second knuckle. “You ok pumpkin? I didn’t hurt you or anything?”
“N… No… Just a bit surprised. Carry on.”
Mr. van Buren slowly pulls his finger out to only leave a string sticking out of his daughter sex as evidence. “This is how deep it goes.”
“Ah… Hmm…” Amy mumbled something. Looking for words.
“Let’s pull this one out. Then you can do the last one.” Mr. van Buren says as he grabs hold of the string and gently pulls out the tampon.
Amy unwraps the tampon and pulls out the string. She is just about to start with the insertion when her father stopped her.
“Remember to lubricate the applicator.”
“O! Yea..!” Amy says as she sticks out her finger towards her father. “Could you do it?”
Mr. van Buren takes her finger into his mouth sucking on it. He twirls his tongue around it to make sure it is good and wet before releasing it. Amy uses her now wet finger to insert the tampon.
“Wear that one for a while and get used to it. It’s almost time for dinner. We should start preparing it. Care to join me?” Mr. van Buren says as he stands up and walks into the kitchen.
Amy gets up and follows him.
“You’re not gonne put your clothes back on?”
“No… Not yet anyway. I like how this feels. It’s so freeing.”
“Well, good for you then. I can understand that. I was thinking that we should halt the sex education for today anyway. We can kick off again tomorrow early. Since you’re ok with walking around sans bottom, maybe we should make tomorrow a nude day. It will work well with the lessons I have planed.”
“The whole day without clothes?! Will you also be going without?”
“That’s the idea yes.”
“Wow! I mean, I’ve never seen a boy… A man… In the nude before. Except for the videos of Marcia… Sorry…”
“Don’t worry. Like I said. Those videos aren’t great educators. You’ll see.”
After dinner the rest of the day went by as normal as can be. Amy did not wear her skirt or panties, and kept the tampon in with its little string hanging out between her legs.


‘Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day. Daddy and I both decided to retire early. He had some work to do, and I wanted to update my diary before I forget anything. Not that I could ever forget this day!
Well the day was basically normal until I got home and my sex education began. We watched the boring video and then things started to get exiting.
O! I forget the present Daddy gave me. A pencil bag with a pad and panties in it for emergencies.
With the video and Daddy’s explanation of things I now know a lot more of the periods I expect to get within the next couple of years. I don’t know exactly when. I still don’t have hair yet.
Anyway… We tried the pad first. Daddy was so gentle. Placing the pad inside my panty and then hoisting it up back into place. I got Goosebumps when he adjusted it to fit just right.
Then I paraded around in it. Just wearing my panties and t-shirt. I’ve never done that before. It felt so naughty. And then we danced. The waltz with me inside Daddy’s arms felt so… I can’t describe it. It was wonderful. The second dance I just had to show off. Daddy seemed to like it. He was smiling a lot.
Then came the tampons. OMG! It was exhilarating. Daddy had me remove my panties completely.
It’s not that I haven’t done it before. It was the first time tough that I didn’t get spanked.
Then he ordered me to lie back on the couch and spread my legs! And I thought running around in my panties was naughty. I got that tingly feeling again in my stomach.
The camera was a nice touch. I could see my vulva clearly for the first time. I could see everything Daddy was seeing. The idea of it just made the tingly feeling get stronger.
Then Daddy ordered me to spread my labia. I blushed. I was exposing myself to him in the most intimate way and felt so good. So naughty.
Then Daddy inserted the first tampon to ever be inside of me. I thought that I was going through the roof.
Then I was running around again testing out the tampon. It felt so strange inside me. I even did some splits and shakes to see if it would fall out. It did not. I even danced a bit. Ok. I admit it; I just wanted to shake my ass again. I wasn’t wearing anything except the T and the tampon. It was an indescribable feeling. Showing off in front of Daddy. Wiggling my butt. I could see in his face that he liked it very much.
Removing the tampon was a little embarrassing. I peed on the string. It was still wet and probably smelled like pee. Daddy did not seem to mind. I was too excited to care too much anyway.
I did my one with the applicator while Daddy watched. I think I moved too fast. I did so because I was anticipating the next step. The non applicator type. I knew they were going to be a bit more personal. And I was correct. OMW!
When Daddy offered me his finger to lick I nearly melted right there on the couch. There I was legs spread right in front of him. My sex in full view, and I was sucking on his finger, playing with it with my tongue. I did not want to stop. But I did, and it was indescribable! His finger, wet with my spit entered my vagina! It was like fireworks going off in my head. When he pulled it out I felt so empty, although he left the tampon behind. I really wanted for him to put it back in again.
Then it was my turn to try it. When Daddy said that I should wet my finger I offered him mine in impulse. He licked and sucked on it. I never knew that it could feel so great! He kept looking into my eyes as he did it. I never felt so connected to him as I did before that moment. I wanted to show him everything I’ve got. All of my most intimate places, as I inserted the tampon into my vagina.
The tingly feeling cooked up a storm in my stomach. I did not want the lesson to end.
Tomorrow though would be very interesting. It’s going to be a Saturday. A nude day! Our very first. I’m so excited. I’m going to see Daddy in the buff for the first time. And I’m not even going to wear a shirt, or a tampon for that matter!’


“Wake up! Wake up!”
Mr. van Buren opens his eyes groggily. It is purely inhumane to wake up at five on a Saturday morning. On the other hand, it is also impossible to sleep if a naked eleven year old is bouncing up and down on your bed!
“Ok! Wait. I got to wake up first… Aargh. I got to pee.” Mr. van Buren stumbles out of the bed.
“Can I watch?” Amy asks with excitement.
“… Well… I guess you can. It is part of the lesson after all. Though I did not plan for it till later. Come along then.”
Mr. van Buren moves into the bathroom and takes off his boxers to stand there in the nude. He stands in front of the toilet holds his penis and takes aim. It takes about half a minute for the pee to start coming out.
“Nervous bladder I suppose. It is my first time doing this in front of an audience.” He says as he shakes off the last drops. Amy stood there transfixed. This is a first for her as well.
“Since we’re up early, I think we can jump into the shower quickly. We can shower together since we are going to spend the day together nude anyway.” Mr. van Buren closes the lid and flushes the toilet.
“I… I need to go as well. Pee I mean.” Amy says without taking her eyes off of her father’s penis.
“Oh! You should speak up. I already flushed. How about you just pee in the shower. We can save some water that way.” Mr. van Buren opens up the taps and gets the temperature right. “Ok. Tell you what. You stand over in this corner. I’ll be in this one with the shaving mirror. So you can see what’s happening.”
They take positions across from each other.
“Now spread your legs a little. That’s it. Spread your labia. Can you see yourself in the mirror?”
“Yes.” Amy says a bit nervously.
“Good. Now just relax and let it go.”
It took about another half a minute for Amy to start peeing. She looks at her spread genitals intently in the mirror during the whole process. She also looks at her father that holds the mirror. He looks happy.
“Ok. Under the water.” He says as the last drops of pee came out of Amy. “I’ll wash your back. And you can wash mine.”
They showered quickly, with Amy sneaking peeks at her daddy’s genitals.
“I will give you a closer look at it later. We’ve got the whole day. We should eat some breakfast first. After, we can continue with the sex ed. thing.”
Amy just blushed. She did not mean to get caught.
Breakfast was also done in the nude. Except for when Mr. van Buren wore an apron in front of the stove.
Back in the living room they started with class again.
“I think we should start with some anatomy first.” Mr. van Buren says as he sits down on the couch. “I’ll start first. Seeing as you’re so curious. I’ll do a show and tell. Sit on the floor here in front of me like I did yesterday. So you can have a better look.”
“I do have a question.”Amy says as she sits down in front of her father. “How come your penis is all floppy? It does not look like the ones I saw in the videos with Marcia.”
“That’s just because I’m not aroused at the moment. And it’s called flaccid. Not floppy. Some guys have penises that basically only get hard when aroused. Others, like mine, get bigger. You can’t really tell what the size of a guy’s penis actually is when it’s in a flaccid state. The average penis is around five point three inches long. That’s just over thirteen centimeters. Apparently it is rude to take the measurement in metric. Guys are a bit touchy on that.”
“Can I see I aroused!” Amy asks as she looks at her father’s genitals which are mere centimeters from her face.
“Haha!” Mr. van Buren laughs. “In a moment. Let me show you a bit about it first. Now you know the word, ‘penis’. It usually is not what people call it however. They call it a cock most times. Now look…” Mr. van Buren takes hold of his penis between the fingers of his left hand and pulls away the foreskin. “I am uncut. Which means that I still have my foreskin. That’s this part right there.” Mr. van Buren moves his foreskin up and down on his penis and points at it. “Some guys have theirs remove for medical, religious or cultural reasons.”
Amy looks fascinated at the glans of her father’s penis pops in and out of the foreskin.
“… And this portion here is called a glans. It is very sensitive.”Mr. van Buren says as he pulls his foreskin back and points at the head of his penis. “… Otherwise known as a cockhead. And these are my balls. Or testicles, as you might know them.”Mr. van Buren grabs hold of his scrotum and lifts his testicles for Amy to see. “They are inside my scrotum, or ball sack as it’s sometimes called. Don’t squeeze them. They are also very sensitive.”
Amy looks on fascinated.
“You want to touch? Feel it? Go on. If you do I will get aroused and you can see and feel how it changes.”
Amy sticks out a hand and gingerly strokes her father’s penis with her finger tips. Mr. van Buren sits back on the couch and puts his hand behind his head. Clearly enjoying the ministration. Amy lightly lifts his testicles. Testing their weight before grabbing hold of the penis in front of her. She pulls the foreskin back and looks at the small slit in the front. Her father jumped a bit when she ran a finger over it. She let go quickly.
“No. Don’t stop. It felt good. I’m getting aroused quickly now.”
Amy grabs hold of his penis again. Sliding the foreskin up and down, she does not know what she is doing. She can only feel the penis rapidly growing in her hand until it is rock hard on the inside, but still soft on the outside.
“I… It’s Big!” Amy gasps.
“Not really. It is a respectable six inches. The guys you saw on those videos are bigger. Those actors are usually chosen for their size. It shows better on camera.”
“But it is still huge! According to the video this thing is suppose to go in here!” Amy point at her crutch.
“Well this specific one is not going there. Plus… You are only eleven. Your body is still small. Your perception of it is that my penis is big. After you’ve grown up a bit it will not seem as big anymore. You’ve got me aroused now. I now have what is called an erection. If it gets enough stimulation I will ejaculate. That means come, as some may say. I will show you later.”
“How…” Amy asks without taking her eyes of the now angry looking penis in front of her. It smells different. Stronger. But not bad.
“Later. There are a lot of things I would like to teach you first. Your turn.” Mr. van Buren got off of the couch and fits the camera to his head again. “I will show and explain to you some of your parts. We can sit like we did yesterday.”
They changed positions. Amy lies back on the couch and spread her legs. Adjusting her body to get a good look at the TV that now presents her sex in full HD.
“Now I know that you saw in the video that this part right here is called a vulva. It is a name that represents your genitals as a whole for the outside at least. It is also more commonly called a pussy. It consists of the mons pubis.” Mr. van Buren strokes the top part as indication. “The outer lips, or pussy lips. Which are actually named the labia majora.” Mr. van Buren gently strokes the outer lips in indication. “Now. Do you want me to spread your labia so I can show you some of the other parts or do want to do it?”
“You can do it.”Amy answers. “You haven’t done it before.”
“Ok.” Mr. van Buren gently opens Amy up between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. He licks his left index finger before proceeding. “The inside is very sensitive. It is best to have some lubrication when you touch it. Now here are the inner lips, or labia minora.” Mr. van Buren gently touches the inner lips with his index finger sending electric currents through his daughter. “Sorry. And this little hole here is your urinary meatus. Or urethral orifice. This is where your pee comes out.” Mr. van Buren gives it a gentle touch with his finger causing some spasms in Amy.
“And lastly. We come to your clitoris. Some just say clit. It is incased in the clitoral hood. Well the tip of it is in any case. I’ll show you a picture of what it actually looks like. If we pull the sheath back we can see it poking out there. Some call it a bean or button. But it’s not. It resembles a penis actually.” Mr. van Buren. Touches his daughter’s clitoris causing her to jump and yelp. “Its sole purpose is pleasure.” He says as he withdraws. “Any questions?”
“T… That was intense!” Amy says as she sits up. “I did not know it could feel so nice.”
“Yes. Let’s take a half hour break before we continue. I’m still aroused. I would like to calm down a bit first.” Mr. van Buren laughs.
They took a break. They went to the bathroom and so on. Mr. van Buren took a bit longer than usual.
“That took long.”Amy observes. “Are you ok?”
“I’m fine, thank you. I had to get rid of this.” Mr. van Buren points at his now flaccid penis.
“Shall we proceed to the next lesson?”
“Ok. Yes.”Amy says eagerly.
“Now. For the next lesson, we are going to be using these blindfolds.” Mr. van Buren hands one to Amy. “Sit down on the couch and just relax. Put on the blindfold.”
They both sat on the couch and put their blindfold on.
“Ok. Now breathe in through your nose. Breathe deep. Out through your mouth. Relax. Do this a couple of times, breathe in, breath out. Now I want you to touch your head. Feel it. The contours of your scull. Feel your hair. The texture. Feel your ears. Your face. Try to build a picture of what you look like through your finger tips. Now move down to your neck. Your throat. Feel your shoulders. Your arms. Feel your chest. Rub your nipples a bit. Feel them get hard. Pinch them a little. Feel your sides. Your belly. Circle your belly button a bit. Feel the inside. Now move down to your legs. Feel the right one. Lift it up and explore your calve. Now your foot. Move on to the left and do the same. Now stand up and feel out your butt. Run a finger through the crease. Find the little hole. Circle it with a finger. Feel its texture. Now breathe in. Breathe out, relax. Sit down a bit. You can take the blindfold off. What do you think?”
“I feel so in touch with myself now. But why did we not explore our genitals?”
“Later. We will do almost the same thing but we will only explore our genitals and other areas. Thing is, the most powerful sex organ is not between your legs. It is the brain. You just need to give it some time to strut its stuff. Explore things a little. Like we just did now. Your brain will amaze you.”
“So… What’s next?”
“More of the same basically. This time we will explore each other. You can do me first. There will also be no prompts. Try and build a picture in your mind with what your fingers are telling you. If you do this correctly, my body will not have any secrets for you.”
They both stood up, facing each other before Amy put her blindfold back on.
Amy moves forward and puts he hand on her father’s chest to find her direction. She explores his face first. Feel the stubble of his beard. He did not shave this morning. Her fingers explore his cheeks, his brow. She feels the tiny hair on his eyelids. She feels his jaw, his lips and nose. She moves to his ears and then his head. She feels his hair and the shape of his skull. Amy moves her hands down her father’s neck and feels the muscles within it. She feels his Addams apple in his throat. She explores the muscles in his shoulders and upper arms before moving down his left arm with hands. She feels her father’s fingers. The strength locked up inside of them. Amy does the same to his right arm and hand before she lays her hands on his chest. She feels the powerful pectorals and smiles when his nipples get hard as she strokes and pinches them. She feels the muscles in his abdomen and explores her father’s navel. Amy moves her hands down until she feels his pubic hair. She notices that it has a different texture to the hair on his head. She lingers there a bit. Twirling her fingers through it. She moves down to his legs. Feel his thighs and calves. To the tops of his feet.
“Let me turn around.” Mr. van Buren says as Amy got up. He presented his back to her and started at his head again.
Amy glides her hands over her father’s powerful neck, back and shoulders. She feels the small of his back before cupping his butt in her hands. She strokes them, explores them before moving a finger through the crack in the middle. She finds his anus and spends some time exploring the intricate folds of his puckered ass hole. She moves down again and feels the back of his legs. Feeling behind his knees and his calves again, down to his ankles.
“So, what do you think?” Mr. van Buren asks as Amy got up and removes the blindfold.
“I think… Honestly. I think that you are beautiful. What I felt was just… I don’t have the words.”
“Ok. Thanks. Now it’s my turn to explore you. After that we break for lunch.”
They took position and this time it was Mr. van Buren that wore the blindfold. He explored Amy’s body in the same way that she explored him. Amy did not have a blindfold on this time and she saw that her father became erect with tiny droplet of liquid forming on the tip.
“I see you’re aroused again.” Amy observes after she has submitted herself to her father’s exploration.
“Yeah! I’m horny as hell now.” Mr. van Buren answers a bit bashfully. “I can see that you are too. Your nipples are erect, and your breathing is a bit more hastened. You are shaking a bit.”
“Does this have to do with the tingly feeling I’ve got in my stomach?”
“Yes. That sounds like horny to me.”
“I’ve been having this feeling for two days now.” Amy answers.
“Great! This means you’re charged up. You’ll go off like a rocket. We’ll take care of it after lunch.”
Lunch meant heating up some leftovers and shoveling it down as fast as possible. After a quick bathroom break they met up in the living room again.
“Ok. I can see that you are just as excited as I am. The next lesson will be masturbation. It means to stimulate yourself towards an orgasm. It is what your body craves right now. There are many conventional ways to do it. We’ll address those a bit later. For now I think we can do something else. Since you have a willing partner, me, I have something else in mind.” Mr. van Buren explains as he sits down on the edge of the couch. “Come, pick a leg. Straddle it. Sit on it and face away from me. That’s it.” Mr. van Buren takes hold of Amy’s hips as she sat down on his right leg. He begins moving her back and forth a bit. “Grab onto my knee and lean forward a bit.”
“Aghn!” Amy lets out a noise as she feels her father’s leg press into her clitoris.
“That’s it! Would it help if I talk a bit dirty? It would help you get used to some of the words.”
“Yes! Talk dirty to me!”Amy figures it out quickly and is now moving without her father’s help.
“Rub that pussy on my thigh! That’s it! Grind your clit on my leg! You’re wet aren’t you? You want this! I can see it! Come on, work that pussy. Hump my leg…!” Mr. van Buren ekes Amy on as he strokes her sides, hips and thighs. “Come for me..!”
Amy moves faster and faster until she explodes with an orgasm that robs her of her breath and makes her eyes roll over. If her father did not catch her, she might have fallen to the floor.
Mr. van Buren pulls Amy back and hugs her in his arms.
“So… How was that?” He asks as Amy comes to.
“Was that an orgasm?”
“Yes. And a big one from what I could tell. Told you, you’re gonne go off like a rocket.”
“That was incredible! Thank you.”
“Was that your first?”
“Hmm.” Amy nods.
“Well. I should thank you then. Thank you for sharing, making me part off and letting me experience your very first orgasm. It has been an honor.” Mr. van Buren squeezes Amy a little as he says that. “Would you like to watch me have one?”
“Yes. Will the stuff come out then? I want to see that.”
“Yes. The semen that contains sperm. Men usually ejaculate when they come. Watch.” Mr. van Buren starts stroking his penis with his left hand as he holds on to Amy in his lap to the right.
“What’s that coming out there at the tip?” Amy asks as she scoots off to the side a bit to have a better look.
“That is called precum. Because urine and semen uses the same pipe, it is there to alkalinize the urinary tract and to offer some lubrication.” Mr. van Buren starts jacking off in earnest now as he massages Amy’s butt with his other hand.
It was not long before he came all over himself and his daughter.
“Wow! That was incredible!” Amy says after a while.
“It sure was. Thank you.”
“So this is cum?” Amy takes some of the semen off of her stomach with a finger. She plays with it a bit. “Kind off sticky.”
“Yes. Taste it. It is somewhat peculiar. It goes sour quickly, so it is best fresh.”
Amy licks her finger a bit and scrunches her face in thought.
“What do you think?”
“I don’t care for it too much. It is definitely not my most favorite taste. I won’t choke on it though.”
“I think we can both take a shower and end the lessons for today.”
“Oh! I thought I could hump your leg again or something.”Amy says shyly.
“You can hump my leg anytime you want. As long as it does not interfere with something else. But not today. You need to process the things you have learned today.”
They took a shower. Washing each other off thoroughly before sitting down in the nude in front of the TV with some popcorn for the rest of the day.


‘Dear diary. Is this not how one is supposed to start these things?
Today has been beyond spectacular! I had my first orgasm today. More of that later. I should start at the beginning.
Today was our first ever NUDE day! I was so excited for this day to begin that I even got up early and woke up Daddy as well. Wow. Did this day kick off with a bang? I Saw Daddy’s penis and even watched him pee. That was so cool. I wanted to hold his penis as he did that. Or even feel the pee a bit. I don’t know yet. I’ll try to experiment with that later.
I even saw myself pee. Daddy held up a mirror so I could see my pussy… Yes I said it… Pussy! One of the naughty words I learned today. It was the first time I looked at myself like that. It was really interesting. Daddy seemed to like it. Watching me pee like that. I wonder what he was thinking. Then he washed my back. He hasn’t done so in years. And I washed his. I Liked that.
I could not take my eyes of his penis though… His cock… Another dirty word I’ve learned.
After breakfast I got a chance to have a closer look though. And to touch it! It was so hot. It got bigger in my hand. And hard! I was mesmerized. I just wanted to keep on holding it. Play with it. I feel as if I should have spent a bit more time on his balls. They felt so funny in my hand.
Then Daddy taught me a bit about my own anatomy. The way he touched me as he explained the different parts got me all tingly. I’ve learned that the tingly feeling means that I’m horny. So yea! Daddy got me all horny while showing me my pussy.
Then we learned about our own bodies through our hands and fingers. That was really interesting. I learned so much about myself.
Then we, Daddy and I, learned about each other! It was so… I don’t have a word for it. Hot! I want to use something else. A different word. Daddy is so strong. I could feel every muscle. And when I got to his left hand… His spanking hand… I wanted him to spank me again. I wanted to feel that hand on my butt. I also wanted to suck on his fingers, like last night. But more. I don’t know. I’m afraid of getting spanked but I still want it. Maybe I’m broken or something.
Then I got to his butt. I found his little hole. That was interesting. I didn’t get to see it though. Just feel it. Maybe I’ll get to see it someday. I hope it’s soon.
Then Daddy got to feel me up! I mean, explore my body. He got me so hot. Horny. I could feel my pussy getting really wet. It happens when you get horny Daddy says. It’s for lubrication and stuff. I did not know that I could get so worked up when someone strokes my ears. It was awesome when he stroked my chest and pinched my nipples. I did not want him to stop. And all those tickly places! OMW. Under my arms, my sides. Behind my knees! Even my neck and throat. I never knew it could get me so horny when someone touches those places in the right way.
I was so charged up when Daddy was done, that I was shaking all over. I think that if you were to touch me with a feather on my nose I would have exploded.
I had all this fire on the inside and I did not know what to do with it.
Fortunately we had lunch and I could calm down a little bit.
It was after lunch that Daddy made (I say ‘made’ because it was his idea – he always has some good ones.) me hump his leg. OMG! I exploded. It was the best experience I ever had. And Daddy spoke dirty to me the whole time. I felt so funny when he did that. He’s never done that before. It flipped some switches in my brain I suppose. It made me feel hotter than I already was. I had my first orgasm right there on Daddy’s leg. His leg was wet when I was done. Then he hugged me, and held me in his arms until I calmed down. It was the best.
Then he masturbated while I watched. He was stroking my bum the whole time while doing it. I don’t think he noticed. And he came all over us. It was so cool. I even tasted his cum. It’s something to get used to. It does not taste bad however.
We took a shower and washed the cum off of each other. That was awesome. It made me horny again. Daddy did not allow me to do anything about it. He said I needed time to process the day first. I think that he just wants to charge me up good and proper. Maybe.
I’m gonne hump my pillow now to see if that works.’


Mr. van Buren woke up on Sunday morning early again. This time to his naked eleven year old daughter humping his leg.
“W… What a way to wake up! I think I created a monster!” He says with a laugh.
“Go on. Take it out. I want to see it squirt again!” Amy says enthusiastically.
“Ok.” Mr. van Buren takes his cock and balls out from the top of his boxers and starts to stroke himself to an erection as he watches Amy grind away on his leg.
“Are we going to spend the day nude again?”Amy asks as she begins panting. She works her pussy into her daddy’s leg with enthusiasm.
“Not today. I was thinking about it last night. So I made a phone call. Today you’re going to meet Marcia. She has agreed to answer the questions you might want to ask. You are going to meet her for lunch.”
“… Just me? Alone?”
“Yes. I will not be joining you. I will be around though. Don’t worry. She’s nice.” Mr. van Buren puts his hand on Amy’s thigh and gave it a reassuring squeeze.
Amy stopped moving and stared into the distance.
“What’s wrong?”Mr. van Buren asks.
“Nothing. I just don’t know what to ask.”
“You’ll think of something. Weren’t you humping my leg? Do you want to stop?”
“I was. But your news about Marcia must’ve shocked my batteries flat I suppose.” Amy says
“Then I’ll just have to tickle them back up again.” Mr. van Buren pulls Amy on top of him by her arm and starts tickling her all over.
Amy is soon panting from all the attention.
“How are those batteries now?” Mr. van Buren asks.
“Fully charged now! Thank you.” Amy laughs. “Give me your leg. I need it.”
“How about I show you something else?”
“Just lie on your back here against my chest.” Mr. van Buren moves up a bit to sit against the headboard at an angle. “Sit here on my legs.”
Amy moves to sit as instructed.
“I can feel your cock on my bum.” Amy giggles.
“Ah yes. It feels nice from here. I might just hump you.” Mr. van Buren wiggles is hips a bit, causing his cock to slip into Amy’s ass crack. Amy just giggles some more.
“Now lubricate these two fingers.” Mr. van Buren puts the index and middle finger of his left hand on Amy’s lips.
She immediately starts to suck on them. She grabs hold of his hand by the wrist for better control. Amy plays with her daddy’s fingers with her tongue until their nice and wet.
In the meantime her father is stroking her chest. Pulling and pinching her nipples with his right hand. He moves down and circles her bellybutton. Amy gives a whimper when his hand moves to the inside of her thighs and the place where her legs meets her torso. She gets some gentle tickles and soft touches all around her pussy. That is something that nearly overcharges her batteries.
“Ok.” Mr. van Buren says as he takes his left hand back.
Amy is now panting and wriggling already. Disappointment could be seen on her face as she loses the fingers to suck on and the tickling on her thighs stops.
“I’m now going to stroke your pussy and clit with these two well lubricated fingers.”
Amy jumps and inhales sharply as her father first starts stroking her outer lips before the fingers finds their way in between them. His fingers gather more moisture from between her pussy lips as they work it up in slow sensuous strokes.
The fingers work their way higher until they fork her little clitty between their tips.
The up and down motion changed to a circular one and Amy jumped again as the fingers started to rub her clit. The fingers starts to move faster and faster and it did not take long for Amy to have another earthshaking orgasm.
“…Oh, my, gosh, Dad! What was that?” Amy asks as she comes down from a wonderful high.
“Something that might hold you for a while I hope.” Mr. van Buren chuckles.
“Hmm… Wanne hump my butt?” Amy asks as she wriggles her ass against her father’s cock.
“That actually sounds like a lot of fun! Lie down on your stomach. I’m going to put some pillows under you to make your butt stick out a bit.”
Amy lies down on her stomach, happy to be able to help out her father. Mr. van Buren takes two small pillows and places them under Amy’s waste.
Amy nods.
“If you don’t mind… I’m going to have to lubricate your ass crack a little.”
“Ok.” Amy answers after a while when she figured out that she was suppose to answer.
Amy feels some light kisses on her butt cheeks, which both tickles and excites her immensely. She lets out a giggle.
“I… If you want… You can spank me a bit…” Amy says nervously.
“Oh! So you’ve been a bad little girl now haven’t you?” Mr. van Buren answers, giving his daughter a light slap on the left buttocks, following it with a kiss on the affected area.
“Argh..! Yes..! So bad. Give me more!” Amy gasps through surprise and giggles.
Mr. van Buren obliged giving Amy a spank and a kiss. They are hard enough to sting, but soft enough to not feel like punishment. Spank, kiss, and repeat. He works his daughter’s but all over until it is hot and glowing red. Amy is now panting and near tears as the accumulated stings begins to take their toll. She squirms in place, her fingers gouging into the mattress.
The spanking stopped and the kisses continued. Eventually he drags his tongue through Amy’s ass crack, licking her little hole in the process. He kept on licking up and down Amy’s ass, making sure that it was really wet before spreading her cheeks with his hands. He spits on his daughter’s little pink anus before spreading it around a bit with his tongue.
“Now I’m gonne hump your butt.”Mr. van Buren says as he takes off his boxers to straddles Amy’s legs and line up his now painfully hard penis with her ass. “Talk dirty to me…” He says as his weight presses down on Amy and nestles his cock inside her crevice.
“Oh! Yea!” Amy lets out as her father starts grinding back and forth slowly. “Hump my ass Daddy! Hmmm! Grind that big cock of yours into my little butt crack! Oh yes! Hump my beautifully red spanked butt Daddy. Slide your magnificent cock up and down my wet ass! Faster! Yes! Faster!”
It does not take long for Mr. van Buren to come with some big grunts all over Amy’s back. He even got some in her hair. He collapses next to his daughter and gathers her into a hug.
“That was Awesome! Thank you!” He says after catching his breath.
“Now I’m horny again.”Amy says with a laugh.
“Save some of that energy for later. We’ve got to shower, eat some breakfast, and if you’ve got homework left, I suggest that you get most of it done before eleven. And I need to pee!”
“Ooh! Do it in the shower. I wanne hold it this time!”
“Ok.”Mr. van Buren goes into the shower followed by Amy.
She stand in front of him and takes hold of his still spit and cum smeared penis in her right. She flips his now flaccid cock up and down, left and right. Inspecting it.
“If you stand there I’m going to pee on you.” Mr. van Buren says as Amy plays with his penis.
“It’s all right. It’s like you always say: ‘Try everything at least once.’”
“Well, ok.” Mr. van Buren relaxes and lets the golden liquid hit Amy on her stomach. Amy controls her father’s penis and directs the stream onto her chest her throat and her face. She opens her mouth and tastes some of it before directing the last bit onto her pussy and legs.
“That was interesting!” They both say together and laugh.
“Wanne do me?” Mr. van Buren asks.
“Ok.”Amy giggles again.
Mr. van Buren sits on the floor of the shower and looks up at his daughter’s engorged sex.
“You really are horny.”He laughs. “Straddle my face and let it go!”
Amy does as told and starts to pee right onto her father’s face and chest. He opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue to catch the stream in the back of his throat. Her father surprises her with a lick on her pussy after the last drop came out. It is just a single slow lick that covers almost all of her intimate parts in one stroke. It really charged up her batteries.
“Let’s shower. I’ll wash you. You’re full of cum and pee.” Mr. van Buren Says as gets up and opens the shower.
“And Spit! Don’t forget about the spit!” Amy laughs.
After an eventful shower they finally got down for breakfast after which Amy did her homework.
“Tell me about Marcia.”Amy asks on their way to Hanna’s diner were she was about to meet Marcia Bixby.
“You’ll meet her soon. You can form your own opinion then. All I can say for now is that she is a woman with a head for business that likes to take her clothes of in front of the camera.”
“And have sex on camera as well.” Amy says.
“Ha! There is that yes!” Mr. van Buren laughs. “Here we are.” He says as he pulls in to a parking space in front of the restaurant. “She’s already waiting for us. There she is.”
“What should I eat?”Amy asks a bit nervously.
“Anything you want. I’ll pay. Let me introduce you first. I’ll be sitting over there. I’ll leave you girls to talk.” Hanna’s diner is a restaurant with a large open air dining area. Marcia is sitting at one of these tables waiting for Amy.
“Don’t worry John. I won’t bite her.” Marcia laughs after the introduction.
“Oh. I’m not worried. She is a bit shy though. So be gentle. Don’t worry about me. You ladies get acquainted. I’ll be over there out of earshot. Eat what you want ok. I’ll foot the bill.”
After that, Mr. van Buren disappears into a corner. Amy and Marcia sit across from each other at the table. And orders some drinks.
“So… Your father has been telling me about your sex ed. classes. Interesting. I wish I had a father as devoted to my education as yours are.”
“What has he told you?” Amy gulps. There are some things that she would rather not be made public.
“Everything! He informed me up to and including the shower this morning. It’s so I would know what I’ve got to work with. The butt humping was unusual and genius. Whose idea was that? It sounds so kinky.”
“It just happened I suppose…” Amy blushes.
“Don’t worry. It will stay between us.” Marcia reassures Amy.”Your father says that you have some questions. What do you want to know?”
“I don’t really know what to ask.” Amy says. “I some of your videos…”
“Yes. Your father told me about that. You want to ask about it?”
“…Is it fun? I mean… Doing all of that in front of the camera and all.”
“It can be. It’s a job. Over all, I like doing it. I like to think that I’m helping someone somewhere getting off.”
“Getting off?” Amy asks.
“Having an orgasm.”
“So you like giving people orgasms?”
“Getting someone else off excites me. It helps getting me off. And I like having orgasms.” Marcia replies.
“I see. I like watching Daddy go off. He makes funny sounds when he does. It excites me. Especially if I help.”
“Ha! I guess we all make funny sounds when it’s really good. So you like giving orgasms as well. I like that.”
“In the videos I saw you suck on some penises. Is that good?”
“You’re on a roll now aren’t you? To answer your question: Yes. Yes it is good. I love doing it. I like sucking cock.”
“Have you and Daddy ever…”
“No. Our relationship at this stage is strictly business.” Marcia answers.
“Oh… I was just thinking that if you and Daddy… You could teach me to suck cock!”
“I’m sure that we can arrange that. But let’s eat first. Any other questions?” Marcia says as she beckons the waiter over.
“In the videos I saw you with some girls. How was that? Do you like girls as well?” Amy asks when the waiter leaves.
“Oh yea. I like men and woman equally. I’m bisexual. They are different but equally nice.”
“Oh. I’ve never even kissed a boy before. I like Daddy very much, but apart from the normal hello, good bye kiss, I’ve never done it. And I’ve never kissed a girl before either. I don’t know if I’d like it or not.”
“Want to kiss me and find out?” Marcia asks.
“Could I? I mean I would really like to try.”
“Lean closer. We can start with a peck. After lunch we can explore it a bit further if you want.”
They both leaned across the table and gave each other a small chaste kiss on the mouth.
“What do you think? Do you want to continue this after lunch?” Marcia asks after they sat back down.
“Hmmm… It was not bad. You smell good. I think I would like to explore this further.”
“Great! I will text your father and let him know that we’ll go to my apartment after lunch. We can continue the sex ed. there. Maybe I can even teach you to suck cock. What do you think?”
“It sounds like a plan.” Amy giggles
After lunch Mr. van Buren followed them to Marcia’s apartment.
It is a small loft with a living room and kitchen at the bottom and bathroom to the side. Books are strewn everywhere. Aside from that it is a neat and clean place.
“This does not look like the apartment of a porn star.” Amy says after taking it all in.
“Oh. So what does a porn star’s apartment look like?” Marcia laughs.
“I mean… All the books. It’s not what I expected.” Amy says embarrassed.
“Yea. I like to read. Make yourself at home. I’m gonne make some tea. You guys want some?” Marcia says heading to the kitchen.
“Coffee if you have.”Mr. van Buren says sitting down on a chair.
“I do. Amy?”
“Coffee for me as well please. Thank you.”
“I seem to have two coffee pots in my house.” Marcia laughs. “Sugar?”
“No, thank you.” Mr. van Buren answers
“And no milk or anything for the both of us.” Amy adds.
“Two black bitter coffees coming right up. You van Burens are extreme.”
“So… Shall we continue with the sex ed.?” Marcia asks after they have drunk their drinks.
“We can.” Amy says as she puts her cup down. “What do we do next?”
“Well… Come sit here on the couch next to me.” Marcia pats the seat to her right. “You said you wanted to know what it feels like to kiss a girl. So I’m going to kiss you. If you like it, I will teach you a bit how to kiss.”
Amy sits down on the couch next to Marcia expectantly, facing towards her. Marcia gently touches Amy’s check with her left hand and lifts her chin. She plants a soft kiss on the girl’s lips before breaking. Marcia looks into Amy’s eyes before kissing her again. This time a bit longer.
“I think I like it.” Amy says as they break.
“Want to learn some French kissing?” Marcia asks
“Yes. Teach me.”
“Ok. Just follow my lead. Do what I do. It’s not rocket science.” Marcia says as she leans back in for another kiss. This time she opens her mouth a little and probes Amy’s lips with her tongue. The eleven year old quickly caught on, and parted her lips to give Marcia access to the rest of her mouth.
They kissed for about fifteen minutes. Twirling and sucking on each other’s tongues and lips.
They broke and Amy was visibly shaking with arousal.
“T… That was awesome! I think I might like girls!” Amy says out of breath.
“It might very well be.”Marcia says. “It sure looks like it, but it might also be a bit too early to tell. You are a great kisser by the way.”
“So… What’s next?” Amy asks. She casts a glans at her father who is still sitting on the chair watching the show.
“I remember that your father told me about your body exploration. Care to try it with me?”
Amy looks at her father again.
“Don’t worry about me. I’m just sitting here observing. Forget that I’m here.” Mr. van Buren says.
“Ok.”Amy looks back at Marcia. Do you have something we can use as a blindfold?”
“I’ll bring a scarf.” Marcia dashes up to the bedroom, and returns quickly with a scarf in hand. “This will do.”
Amy is already working on the buttons of her blouse when she gets down.
“You don’t let grass grow under your feet I see?” Marcia laughs and pulls her top over her head.
They are soon naked, standing there looking at each other.
“Shall I start first?” Marcia says as she puts the scarf over her eyes.
Amy puts Marcia’s right hand on her head so she could know where to start. She figured that out since her father nearly poked her eye out when he groped around looking for her the last time.
Marcia takes her time feeling out Amy’s tender young body. She explores every curve and crevice. She takes the time to lightly sniff different parts of the young girl in front of her, savoring her scent as she does it. Marcia smells Amy’s neck and chest as she traces their contours with her fingers. She explores Amy’s underarms in the same fashion before she moves down to trace her navel. She smells Amy’s pussy but does not touch it. She moves down tracing Amy’s legs all the way to the feet. Then Amy turns around and Marcia starts at the top again. She explores Amy’s neck, back and shoulders, all the way down to her butt, where she spends some extra time getting acquainted with it. She takes the earthy smell of Amy’s anus deep into her lungs before she moves down and explores the back of the girl’s legs.
They were both panting when she got up.
“Wow. Your touch is so different from Daddy’s. Lighter. And you smelled me all over. That was different.” Amy says as she takes the scarf from Marcia.
“To be honest. I want to taste you. Not just smell you.”
“My turn.”Amy says as she puts the blindfold on. “I want to smell you as well. And maybe taste you later if I can.”
Amy starts to explore this woman’s body whom she only met a few hours ago. Although she does not know Marcia, she is studying her body on the most intimate level. She feels her face and traces the lips she kissed just minutes ago. She feels her ears and commits their folds to memory. Amy feels Marcia’s neck and notice that there are muscles there that aren’t really noticeable with the eye. She has to stand on her tiptoe to smell her collar. She traces Marcia’s shoulders and upper arms. She smells the underarms and feels the smooth shaven texture of it. Amy traces Marcia’s forearms and thoroughly inspects her hands before moving on to her chest. Amy inspects the large natural breasts in front of her. She has never felt breasts before and she does not have any of her own yet. Amy tests their weight and messages the areolas and nipples of these breasts. She commits their crinkly contours to memory. She giggles as they become erect when she pinches them. Amy explores Marcia’s sides and legs. She notices how Marcia’s hips are a lot fuller than hers. She tests Marcia’s landing strip with the tips of her fingers and takes note of the stronger smell emanating from the older woman’s sex. Marcia turns around when Amy was done exploring her feet. Amy starts her exploration from the top again until she reached Marcia’s butt. She studies the full roundness of them and tests the firmness of the buttock in front of her. It is not the same as her daddy’s. Marcia’s is much softer, fuller, and more feminine. She traces her anus and feels the folds with the tips of her fingers before parting the cheeks to smell Marcia’s butt hole. Amy then explores Marcia’s legs until she finishes at her feet again.
“That was really something…” Amy says as she sits down on the floor without taking the blindfold off. “Let me process you first.” She sits with her knees up, hooked behind her elbows and her hands clasped in front. Comfortable, pensive. Oblivious to the fact that her sex was now exposed to all that cares to take a look. She sits there in silence for about two minutes before getting up.
“I think I want to taste you.”Amy says as she removes the blindfold.
Marcia’s visible relaxation at these words is unnoticed by Amy but not her father whom is still sitting in his chair watching the proceedings. This little redheaded girl of his is someone that can crawl under your skin quickly.
“Aghm… Yea… You really made me horny. You know that? But I want you to sit on my lap a bit. I want to hug you and kiss you some more.” Marcia says as she pulls Amy back onto the couch.
“I’d like that!”Amy giggles and turns to climb on top of Marcia to straddle her hips.
Marcia scoots forward a bit and Amy crosses her legs behind Marcia’s back.
“This is not what I had in mind. But this is better!” Marcia laughs as she kisses the tip of Amy’s nose, to the delightful giggle from the young girl.
They are soon kissing up a storm, making out on the couch of Marcia’s living room in the nude.
Amy soon finds Marcia’s breasts that are invitingly poking into her chest. She fondles them and pulls on the nipples to the delight of the older woman before bending down to kiss them.
“I don’t have boobs of my own yet. And yours are so nice, warm, soft and tasty.” She says before sucking on first the one and then the other, causing a positive response from Marcia.
Marcia pulls Amy closer to her by her butt and guides Amy’s mouth to hers with her other hand before devouring her yet again. She kisses and licks the little girl’s ears and neck causing her to giggle and wriggle her butt even closer.
Amy leans back as Marcia starts kissing her chest and suck on her tiny nipples.
The young girl is soon grinding her clit into Marcia’s pelvis. It is nothing conscious. Pure instinct takes over her mind and drives her body now.
“I also need some of that.” Marcia laughs as she pulls them to lie down on the couch with Amy on top of her. She shifts the little girl a bit to straddle her left leg while Amy’s left leg was between hers.
“Now we can hump each other’s legs.” She says as she slowly starts grinding her hips and pull Amy in by her ass.
They soon find a rhythm and kiss and grind and suck and hump until first Amy and soon after Marcia explodes with orgasms. They collapse with Amy still on top of Marcia. Reveling in the afterglow of the stupendous sex they just had.
“That was awesome.” Amy says after a while, idly playing with one of Marcia’s nipples. “I would like to do it again some time. I still haven’t tasted all of you yet.”
“I would love that.” Marcia says. “I hope your father will let us.”
She looks up at Mr. van Buren. “How’re you doing John? You’ve been awfully quiet.”
“Admiring the view.” He says awkwardly.
“Oh.”Marcia sits up and looks at the bulge in his pants. “You’ve never reacted like that on set before.”
“Yea… You can say that I’m differently invested this time.” He laughs awkwardly.
“Well… Let me help you do something about that. It’s part of Amy’s education anyway.”
“Ok. Thanks.” Mr. van Buren shifts a bit.
“Take off your clothes Daddy. We can’t be the only ones that are nude.” Amy laughs.
“It’s been a while…” He says as gets up and starts unbuttoning his shirt.
“How long?” Marcia asks.
“Since my wife died. Never had the opportunity.”
“So it’s just been you and your hand, and Amy’s butt?”
“Basically yea.” Mr. van Buren says as he undoes his pants.
“You need to get out more.” Marcia says as she grabs some cushions from the couch. “Come stand over here.” She says again after Mr. van Buren is completely naked. His erection now deflated a bit. She puts the cushions on the floor in front of him and beckons for Amy to join her. She sits on her knees in front of Mr. van Buren as Amy takes position on the other cushion.
“I’m now going to teach you to suck cock.” She tells Amy as she takes hold of Mr. van Buren’s penis. “As you can see, it’s not fully erect right now. It does not matter. It is a lot of fun to get the motor started.” Marcia laughs.
Marcia licks his balls and the underside of his penis, tracing the vein up to the tip. “It is important that you don’t scrape your teeth on the penis. Especially the head! It is very sensitive, and your teeth are sharper than you think.” She gives Mr. van Buren’s cock a couple of tugs before slipping it into her mouth and starts to suck on it. She moves her head back and forth and keeps the suction going as she pulls out. Mr. van Buren’s cock is soon rock hard and pulsing.
“You wanne try?” She asks Amy as she pulls off. “Take it slow. Just put as much of it as you can into your mouth. You can always stimulate the rest of the penis with your hand if you need to. Like this…” Marcia gives a quick demonstration before handing the now fully erect and wet cock over to Amy.
Amy takes her Daddy’s cock in her hands and inspects it. She still finds it fascinating.
“See this part here?” Marcia points under the head at the bottom side. “Guys go crazy if you lick that part.”
Amy sticks out her tongue and licks it, causing her father to groan in pleasure.
She soon has the head of her daddy’s cock in her mouth, sucking on it. Anything more is just too wide for her young mouth at the moment.
She sucked a bit. She gives a few licks and kisses before she moves on to explore her daddy’s balls with her mouth. She spends some time licking his balls while jerking is cock.
“You can finish him off. I’ll watch.”She says as she hands her daddy’s penis back to Marcia.
“Do you like licking your Daddy?” Marcia asks as she takes the penis and gives it a couple of tugs.
“Yes. He tastes good. It excites me.”
‘Ok. I just figured that I can’t teach you much more right now. Your body is a little small for his girth.” Marcia plants a wet kiss on the head of Mr. van Buren’s cock. “If you want to, you can lick his ass while I suck on this cock. He will love it. I can guarantee it!”
“Yea!” Amy squeals as she moves in behind her father. She is delighted at the idea.
She starts by giving his butt a couple of kisses, one on each cheek. On impulse she spanks his butt which causes it to clench and a surprised ‘Oh!’ to escape from her father’s mouth. She gives him a couple more spanks before continuing with the kissing. In the meantime Marcia was sucking on his cock and fondling his balls.
Amy is soon running her tongue up and down her daddy’s crack while massaging his cheeks in her hands. She parts his butt cheeks and looks onto his anus for the first time. She studies it a bit before testing it with her tongue. She savors the earthy flavour of it before diving back in. Amy is soon sucking, licking and kissing her father’s butt hole to the delighted grunts her father utter at the duel ministration of Marcia and her.
He is soon bucking his hips back and forth as Marcia pulls Amy over to beside her.
“Cum on our faces John!” Marcia ekes him on as he takes his dick in his hand and starts jacking off furiously.
“Close your eyes. You do not want him to squirt into your eye.” Marcia whispers to Amy.
“Argh! Uh!…” Mr. van Buren comes on the faces of his business partner and daughter. Making some incomprehensible sounds. Spent, he just collapses on the floor in front of them.
“That was great! Thank you. We should do this more often.” He says after catching his breath.


‘Today I met Marcia. I think I really like her. Let’s start at the beginning though. Today was the best day ever! A perfect day to cap off a perfect weekend.
I woke up horny and remembered that Daddy offered me his leg for humping whenever I needed it. So I woke him up sliding my pussy up and down his leg. I tried my pillow last night. It just was not the same.
I have to add that I did not have any clothes on since yesterday was nude day and I just slept like that.
To come back to this morning: I noticed that my knee was dangerously close to Daddy’s balls so I was humping his knee. It must not have been very comfortable for him now that I think about it. He didn’t say anything though.
Daddy had his boxers on, but I wanted to see him squirt his cum again. So I asked him to show me when he woke up. He took his cock out and started jacking off right there in front of me. The whole time he was looking at me. It was awesome to see his cock go all stiff knowing that I did that.
Then Daddy told me that I was going to meet Marcia Bixby. I was a bit frightened at the time. I don’t do so well with new people. And from what I saw of her on the videos she seemed intimidating. That took the hornyness right out of me.
Daddy had a remedy for that though. He tickled my batteries right back up!
Then came one of the best parts. He fulfilled one of my fantasies. To tell the truth, today I ticked off a number of them and added a whole bunch more to the list! I should maybe keep some kind of score card.
Daddy had me sit in his lap with my legs spread on either side of his while leaning against his chest. His cock was inside my ass crack. He even joked about humping me there. (He did, later on.) It felt kind of good actually. Dirty, naughty, but good. Then he gave me his fingers to suck on! The ones from his spanking hand. That was the first fantasy marked off.
I licked and sucked and played with his fingers using my tongue. Daddy was stroking, tickling and massaging my legs and all around my pussy while I was enjoying his left hand fingers in my mouth.
Then Daddy did something amazing with those wet fingers! I was so worked up by the time he started, that it felt heavenly when he touched my pussy with those fingers. He just kept on rubbing and rubbing. I was leaking like a faucet and he just gathered my juices and spread it around my clitty. And he was rubbing and rubbing and I could feel it build inside me. He rubbed my clit with those wet fingers of his and… OMW..! I went off. I completely lost control. I had one huge orgasm!
The Daddy decided that he was going hump my butt after all. That was really kinky… Kinky… A new word I learned today from Marcia.
He had me lie on my stomach with some pillows under me to have my butt sticking out.
Then Daddy was kissing my ass. It felt good, weird but good.
Something came over me at that time. I don’t know what. Some other me. And I asked him to spank me! I was afraid and exhilarated at the same time! He did. He spanked me! It did not feel the same as a punishment spanking. It was softer. And he kissed it better after every strike. He worked my whole buttocks over. He must have given me over forty spanks! It started to hurt, but it felt so good all at the same time. It was what I wanted. Fantasy number two fulfilled! He stopped with the spanking just before I had too much and wanted to cry. And he continued with the kissing.
Then he licked my ass crack. OMG! It was so dirty and kinky and… He licked and licked and spread my butt cheeks and licked my asshole! It felt so good. Even when he spat on it. He made my crack soppy wet before he started humping my butt. Every time he humped into me, my clit was rubbing against the pillow. It felt awesome. I think I had another orgasm or two before Daddy came all over my back. It was stupendous. I would do it again.
Then we went into the shower and Daddy wanted to pee. I remembered another two fantasies I had. I wanted to hold Daddy’s cock while he peed for one. I also wanted to know what someone else’s pee felt like for the other. I had both fantasies taken care of. I held Daddy’s penis while he peed all over me. I even tasted some of it. It does not taste bad. I won’t make a habit of drinking it though. The pee felt warm and the whole situation got me worked up again.
Then Daddy had me pee on him. That felt so awesome, so wrong and dirty. So good!
He then washed me in the shower and got me off again. Another phrase I learned from Marcia. I played with Daddy’s cock as well but he didn’t come. I think he was a bit spent after the butt humping.
And that was all before breakfast!
I then met Marcia for lunch. Daddy was there in the corner watching. It made me feel safer. Marcia was nothing that I expected. Although I don’t know what I expected. I quickly warmed up to her though.
She came up something that I must admit; I’ve never given much thought. She asked if I’ve ever kissed a girl.
I hadn’t. And I did not have much practice in kissing in general.
And that is how we ended up in her apartment. I’ve never seen so many books in one place before. Except for the library of course.
Then she taught me how to kiss. I was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly discovered that I like kissing her. I soon wanted more.
Then we did the blindfold exploration thing. It is a good way to get to know each other. I really liked the way she felt me. And smelled me! That was something new. It’s definitely not in the handbook! It got me horny again. And I felt her. She is so soft and strong all at the same time. I really like her boobs. I wish mine will look like that some day. I smelled her as well. Even her butt! She smelled tasty all over. I’m gonne lick her one day. All of her!
It took me some time to process what I was feeling. I was really horny at the time. We then made out on the couch in the nude. It was wonderful. I think I must have started humping her something. I even sucked on her boobs a bit. I liked that.
Marcia must have also been horny because she absolutely devoured me at some point. She draped us on the couch with me on top of her and we started humping each other’s legs at the same time. I came so big. Marcia as well. I did not want to let go when it was over.
Then I remembered that Daddy came along as well. I completely forgot about him.
After some discussion he had with Marcia it was decided that I should learn to suck cock.
Daddy got undressed and was as naked as we were. Marcia showed and taught me a couple of things on Daddy’s penis. She sucked him good. He seemed to like it. I also tried. But I’m a bit too small still. I could only get the head of his cock in my mouth. I soon tired and his penis back to Marcia. I was disappointed. I need to grow some more and still need a lot of practice.
Then Marcia came with a brilliant idea. It helped me fill another one of my fantasies.
She told me to lick my father’s butt! He did mine this morning but still. The idea! It felt so… Is there a better word for kinky? I kissed his behind at first. Then a naughty streak hit me and I decided to spank him! I did not spank him too much though. I did not want to push my luck too far. Then I licked him. And I licked him some more. And I opened his butt cracked and had l good look at his ass hole. I tasted it and decided that I liked it. I licked and sucked and kissed until he bucked like a racehorse. Marcia pulled me over and had Daddy come in our faces. That was so neat!
We took a shower and Daddy and Marcia was washing each other. I think there might be something cooking over there.’

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    A father teaching his daughter how to use tampons. That is interesting.

    • Mixie

      I’ve been looking it up a bit.I think the whole Naked in School thing needs a revival. At least its own tag.